Top Ten Best Chip 'N Dale Rescue Rangers Episodes

Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers is a 1989 American animated series following the chipmunks Chip and Dale along with their friends Gadget Hackwrench, Monterey Jack, and Zipper who form a detective agency, the Rescue Rangers.
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1 Adventures in Squirrelsitting

Another good episode: The Rangers babysit two squirrel sisters after they accidentally wreck their mother's house while chasing after Fat Cat. The oldest sister, Tammy, falls head over heels for Chip and tries to impress him by taking back the Maltese Mouse from Fat Cat.

2 Fake Me to Your Leader

Zipper and a group of pill bugs are hit by Dr. Nimnul's ray, which causes them to grow. Nimnul plans to use the pill bugs to pass them off as aliens and deceive the people of the city into giving them their gold. Meanwhile, Zipper continues to grow until he becomes a literal giant, and the people of the city perceive him as a monster.

3 Battle of the Bulge
4 Three Men and a Booby

The Rangers help out a momma Booby bird rescue her stolen baby egg from a greedy egg collector. They manage to rescue the egg, but the mother booby is captured as the egg thief attempts to force her to lay another egg for him. Chip, Dale, and Monetary Jack look after the baby booby while Gadget works on another invention to help them rescue the mother booby.

5 Kiwi's Big Adventure
6 Rescue Rangers to the Rescue (Part 1-5)

Great 5-part episode arc that shows how the Rescue Rangers first came together to stop both Fat Cat and his owner, Aldrin Klondaine, from wreaking havoc in the city and clearing police detective Donald Drake's name.

7 Gadget Goes Hawaiian

While vacationing in Hawaii, a Gadget look-alike named Lahwhine tricks Gadget into switching places with her. Lahwhine has Gadget take part in a series of deadly challenges so that Lahwhine can become the new queen of her tribe.

8 Bearing Up Baby
9 The Case of the Cola Cult

Considered by critics as the best episode of the series. Does a surprisingly in depth take on the dangers of cults.

I really like this episode. I especially like the song.

10 Good Times, Bat Times
The Contenders
11 Piratsy Under the Seas
12 Pound of the Baskervilles

The Rangers help out a dog named Macduff to find a will that proves the old family mansion belongs to his master, Roger.

13 Out of Scale
14 Double O'Chipmunk

In an attempt to cheer up Dale, who has been obsessed with being a secret agent, Gadget orchestrates a phony mission. However, things get out of hand when they get mixed up with a couple of crooks, and their microfilm containing a secret weapon ends up in Dale's possession. This leads to Chip, Gadget, and Monty getting captured. Now, Dale and Zipper must become real spies to save the day.

15 Love is a Many Splintered Thing

Monterey Jack's old flame, Desiree D'Allure, shows up out of the blue, needing Monty and the Rangers' help to stop a robbery from a gang led by her love interest, Erol, with whom she was associated. However, Chip doesn't trust her and accuses her of distracting Monty, allowing the crooks to get away with some furniture. Monty, feeling hurt, decides to leave the team. Unfortunately, Chip's suspicion turns out to be true as Desiree tricks Monty into helping her steal an expensive piece of furniture. Furthermore, it is revealed that Desiree was the mastermind behind the operation.

16 Does Pavlov Ring a Bell

Chip and Dale both become incredibly jealous when Gadget befriends Sparky, a lab mouse who is a genius just like her. However, unbeknownst to them, Sparky is actually being used as a tool to help Professor Nimnul rob banks.

17 Short Order Crooks

A pair of crooks tricked the owner of a restaurant into going on vacation so they could use the restaurant to dig their way to the neighboring bank. However, at the same time, Monty was also using the restaurant to cook his famous cheese chowder. When the cops stopped by to eat, the crooks were forced to serve the cheese chowder that Monty had been making. They ended up liking it so much that they continued to come back for more. This led Monty to bring in the Rangers to keep making more cheese chowder, since the crooks were obviously unable to actually cook. This threw a wrench in their plan.

18 The Luck Stops Here

Gadget attempts to help out a down-on-his-luck inventor repair his broken inventions, only to find that his cat is the one purposely sabotaging his inventions in order to make the inventor think he needs her for good luck. This really doesn't make any sense, as Gadget points out to her how long she thinks his boss will let him stay if his inventions never work.

19 Robocat
20 It's a Bird, It's Insane, It's Dale!
21 Song of the Night 'n Dale

The Rangers help out a bird named Chirp Sing whose master, the Emperor, is being driven crazy. They learn that the Emperor's sister is the one causing all the trouble, aiming to make everyone think the Emperor is crazy so that she can take over and sell the land.

22 Seer No Evil

It's easily the best episode of the series. It has tense atmosphere, what kid shows like this usually don't have, atypical progression and above all: character development. The scene in the kid's room was my favourite.

23 Risky Beesness

The Rangers help out a queen bee whose hive has been stolen by a scientist using a machine to hypnotize them. The scientist intends to use the bees to help her steal instruments so she can live out her rock and roll fantasy.

24 Ghost of a Chance
25 Chipwrecked Shipmunks

The Rangers become shipwrecked on a deserted island and find out that a massive hurricane is set to hit the island. They must quickly build a boat to get off the island before the storm hits. While looking for supplies, Dale and Monetary Jack discover a pirate's treasure hidden in a cave in the shape of a crocodile, coincidentally named Crocodile Cave. The two plot to take the treasure for themselves, but to their surprise, their old friends, the Pirates from "Piratsy Under the Sea," make their way to the island. When they find that the treasure they were seeking has been taken, they assume that the Rangers have stolen it.

One of the funniest moments from the episode is when the Pirates capture Chip and Gadget. They are thinking of what to do with them, and one of the Pirates suggests one of the most absurd ideas: dressing them up as bunnies and dipping them in chocolate.

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