Top 10 Attack on Titan Characters

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1 Levi Levi Ackerman is a fictional character in the manga and anime series Attack on Titan, also known as Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese, created by Hajime Isayama. He accompanies the main protagonists in the second half of season 1. His most notable feature is being "Humanity's strongest".


These are the reasons why Levi is the best character in aot:

1. He is an excellent soldier

Levi is the strongest person in humanity and he is so cool when he fights. He fights with Zeke as if he's nothing but a toy when Zeke is Dina's daughter which is crazy. He is smart and he reads the situation immediately and commands. He is fast and swift, talented with the maneuver gear.(In ova, Farlan said that they taught themselves to use the maneuver gear.) He easily kills titans with swords because he is also talented with controlling the sword. He also can stand up easily, perfectly balanced when a horse is running.

2. His personality is cold but warm

Levi seems very cold and distant because he sometimes seems violent. His words are very sharp and he doesn't shows his emotions often. However, it's actually the opposite. He is very warm and emotional in the inside, it's just that he doesn't really show that. He is very generous to his ...more

Although being a support character in the whole attack on Titan series and merely shown during attack on Titan season 2 due to an injury, Levi has shown to be one of the most interesting yet strong characters shown in the whole manga. Most support characters don't really get enough screen time for us to really find out much about them, but Levi has pretty much broken all that these barriers. He has quite a neutral but scary characteristic that makes pretty much everyone follow his orders. Although he is quite small for his age he built himself quite well and can take care of himself. He doesn't like to give anything away but can be quite hurt when he loses someone or some people important such has his whole squad during season 2 killed by the female titan. He seems to know what's best for most people and grew to respect the scouts. Some people find him quite bossy being a clean freak and everything. It's quite hard to believe he use to hate and even try to kill Ervin, though I ...more

Levi is first of all a great soldier. I love his fighting style, and I love how cool he is. He can quickly analyze the situation and decide what needs to be done, as shown in the courtroom scene. Sure, his method was a bit violent, but it was necessary to keep Eren alive and to get the judge to allow him the chance to prove himself before further decisions were made.

Not only is he a good leader, but Levi also cares for his troops. In episode 9 when a dying soldier asked with his dying breath if he'd been useful, I thought that this moment will decide whether or not I'll love Levi or hate him, so when Levi sincerely assured him that he was and promised to take down all titans, and he even took the soldiers bloodied hand even though he hates uncleanliness, that's when he won me over.

Speaking of that, I absolutely love his obsession with cleanliness. It adds another side of his personality and make his character more real. And it is kinda hilarious.

At first glance, Levi is this small yet fierce guy. Once you get to know him, you realize this man has the most beautifully tragic life. He is exceptionally skilled, honours the sacrifices of his comrades, and is loyal to a fault.

2 Mikasa Ackerman Mikasa Ackerman is a fictional character in the manga and anime series Attack on Titan, also known as Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese, created by Hajime Isayama. She accompanies the main protagonist Eren Jaeger. Her most notable feature is the red scarf that she wears. She is one of the most strongest more.

Mikasa is so amazing and talented in so many ways. As an older sister, I can truly relate to her which is most likely why she's in my top 5 (#2). The scene where the bullies aren't afraid of Eren but then run away frantically after they catch sight of Mikasa behind him? Absolute ✨ perfection✨ I can relate. Even though siblings might drive us mad sometimes, in the end, you're always there to protect them. Some people argue that she's not a good character because she's overprotective of Eren but every character's got to have flaws. She was traumatized at a very young age, so I get why tho. Also, the way she fights is godly. I support Mikasa. :P

First of, I don't blame 'anybody' calling her Mary Sue or #LadyErenclingy because she falls victim to an era of cliche and stereotypical depiction of women in both works of Japan and abroad. I understand very much the sentiment. But I must say that after the 4th season in December by God's grace, you'll perfectly understand why. This unlikeable clingy personality is intentional and backed by a plot twist. I repeat her clingy attitude differs from Naruto's Sakura or the other anime fangirls. No spoilers; just watch season 4 and you'll get everything.

