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101 Blue Vines

They are really rare and glitchy.

! This has to be #1! They are only somewhere around 2 in Animal Jam! Aparri had 2! There aren't many left because AJHQ tried to remove Blue Vines but failed. WHY ARE THEY #98?!

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102 Beta Hood
103 Turtles V 3 Comments
104 Second glitched ring

There's a second glitches ring

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105 Beta Blue Vines

They look so cool I really want them but I don't know what to trade for dem

I have always wanted 1 they look so nice in dens luvs them

More then two beta blue vines exist Dummy!

I want one so bad

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106 Diamond Spikes

Diamond spikes, many people want these because they look cool. I have 3 collars and a wrist, a lot of people ask me " CAN I HAVE YOUR SPIKE? " or " WHAT FOR SPIKE " so just keep yours if you have one.

SPIKES I had 4! 2 got scammed and I traded the other to cause I was stupid come on I have one now but I think animal jam needs to bring them back for gems and for non members

They use to be around in the diamond shop. You can not buy one anymore. I use to have a diamond spike but mine got scammed. I was in tears. :'(.

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107 Silver Spiked Collars

Somebody traded me a black long, a rare spider mask, a rare top hat, a rare heart locket, and a pink short for one of these!

I want one I have a blue and its not a good some people have like 3 silver and wont trade one

From the diamond shop but left. Very high in demand

Oml my friend has one πŸ˜ΆπŸ˜€ I has to tell her its kindaaa rare

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108 Rare Furry Hat

Not rare furry hat magenta furry hat

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109 Black Rhino Helmet

No its not its worth like 2 45$ necklaces!

They are worth 4 headdress and a good long collar,

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110 Gold and Silver Elf Tail

They are not that rare because they could be earned in Graham's Workshop

In my opinion it's pretty rare I don't know wut their worth because I got one if u do know please jag me I'm jkj65!

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111 Pink Rare Yeti Mask
112 Beta Gumball Machine

I have one of these in my den I'm jammer78z46 if u want to see it but I'm not trading it.

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113 Non Rare Pigtails

I own 4 :) also they are in the 2016 new year party

They are super beta worth like 4 rare bows

Umm...many people think these are beta but actually guys they aren't I'm just telling you so you won't make a bad trade...

I have blonde ones

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114 Mechanical Angel Helmet

I have a icy blue one I will never trade someone tried to scam it but I am smarter than they think!

Theses are pretty rare cause most of rare or glamour people have these and there are freedom for nm ( yay for nm) and their are RIM version and WAY BETA is nr vesion! And they look epic on artic wolves!
- a jammer that like mech helmets

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115 Spiked Collar

I have only one of these and I would never trade it unless I see something that I would want more that a diamond spike collar.

Spike collars are really rare they are worth ANY BETA I'm not saying it's a "fair trade" I'm saying they are SO rare you can get ANY beta you want from trading a long for it exept for I think headdress you need to trade I think about 2 for them

This year they are out of store! And sorry about the last one I did I accidently typed 61 in my last one. Gift me I'm cutiebuttercup!

I got scammed my long green

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116 Rare Bow

I have two of these and one is black and the other is blue I love them cause when my membership goes out I can still wear them!

Neon and raspberry are the rarest.. But you can get the others in adventures nowadays.. You can also get neon in adventure

In my opinion the rarest is black it looks AWESOME But the non rare black and red looks cool too

Here is another way to get one SKY HIGH

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117 Purple Beta Elf Tail

These elf tails came out during the beta and are never ever coming back.

118 Non Rare Skinny Lamp

I have one. What is it worth though?

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119 Beta Banners

I have the seal and penguin banners I would like to trade them. jag me your deals

I was lucky enough to get one from way over trade

Can't you buy them from the beta party?

120 Visual Effects Tiara

There is only one tiara that is milky white with a blue gem that is owned by Visual Effects. There might be another one, but I don't know.

I have two of these you can get them in the bunny adventure at one exact second

I know who has 2 pairs

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