Most Powerful The Owl House Witches

This is a ranking of the strongest The Owl House Witches. This does not count Luz Noceda because she has no natural magic ability and she is not a person born in the Boiling Isles. Let the ranking begin!!

Note: This is all as of season 1
The Top Ten
1 Emperor  Belos

Emperor Belos is one of the newest characters. He is shown to be effortless and still outwit many powerful characters, like Owl Beast Eda and Luz Noceda. His face is unknown even though there are theories, it is still unknown. He is powerful and we don’t even know all of his power yet.

2 Eda Clawthorne

Eda is known to be the most powerful witch on the boiling isles but Emperor Belos is higher because he needs no effort to preform spells. Eda’s last battle while being strong was the best battle in season one. It was so epic. Eda lost but if she had no curse she could’ve killed Lilith. That would have been bad, but it shows her true power.

3 Lilith Clawthorne

Lilith is Eda’s sister and she has been shown to be extremely powerful in magic. But she is twice as weak as Eda so she ranks lower than her. Lilith has illusions, light, lasers, speed, and other powers. She is the head leader of the emperor’s coven until she betrays them in the epic season finale.

4 Amity Blight

The first one that has a picture, nice.

Anyway, she has a crush on Luz and makes very powerful abominations that she uses to fight in witch’s duels. She can make more abominations and outnumber the opponents power by a lot. She also can make pink fire which is good.

5 Willow Park

She is a plant specialist and has two fathers. Plant is one of the strongest elemental powers because you can make grass grow, grow gardens and farms faster, and do the thorn vault in grudgeby. Plant is powerful so she has to be a powerful witch, and she’s also showed powerful moments throughout the show.

6 Gus Porter

Voiced by Raven’s Home actor Isaac Ryan Brown, this powerful illusionist has shown to be quite powerful in magic in some episodes like Something Ventured, Someone Framed (one of the best episodes) and his illusions can alter reality not just vision.

7 Tiny Nose

Tiny Nose is voiced by series creator, Dana Terrace and is a quite interesting character. She has destroyed stuff and threw people across rooms and also writes great books. She would rank higher but she can’t control herself when she is powerful.

8 Edric and Emira Blight

These twins are ranked together because they mostly do their spells together and we haven’t seen them do much other than that except for Edric getting a bat and trying to eat it. That was nice.

9 Principal Bump

He is the principal of Hexside and is very skilled in magic. He ranks low because of his lack of magic use in screen time. And hopefully we see more of him in season two and also explain the demon on his head. He should be powerful.

10 Guard Steve

Steve was in Sense and Insensitivity and he knocked down a small piece of furniture and yelled: “All hail the emperor!” And he get’s shoulder pads later on. Why is he strong? Because he is funny and emperor’s guards are skilled with magic as they are part of the emperors coven. Also I was running out of people so yeah.

Hope you enjoyed!