Honestly, at first I didn't really like her that much. But now, looking into the character I've realized that she's a very complex and unique one, which is one of the reason's she's grown to be my favorite character. A lot of people complain about her being too attached to Eren- well, the hell did you expect? The dude literally saved her from being sold as a sex slave. Heck, he's the only reason she's alive right now! Wouldn't you be pretty attached to someone who saved your life?

Mikasa is amazing and why are people trying to make her look bad? First it, she's too perfect and doesn't have any flaws. Then it's she's too overprotective which is a flaw-just saying. She's a normal human being and went through the trauma of seeing her parents murdered and then having to murder someone herself. After that, she got taken into the Yeager family and made a home with them until the titans attacked and she lost that too. So forgive her for being overprotective of the family she has left. And she's not overpowered. She's a prodigy, a genius. You get people like that who annoyingly just naturally talented like that which sucks for us normal people. But don't hate on her just because she's talented. And she was trained by the military and that's why she knows how to fight Titans. Also, along with all of that, she is kind, good and cares deeply for her friends. She is also strong and always helping out where she can. And with all of that, she's pretty cute and beautiful too. ...more

3 Armin Arlert Armin Arlert is a fictional character in the manga and anime series Attack on Titan, also known as Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese, created by Hajime Isayama. He accompanies the Protagonist Eren Jaeger. He is mostly known for his smart and quick witted mind. His notable feature is wanting to explore more.

I don't even know where to start. Armin is one of my absolute favorite characters. He's smart, talented, brave, loyal, curious, intelligent, driven, kind, and an all-around great guy. His character development throughout the story is AMAZING, and I would do anything to see him reach his goal. (Spoiler: When he gets to see the sea with Eren for the first time, I was so happy :,) *Dies) He's willing to sacrifice himself for the ones he loves and makes sure he follows through on his promises and does not take them very lightly. His mind is sharper than any sword and I love it every time he's around. He's just... I can't.

This is my favorite character, you can't change my mind. His development was incredible. He's a curious, intelligent, helpful, selfless, loyal, wise, driven, and kind hearted person who is more than willing to do anything for the people he cares about. Watching him gain confidence and become a badass in his own way was awesome. He genuinely wants to make a difference and give humanity a fighting chance, no matter what it does to him. I also love how strategic he is in battle, his mind is his most powerful asset. I have much more to say but I gotta do my homework now lol.

It makes me happy to see Armin in No#3. I Love This Best Boi So Much! He sacrificed himself to make sure Eren has time so that Eren could kill Bertholdt. He became my favorite because he may look weak, but he is smart and strong in his own way. Love the guy? Of course, love him with all my heart and soul. I thought he was a girl, but since it was revealed that he is male, it makes him much more than anything. He fills my heart in every screen time he has. I Stan for Armin

I believe that the thing that makes a character truly great is the character development and Armin's got lot of that. First of all, Armin's mental abilities are no joke and it's because of him that many characters are still alive, due to his quick thinking AND quick acting. He is willing to sacrifice himself if it means success for a plan and acts as bait without hesitation. Just try to remember all the times he saved the world with his plans and you will realise that the story owes him a lot of twists. As for his development, he begins as a scared boy with no confidence in himself at all and goes on to become a fearless soldier withstrategic skills that he gradually begins to gain confidence in. To be more clear, he manages to always turn his fear into courage, which is why his brains work so well to make efficient plans. He's also the voice of reason when his friends are sunk in madness. Therefore, I believe he should be on the top of this poll, because everything he lacks in terms ...more

4 Eren Yeager Eren Yeager, spelled Eren Jaeger in the Funimation dub, is a fictional character appearing as the protagonist from the manga series Attack on Titan by Hajime Isayama.

