Top Ten Most Beautiful Dragonfly Species

These fast flyers are amazing creatures. Not only that they're one of the fastest insects, but some species are just dazzling and beautiful. Here's a list of them
The Top Ten
1 Ebony Jewelwing

It's a species of broad-winged damselfly found in New England, Mid-Atlantic states, and Southeastern Canada. The males have metallic blue-green body and black wings, while the females have dull brown body and smoky wings with white near the tips

2 Beautiful Demoiselle

It's a damselfly species found in Europe. The males have metallic blue wings with metallic blue-green bodies and eyes while the females have iridescent brown wings with a white patch near the tip of the wings with metallic green bodies and bronze tip of the abdomen

3 Scarlet Dwarf

It's a small dragonfly native to Southeast Asia, China, Japan, and occasionally found in Australia. Like the name, it has scarlet body and eyes, and is the smallest dragonfly known

4 Tropical Rockmaster

It's a broad-winged damselfly that belongs to a group called azure damselflies and is found in Australia and Papua New Guinea.

Males have blue and black bodies with dark wings, while females have brown and yellow-green bodies with smoky wings.

The wings of this damselfly are the widest in its genus (Diphlebia).

5 Flame Skimmer

It's a common dragonfly native to western North America. Males' bodies and wings are entirely red or dark orange, while females are dark brown with thin yellow markings

6 Eight-Spotted Skimmer

It's a skimmer dragonfly found in North America. Males have 8 white spots and some black spots on their wings. Females sometimes can have white spots on their wings too

7 Golden-Winged Skimmer

It's a dragonfly found in Eastern United States and North Mexico. Its colors range from orange to golden-yellow, and it has some golden on its wings (hence the name)

8 Roseate Skimmer

pretty little guys the roseate skimmer is a species of dragon fly in the family of Libellulidae. they are native to the Americas, where is distribution extends from the United States to brazil. the male of this species has a rose pink and red abdomen. they are pretty common and widespread species eating any soft bodied flying insects including mosquitoes, flies, small moths, mayflies, and flying ants and termites. so these guys are pretty important to society and very pretty.

I love how the colors blend together and how pink turns into purple.

9 Golden-Ringed Dragonfly

It's a large, striking dragonfly and is the longest species in British. It's the only member of its genus (Cordulegaster) and is found in United Kingdom. Like the name, its body is black with golden-yellow rings

10 Sapphire Flutterer

It's a dragonfly found in Australia and New Guinea. It has dark blue to black abdomen. Its dark wings have 2-3 pale patches on the outer section, and some have dark blue patches at the end of the wings. Its dark color reflects metallic purple tinge under the sunlight

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