Top Ten Funniest Scenes from DuckTales (2017)

No need to make this overly complicated, vote for scenes and moments from the 2017 DuckTales reboot YOU think are the funniest. (Warning! There will be spoilers ahead.)
The Top Ten
1 Glomgold Crashing Scrooge's "Funeral" - The 87 Cent Solution!

In possibly the funniest, most ludicrous scene in the entire series, thinking that Scrooge McDuck is finally dead, Flintheart Glomgold, in all his loudmouth hammy glory, crashes his business rival's fake funeral along to All I Do Is Win by DJ Khaled, dances through the pews, throws dollar bills in the air, and proceeds to literally twerk over his coffin.

2 Launchpad Pretending to be Donald Duck - The Secret(s) of Castle McDuck!

While having dinner with his still very much alive, immortal parents, Scrooge tries to prove how much of a good family man he is by having his personal pilot and chauffeur Launchpad McQuack dress up as Donald Duck. Somehow, his parents fall for it, but it still leads to some of funniest dialogue exchanges in the show.

3 Penumbra's Witnessing Duck Furry Confusion - They Put A Moonlander on The Earth!

While showing the moonlander warrior Penumbra some Earth fun, Dewey and Webby feed a couple of ducks some popcorn. Keeping in mind that these are completely normal, non-anthropomorphic ducks in a universe full of anthropomorphic dogfaces, ducks and pigs, leading to Penumbra's quite understandable Earth confusion.

4 The GlomTales Theme Song - GlomTales!

Similar to the villain theme song takeover from Gravity Falls, for this episode and this episode only, Flintheart Glomgold sings his own interpretation of the very catchy DuckTales theme. Even funnier, as in the original YouTube clip, Glomgold is then arrested for breaking several copyright laws.

5 The Kelpies Introduction - The Missing Links of Moorshire!

Muderous but ineffectual Scottish Kelpies that look a lot like cutesy ponies by the way, and that were voiced by Tara Strong and Andrea Libman, two of the main voice actresses from My Little Pony...

Hilarious but not Mickey

6 Watermelon Mickey - Moonvasion!

I similar veins to Tom Hanks' Castaway, while Donald Duck is standard on a desert island, he makes friends with a familiar looking mouse shaped watermelon. Even better, as Donald speaks with his usual Donald Duck voice as normal in the show, he talks to himself with the melon in Mickey Mouse's voice, which he can somehow imitate perfectly.

7 Webby Misinterpreting Louie's Signal for Her to "Cut It Out" - Daytrip of Doom!

While at Funso's Fun Zone, Louie quickly signals to Webby a throat cutting cut it out motion to her while the manager is getting suspicious of them. Leading Webby to seemingly interpret his signal as (attack the manager with a spork.) She thankfully doesn't got through with it, but still.

8 Dewey Realizing He is the Uncle Donald of the Kids - Moonvasion!
9 Hobo Magica - A Nightmare on Killmotor Hill!

After hiding from Scrooge McDuck for 6 months, the once terrifying sorceress Magica De Spell haunting the kid's in their dreams, is revealed to be nothing more than a disheveled, powerless nothing who now seemingly lived in the woods outside Scrooge's mansion the entire time. Basically making her, a hobo.

10 The Security Guard Not Recognizing Darkwing Duck - The Duck Knight Returns!

Funnier in meta, as the security guard was voiced by Tad Stones, the original creator of Darkwing Duck.

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