He's not just the best character of the series but the best protagonist of all time. Not every hero needs to be perfect and yes he had flaws when he was young and yes he led to people death while protecting him, but he always does whatever he can and always tries the hardest and always ends up suffering a lot more than many. He knows that he's not the best, that is why he tries the best, irrespective of the pain he's about to bear, that's what makes him perfectly written character. Being badass doesn't mean that character is perfectly written, though it might mean perfect character. This might sound weird but think once, if Levi (say eren with Levi characteristics, best at everything) were the protagonist of this series, it'd not have gained even 20% of the current popularity. AoT is Erens journey, from being imperfect to growing towards a great warrior(or monster) protecting everyone he loves. Even you or I if powerful can be a Levi, but no one can be Eren other than Eren himself. ...more

He had fire in his heart. Even though he was terrible at training in the beginning, his determination is what kept him going. He is not flawless like Mikasa, so he feels real too. He lost his mother so he has the perfect motivation to kill all the Titans. His evolution into a great soldier was epic. The fact he also survived the stomach of Santa Titan Claus is another highlight! In fact, I relate to Eren a lot. When I was in school, I used to be a little hot-headed. When someone talked to me, I talked back. When someone tried to hit me or hurt me, I stood up, no matter how big they were. I would lose at times, but that wouldn't make me quit. Seriously, Eren is actually very well written compared to Mikasa.

I don't get it when people complain how Eren is "annoying" or "whiny"; it just doesn't make sense. Sure, he was a little crazy-happy in the beginning, but the guy has been trapped behind some stupid walls for his whole life. Not to mention that humans are the prey. But in my opinion Eren is stronger both emotionally and physically than anyone else in AoT; just think about how much he endured: Losing his mother at such a young age, and then his father, which left him as an orphan; losing his LEG and still getting up to help Armin without hesitation or crying; then sacrificing himself... that's just NOT my description of a whiny character. Sure, he loses his temper; yeah, he's hot-headed, but he's got a purpose; he wants to survive, put mankind in its rightful place. And his unwavering courage and spirit and similar to Percy Jackson appearance/personality just makes him unforgettable. Whatever the case, Eren Yeager has my permanent respect.

Eren is my husbando. I love everything about him he is so cool. His relationship with Armin and Mikasa is so adorable. Also, bonus points for being a titan shifter. (That means being able to alternate between human and titan for you people who haven't seen Attack on Titan yet)

5 Jean Kirstein

I always have such a hard time choosing my favorite SNK character. Jean holds a special place in my heart though. I love how relatable he is. He was bullied as a kid for being fat and it turned him into a complete ass who thinks he's better than everyone else. He was selfish, all he cared about was his own safety. But as the series goes on, Jean gets attached to the people around him. He makes friends and when the battle of Trost starts he realizes just how much he wants to protect the people around him. Marco dies at Trost and Jean decides to join the survey corps to protect the friends he's made and to make sure that this never happens to anyone else. Amazing how much he changes for the better, how he really is a good person that regrets who he used to be.

One of the most relatable and human-like characters in the series, heck his personality trait is pragmatic.

From how from first impressions, he seems like a arrogant person with a stick up the bum changes dramatically in a more idealistic and noble person.

He's inspiring, from how he was quite a innocent boy when he was young, chubby and bullied and turned into the guy he is during the Training Corps and into such a vulnerable character, best character arc and development in the series. He seemed like a anxious person to me.

At the beginning, he was arrogant and selfish. He only cares about his own life.He wanted to join the military police just because he wanted to live comfortably from the attacks of the titans. But, after Marco's death, everything has changed. He decides to join Survey Corps to protects his friends. I think, watching his progression throughout the series makes him more and more likable with each passing episode. His say-anything attitude comes off as a strong part of his personality.I really like how he builds his character. There's a lot of love about him in this series. He's the most relatable and human-like characters in the series. His feelings towards Mikasa are also very cute and interesting too!

He is like "I am a rude boy, but I still care for you". I Love this guy, he is a caring rude boy towards Armin. Armin trusted him to lead the team, he led the team so well.

6 Annie Leonhart Annie Leonhart is a fictional character in the manga and anime series Attack on Titan, also known as Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese, created by Hajime Isayama.

