Top Ten Animal Jam Parties

The Top Ten

1 Jam Session

I hecking love this party! Today is June 21st, 2018, and as of now there's a Wild Weekend at Jam Session! :D

Not cool bro

Jam session you can dance ALL DAY AND NIGHT. #JAMSESSION

2 Spooky Party
3 Play-As-Your-Pet Party

I love the party but sadly it's gone - ArcticWolf

This is a great party you can play your pet

My favorite Party. - cassiabez

4 Cloud Party
5 Wolves Only Party
6 Play Wild Party
7 Lucky Party
8 Jamaaliday Jam
9 Bounce House Party
10 April Fools' Party

The Contenders

11 Cruise Ship Party

I loved it it was the best
Of them all I mean they have a big pool slide shops cool stuff!

12 Leap Year Party

Best not worst

13 Dance Party
14 Schoolhouse Party
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