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21 Beta Arctic Hood

I have 1 and nobody wants it

I have a rare old hood and no one trades it or if I trade it for a weak rare no one wants it

Bolt3357 again I got a beta hood and a new friend I have a tiara without a outline tell me if I have a new glitched item it is called the icy tiara my item no posting it on blogs or making YouTube videos about it my item

I had one and I got traded 3 beta blankets, way over

I have one its not rim I will accept any short collar or long collar spike I'm halsey01

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22 Alpha Healing Staff

I have NEVER EVER seen one of these before. What does it even LOOK LIKE? This seriously should be at least in the Top 5 or something...

These are amazingly rare because it was unreleased and ONLY A COUPLE of people had it and so it should be number 2 or something,

I have never seen one before must be rare

I never seen anyone with this should be in 2

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23 Non Rare Headdress

Non rare headdress should be at LEAST #3 because they are worth a lot more than rare headdresses ( I saw a video for trading attempts for green non rare headdress and the person making the video got traded a rare headdress and several betas.) Also, I saw plenty of people with long black spike collars on their trade and saying, 'Please trade me a non rare headdress '.

Non rare headdress is really rare! 1 out of 65 people have it! You can get rare headdress party hats and rare spikes in the new eagle adventure but you can not get non rare headdress! I am Hoppy62 and that is the truth! It should me # 2 or 3 on the list. By the way gazelle horns are in stores now.

! I am a little mad at this person for not knowing their rarities. Why? Because they put headdress (non rare) as for teen, but how could they forget that not even a spike is worth a headdress? A rare spike isn't even worth a NON rare headdress. Especially not a rare one!

Please please nr headdress send it by 10 months will give you anything back promise. User jammer37gv3

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24 Cami's Frog

So rare I've been trying forever to get one and I offered 4 spiked collars and the person declined. So they should be before spiked collars on this list.

I love this rare it's so cute it went down since the eagle adventure came out the items that went down are still really rare

With the sad story of a girl with cancer behind it this item is one of the rarest betas worth a long collar at most

My dream item. by the way my user is windwakerkid on aj

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25 White Beta Tiara

I have this tiara.

The blue gem ones are not beta u can buy them but the PURPLE ones are beta. I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE A MILKY TIARA

Don't put it in stores... its actually called a milky tiara I HAVE ONE

Please make it for non members

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26 Skullies

No to be honest, Skullies are the Rarest with the Green Top Hat, in which was taken out after Beta Days, right after. Which probably no one has either of these greatly desired items. Skullies are probably worth like 10 Beta Blankets, same with Green Top Hat, as it has been never spotted.

Yes, Skullies are truly the rarest items on animal jam, simply because they are like necklaces, the item that wasn't used for by many, and was the cheapest in the dress wear items. But they were highly innopropreate and thus, taken out, unlike our very 'sought for' necklaces. In a few years time, I'm sure necklaces will be AS Needed as Skullies, but I'm also unsure, the fact that the Skullies were taken out due to the... 'dirtiness' makes them more rare, and barely ever seen, if any jammer had these, they'd probably be taken away, for obvious reasons. The Skullies are the most rarest item in AJ, and I'm sure that its rarity probably wont die out... Not until panda's are fixated anyways...

These were added to the game, but they looked inappropriate on pandas, so they were taken out. If you have these, never trade them away, because they are the rarest thing in the game.

Yes, I saw a picture of them on pandas, and I thought they were rings...

They looked weird on pandas. Seriously? Try putting brown elf tail armor on a panda and see how THAT works out!

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27 Blue Rare Spike

These are the best looking spikes, in my opinion

I love the rare blue spike collar its one of my dream spikes!

My favorite is the DARK blue spike but the other ones I think are crap they annoy me so much

Second rarest after black.

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28 Golden Lava Glove

I my self feel that this should be higher on the list, this is due to how many of the other items I see compared to this one. I think that a better place for this item may be on the first page, not number one of course I don't think its worth that much (yet if the game doesn't put it in stores hope they do no.t) This is just my opinion so if you do not agree that is 100% okay.