My favorite aot character. All the reasons why people hate her are totally stupid because we discover throughout the anime/manga that she is a person with a huge heart while remaining badass, pretty, with a crazy story

This girl is one of the best antagonists ever. She was trained relentlessly, kicked a full grown man's ass who taught her the deadly martial arts she knows now, is a badass in Female Titan form cause of her skills that she applies to Titan form. Also, even without any weapons and powers, she's a complete badass, plus scary, smart, strong, and able with her gear and swords. She also was a badass as a kid, bot hair in kicking her father's ass but for taking responsibility in the first time of destroying the wall in the manga. Very complex and unlike Mikasa who was amazing at everything the second she stepped into the academy, and with way less time, and experience then Levi who had years and every day was a struggle and fight, Annie is just an amazing character, both physically, and mentally. Plus she's a truly unique beauty, it's not the regular traditional beauty, but Annie can be a role model if she wasn't an antagonist, but that's after years of brain washing in a village that ...more

Unlike Mikasa, without her Titan powers she is still a formidable and badass opponent due to her relentless training. She is so complex and her attitude makes so much sense due to her situation. Also she's hot and pretty all at the same time. She also doesn't hesitate to beat the crud out of someone, whether it be enemy or ally to put them in their place but doesn't have the usual to go stubborn and overly hot headed temper to ground her. She's very complex and makes a lot of sense, due to her situation and dying in a span of thirteen years, Annie doesn't have much to live or look forward too, she does her duty. I don't blame Bertholdt for falling for this amazing woman, she's way better then Mikasa by a lot, but that's not saying much. In other words, she's one of the best characters of Aot, I even admire her more then Levi.

A really deep character, has a great backstory and even doe she was put on "ice", she still had that mystery around her. Plus, she's constantly being used as a reference. For example, the moment when Eren think back to the techniques she shown him. Also, compared to the other warriors, she's not as brainwashed as them. Overall, I would say that she really is one of the best character of this franchise (Anime/Manga).

7 Hange Zoë Hange Zoë is a fictional character in the manga and anime series Attack on Titan, also known as Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese, created by Hajime Isayama.

From the first time I saw her on the show, I somehow knew that I would love her. She's unique, hilarious, intelligent, witty, a total badass, and can make tense moments light and not as scary. Her attitude is pure AMAZING and I love the little quips and interactions she has with Levi. She's a complex character and is one of my all-time favorites. There's no changing my mind people. Hange is one of the best characters in aot. :D

When I first saw her, I fell in love. Hange's character is so lovable because she's funny at times and serious during battle. I loved that one scene when (spoilers) after Mikasa had attacked Levi and pinned him down, instead of attacking her (which Hange could have easily done) she pulled Mikasa into a hug and tried to talk instead of using violence. Which is one of the reasons Hange came to be my one of my favorite characters.

Hange kind of reminds me of myself in a way. She's very outgoing and funny with are traits I have but she's also very smart. I admire who Hange Zoe is :D.

I love slightly eccentric characters, and Hange is definitely one of my all time favorites. Hange is intelligent, funny, badass and very complex. I hope Hange's backstory will be revealed at some point in the future. I also love the interactions between Hange and Levi, as they both look out for each other. Overall, Hange is a unique and entertaining character.

8 Sasha Blouse Sasha Blouse is a fictional character in the manga and anime series Attack on Titan, also known as Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese, created by Hajime Isayama.

Sasha is self explanatory. She is always going ham on those potatoes and the meat. She's such a funny lovable character. Amazing absolutely unforgettable. Rest in Peace dearest Sasha Blouse. Fly high, fly oh so high in heaven you amazing angel.

Like Hange, I loved Sasha from the very beginning. I do believe she is one of the best written characters in the show. It's funny when you see Sasha going crazy over food, but when you learn why it's actually quite sad. But backstories aside, she has incredible aim. She even took a Titan out with only a bow and arrow! Which is why Sasha made it to my top 10.

Sasha, unlike most of the characters, can be fun and childish yet serious and brave, no other characters of Attack on Titan have ever portrayed a perfect balance of comedy and strength. We may have Mikasa, Levi etc. that makes us awe in amazement due to their skills and abilities, but characters such as Sasha not only had astonished us but also made us laugh with her gags, she can be a badass and a clown at the same time.

I'm surprised how positive she still is after what's basically happening.

Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan has a spectacular character casting, but if I had to pick one extremely amazing character from the cast it would have to be Sasha, or Potato Girl, for that matter. Even though there are extremely awesome characters like Levi, Eren, Mikasa, Armin, etc. Sasha is the first person that pops up into my head whenever I here 'Attack on Titan' for some reason. Maybe it's because of my fondness for strange characters... Or potatoes.

9 Erwin Smith Erwin Smith is a fictional character in the manga and anime series Attack on Titan, also known as Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese, created by Hajime Isayama.

I do believe Erwin deserved much better. It was very painful for me watching episode 18 in season 3 (spoilers) because I love Erwin, but I also love Armin so I didn't know who I wanted to live. That aside, Erwin is a very underrated character. I think it's obvious that the show wouldn't be where it was today without him. He's also an incredible hype machine.

Erwin is so underrated, he deserves to be number 1, he may not appear very active on the fields but he is a smooth talking cool looking type of guy. He is the reason why Levi is Levi, Erwin made Levi humanity's strongest soilder and gave Levi a reason to live after Levi lost his family. He isn't a whinny type of guy unlike eren nor strict like Levi and he is able to unleash someone's bravery in joining the Survey Corps.

He has no magic nor super-human power unlike Eren or Levi, but he is a brave, genuine, and charismatic leader that inspire all his subjects to be loyal to him to death. He is humble enough to listen and take advice even from a new member. Yet he can be shrewd to make difficult decision without worrying about his reputation.

He is the one person who turned the survey core from voluntary suicide to an actual titan fighting organisation. His smartness, leadership, bravery and most of all his ability to take risks make him stand out among the rest. Without him I am sure humanity would not stand a chance against the titans. He is a hero.

10 Reiner Braun

First , when I see hime in season 3 , I hated him, because of Marco's death, but in the final season, when we can get konw him better, I started understand him, and I feel sorry for him. I think he has to carry a very big weight in his heart and on his shoulder, in the past and the present too .I love him, because he has conscience , and he cares about his loved ones. I think he is a good guy, but it's hard, when he get to know both of side, and hi did. I hope he doesn't want to die anymore.

Reiner is a parallel to Eren throughout the series. Unlike Eren, he cares about his friends and family. Originally he wasn't going to be a warrior but Ymir ate Marcel

(Spoilers) Not many people may share my views of Reiner, but he's my number one character, because of his loud and Obnoxious personality as a soldier, but he's also very conflicted, being more dark and indecisive as a 'Warrior'. Although he's seen as a "bad guy" I'll always see. Him as my favourite character. He's also really good because he shows strong character development. Say what you will, no one will change my mind on him. I know he's a villain, which means he'll probably die, but I pray that he won't.

Reiner is the Best Attack on Titan Character and I love Reiner soooo much, I wish that he was real so I can kiss him and tell him how I feel about him being my boyfriend.

The Contenders
11 Bertolt Hoover

I kind of just love everything about him as a character. How he lacks initiative despite being incredibly capable. He also feels like he's an incredibly thoughtful person without needing to be particularly smart, and it gives him this honest (and somewhat pessimistic) view of himself and the world around him. He has a great level of control in himself and is terrified of that breaking.
He does have a tendency to sometimes get a little wrapped up in his own problems and not consider the viewpoints of others on occasions, but in his defense, there are a ton of horrible things in his life.
Lastly, I love him because of the parallels between him and the Shiganshina Trio. He's often compared to just Armin since people like to fit each member of each trio neatly into the spot of the others, but I honestly love the similarities between him and Mikasa much more. Not much can be said about similarities between him and Eren, but they do both try to make the world out to be more black and ...more

He just interests me. It's nice not to have an antagonist who isn't always in control, sadistic and decisive. Yeah, he's a mass murderer, but so are the Joker, Loki, Hannibal etc etc, so that doesn't take away from it. He doesn't want to murder people, he says so himself, but if he didn't do it someone else was going to regardless, so he might as well have taken the burden. Plus his guilt about instinctively running away from the dancing titan as it was eating their friend, he left behind Reiner in the process to save his own skin. Characters who are always self-assured and ready to give up their life with every opportunity can bore me. Most 10 year olds don't want to die people, and most people aren't so happy to die saving others, nothing wrong with it, it's in their biological instinct to survive. Also we just don't know all that much about Bertholdt, which made me more curious. Plus, Sweaty Giraffe memes and adorable/hilarious reibert art contribute to my love for this character.