I have one! It goes great with my founder! I'm never trading it. But I think some of the things in the top aren't that rare anymore...

I have one, I'm not sure what it's worth but I personally use it a ton! My user is: 321Snickers

I have no idea what this is worth but it seems pretty cool

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29 Moon Dirt

I have never heard of moon dirt, but I know for sure a non rare headdress is the most rarest thing. It's true.

I know that I don't know how rare moon dirt is, but I know for a fact headdresses are rarer.

I have moon dirt, and I have actually seen about 8, (including mine)

Someone traded to me for blue vines. Should I accept?

What is Moon Dirt, *googles* it's a beta flooring that sort of looks like the moon

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30 Glitched Brown Cupid Wings
31 Rare Headdress

This in my opinion is the rarest! Please comment what you think!

These rare headdresses were a monday rare but some how they went up so quickly people trade short spikes and more for these oh and I'm beta my user is "Robinwolf66" if you want to be my buddy just jam-a-gram me

I've wanted one for three years, I still haven't got one I actually just want any headdress because, I am made fun of because I only have a short green spike collar :(, if you have one unwanted, if you would like, give it to me- Alydol

Not very rare...

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32 Yellow Rare Spike

My friend and I used to have this but I think hers got scammed and I traded mine away.

Can someone tell me why spikes are like so rare?

Nice, but not this rare. Should place at like 40

Not rare people not rare

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33 Mace Tail

Not number 22, sorry, way higher. This spiked tail here my friends, has got removed from the game. Don't cha know it?

They were taken out for the torture of there looks

Unreleased, shouldn't even place

Has anyone had one?

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34 Rare Orange Spike

Orange spikes are one of the least rare colors of spikes

Least rare spike. Should be more like 50 then 23...

I never knew that! I traded mine for a couple rares... I thought it was the worst color! If you want to trade me, my user is: emperessicyrose119

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35 Green Top Hat

Turns out this color top hat was taken away after the beta time I don't know if anyone has one anymore probably out of a 100 percent rarest item it hits 99.5! A. A

The code for it was removed just like the white tiki mask so nobody should have one

Nobody has one ding bat they were removed

36 Beta Old Blanket V 1 Comment
37 Rare Spike Wrists

I don't have a spike but they are epic!

I have one of these, it's long and pink!

I have a rare spike wrist people say its like a spike but I don't know so yea thanks and byee:T

I have a neon one

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38 Rare Pink Spike

I had one and someone traded fairly for it, so I accepted, I said buddy me incase I want it back, so she did, I never did because it gave me some pretty good items so I let her have it. ( she traded rare claw, scary tiki, howl plaque and Arctic hood.

I had one then someone tricked me to get something else and I cried for hours it made me absolutely crazy out of my mind. Who ever you are I will get you some day.

I have one and everyone trades me for it! If you have one keep it it might be rarest spike! And girls love pink, so they love this!

Soon I will this spike and also purple I am still a non member in my 7th birthday my dad will give me membership

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39 Rare Purple Spike

I was in a scamming process and this dude got scammed with me but I didn't get scammed and he got scammed this rare purple spike.

Oh my I will get this soon I am a non member same with pink 7th birthday my dad will give me membership

Anyone wanna trade a red spike long for my purple long?

I love my purple long! - lovefrombadlands

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40 Creature Mask

Tiki masks are not rare at all. I have one, a white one. But they come out every year. Only the BETA creature mask is rare. It's black with dark blue eyes. No offense, but I think a lot of these items are in the wrong places. The headdress is NOT lower value than a spike.

Just wait for Halloween you could get one then. You can also get them in adventures. So yeah not so rare. I was excited when I got an actual rare creature mask, but then I got hacked, so that was gone.

In third is the creature mask! There are many colors of this mask but the rarest is the black one with blue eyes. - itz_izzy

Only the beta one is rare. The others you can get every Halloween.

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