He is only a person and tall, But has better controling the Colossal Titan explosion, He is better than Armin's Colossal Titan

His character is interesting that I'm glad he is the colossal titan. Attack on Titan Junior high really boosts my support for him. Who would have thought a guy who sweats so much due to anxiety ranked so high in military training. I am already interested in his motives far before I read the manga and finally know he is the colossal titan. And that's dope! That's better than any strongest villain in other popular mangas. Thank you for existing as a character

12 Marco Bott

Ah.. Marco. He deserved SO much better than what Annie, Reiner and Bertolt did to him. (Spoilers) At first I didn't really know him that well, so I didn't really care about his death. But when I learned how he actually died, it broke me. He didn't deserve that! I felt so bad that I didn't know who he was when I first started watching.

A great example of blue to someone else's red. That red being Jean. While Marco wasn't best at being a leader he would've made a great adviser had the creators just expanded on him much much more

He definitely deserves to be in the top ten. He died trying to save humanity like an honest soldier. Not to mention, he was fun loving and had a kind heart! WHY DID HE DIE! *Cries in corner*

Marco is my favorite character, he's just so nice. I feel that he made such an impact by just being kind to others.

13 Connie Springer

His fighting skills are quite underrated, he is obviously quite a good fighter since he made it into the top 10. He is also very kind so if he dies I will start a riot.

He's such a pure-hearted guy. He may not be smart but he definitely earned this spot. Too bad the darker and cruel world of Attack on Titan had really done a number on him.

Where do I even start! Connie's the best! I love him so damn much, he's so funny. Basically the only source of humor in this show at this point.

He's funny, nervous, impressionable, and often conflicted. He wants to do well but sometimes doubts his abilities. The Titans scare the piss out of him. He's getting along real well with Sasha, the other funny, impressionable person in the group. Basically, in a lot of ways, he's the most human character on the show, and for me, the most relatable. And did I mention he's funny?

14 Petra Ral Petra Ral is a fictional character in the manga and anime series Attack on Titan, also known as Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese, created by Hajime Isayama.

I really like Petra. She tried her best to get Eren used to the lifestyle in the Scouts and strongly believed that if they trusted one another, they could get through anything. Some people think she's pathetic for being killed by Annie, but they never bother to try to place themselves in her position - she was in a life-and-death situation with a threat that she didn't know hoe to handle. Petra did not have a life like Levi, who had to be tough since day one. She had a family and lived a pretty normal life before joining the military. Honestly, it makes sense that she panicked in that kind of situation.

(Spoilers) I don't have much to say about this character other than it broke me at that scene with her dad and Levi. And her body getting tossed out of that cart was just too much for me to handle.

Petra is in a tie between my two favourite characters in the series. She was so innocent, nice and she took on the mother role in her squad. She barely appeared until later episodes and died so early. I wish she was still alive. Can I also point out that Petra means rock in Greek and Petra died on a tree. Paper is made out of trees. Petra dies on a tree (paper beats rock) T-T

she's my favorite character. levi needed her, eren needed her, zoe needed her and I actually needed her too. if she has got such a high score even if she died soon it means that she was amazing. when isayama said that he wanted her to come back and that he was thinking about it, I really hoped it. to be honest, I'm still waiting for her... I always did it and I'll always do it, even if this anime ends.

15 Historia Reiss

Historia is so kind and sweet that its impossible not to like her. She's like a mother and I would be grateful to have a mother like Historia Reiss.

I loved her character development. I hated her pure-hearted innocent personality. Glad it was just an act to hide her tough side.

Love the character development. She went from a small, submissive girl to an amazing independent hero who's beautiful on the inside and the outside

She is much complicated and deeper character than Mikasa. Her relationship with Eren is really honest. I love her

16 Dot Pixis Dot Pixis is a fictional character in the manga and anime series Attack on Titan, also known as Shingeki no Kyojin in Japanese, created by Hajime Isayama. He is the commander of the Garrison, and is in charge of the defense of the southern region. He is the highest ranking administrator of the southern more.

"If it means mankind will live on, I don't mind being called a murderer"
My favorite character since his first scene in this anime.

He stopped the Garrison regiment from killing Eren, Mikasa, and Armin. He knows a good person when he sees one.

Pixis is one of my favorites... and it's because he's so collected and optimistic about most situations

17 Moblit Berner

I really wish we could see more of Moblit. He's the kindest and sanest of the senior officers who never loses his empathy even when trying to accomplish seemingly impossible goals. I really like how he balances out Hange too.

The soundest of all boys. RIP

I like to Moblit Moblit

18 Ymir

Although Ymir is basically a traitor I adored her character so much. She sacrificed everything so she could save Historia which is amazing to me. If I knew someone like Ymir, I would be grateful to have her as a friend.

Ymir is one of those characters that only people who struggle with being themselves can really understand. It takes guts to be true to yourself, the good parts and the bad. I think Historia and Ymir's combined story arcs have a great message on the themes of altruism vs egoism. Is it really right to sacrifice a part of yourself for other people to be happy? Sometimes it's okay to be a little selfish, it's okay to have some pride. If you're hurting yourself to keep from hurting others, it isn't worth it. I think Ymir is a great role model for those with low self esteem. As Ymir would say, "You're you, and there's nothing wrong with that." "Live your life with your head held high."

Ymir should definitely be higher up this list. I admire how she is so complex and shows that it's okay to be selfish sometimes. Her relationship with Historia is also very cute.

I love Ymir. She reminds me of myself. If I was ever a anime character, I have many things I could compare myself to here. I know anime is anime and that in real life everyone is too busy protecting themselves, I would go help my friends too. I love how Ymir protects everyone with her Titan.

19 Kenny Ackerman

Kenny "The Ripper" Ackerman is the coolest character in the Attack on Titan manga. He's the swaggiest of all of them and didn't get nearly enough screen (page) time. The only character that comes close is Levi Ackerman, which, predictably, is number one.~

Why did he die soo early

He was soo awesome

Gears, Equipment, Guns where given by Kenny Ackerman in Season 4 instead of blades

20 Krista Lenz

Historia (spoiler) is nice and cute and all.

But she is a Mary Sue. Seriously...So many guys want to marry her, she has a protective female friend that ALSO wants to marry her.
Everyone treats her like a goddess.

She is crowned queen.
She slains one of the biggest Titans (I think that was her)

I just don't like her.

It doesn't surprise me that HISTORIA REIß (her real name) isn't higher on this list, considering most people only watch the anime. In the later chapters of the manga, her character develops a lot, and she even becomes one of the main characters at one point. SPOILERS: She also slayed the biggest Titan known to mankind, her father, Rod Reiß, who has twice the size of Bertholdt's colossus.

She is the best character on the show... and the hottest!

Krista is a very kind and gentle girl. I admire her.

21 Pieck

I honestly love peick. She's very independent and can think in the darkest moments. She is also loyal to whoever she decides to be and she may be on the enemy side but she's still pretty bad ass and not to mention her Titan form is hilarious! It's pretty useful to like she can wear armour and carry supplies like imagine if island paradis had peick on there side! Of course she's not though but I mean it's more exciting if the bad side has more of an advantage right? Doesn't it keep you hooked to the show and want to know more? Well I think peick represents that perfectly a hater or not I'm on her side. I'm also voting for eldia to don't feel out.

The ugliest girl in AoT but her personality is really awesome. I like how self confident she is.

22 Frieda Reiss
23 Farlan Church

Farlan deserves more credit that what he gets. Everyone forgets about him but come on! He was loyal, kind, mild-tempered, smart, and would do ANYTHING for Levi and Isabel! He's by far my favorite character even though he's not in the actual series! Not to mention he had such a heartbreaking death! His gear was broken when his horse fell on him and he was unable to do anything as he watched his whole squad die, including Isabel one of his best and only friends, who dies trying to save him! Then in an attempt to avenge her, he was caught and killed. I think he's a better character than people say

Farlan was a great guy who was also a "Lego Piece" in Levi's past, making him perfectly round like we know him today.

The guy needs more credit as well as Isabel from the fans of Levi.

24 Carla Yeager

Thank you for taking Mikasa under your wing. You will be remembered Carla Yeager x

25 Eren Kruger
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