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Merry Christmas, everyone! (As of the time I write this list near Christmas) It's the holidays and you want to play some online Christmas games. But what about if you wanted to include SpongeBob in the mix? If you liked my Best Halloween SpongeBob Online Games list, be sure to check out this one for the list of Best Christmas SpongeBob Online Games! Feel free to vote and add to this list.

P.S. Some of these games may be no longer playable on and you may have to find them on an obscure gaming website by Googling it.
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1 Avalanche at Plankton's Peak

Pure nostalgia, enough said. And probably not only one of the hardest SpongeBob Christmas games ever, but also one of the hardest SpongeBob games of all time! Now the game's premise is that Plankton wants to ruin Christmas by causing an avalanche with his laser ray in order to bury SpongeBob and his friends while they're going skiing. So it's up to SpongeBob to save Christmas by outrunning an avalanche and rescuing ALL of his friends. Key word: ALL. Because in the game, as you rescue skiing minors, collect Gary the Red-Nosed Snails, avoid obstacles, and ski up ramps, it's an absolute NECESSITY to rescue ALL of SpongeBob's friends. If you miss JUST one, you can't proceed onto the second and final part of the plan to foil Plankton's evil plot. If you do manage to save all 7 of SpongeBob's friends, you can then proceed to enter the final phase as you become a gradually growing snowball and collect snow to grow even bigger so you can bury Plankton and his laser ray. Once all is said and done, you'll have saved the holiday season for all of Bikini Bottom!

2 It's a SpongeBob Christmas!

It's no surprise that with the well-received It's a SpongeBob Christmas! stop-motion special, decided to release a fun little click-and-drag online game based on this special. Basically, you have to click and drag your mouse to cure all the Bikini Bottomites onscreen of their naughtiness. However, be wary of the Jerk-tonium and the incoming coals being hurled at you! While one may just click on one Bikini Bottomite at a time, the true fun of the game is that you're supposed to drag your mouse and chain up a combo in order to score the most points possible. Thus, why the obstacles of the game are as they are. Don't Be a Jerk!, It's Christmas!

3 Gifts a Go-Go!

To me chronologically, I'd say that from Postal Panic to Gifts a Go-Go!, they're all part of a four-part game series of some sort. Gifts a Go-Go! just so happens to be the fourth and final one in the series. Here, you just drag each present to the correct anchovies who have the corresponding color that matches each respective present. You only have 5 lives to mess up until it's game over. So make the most of being Santa's little helper given you just recovered these presents from Plankton in Operation Holiday Hero.

4 Operation Holiday Hero

Now that you've played as the villain we all know as Sheldon J. Plankton, things turn around now that you get to play as the hero we all know as SpongeBob SquarePants! This time around, instead of stealing presents, now you're the one recovering them! If you liked Dinner Defenders, get ready for a faster-paced endless runner as you use SpongeBob to collect presents and shoot down Plankton's robots with snowballs along the way! It's really a refreshing change of pace that this game comes off the heals of Postal Panic and Gift Lift. Like how a villain performs a Heel-Face Turn, and YOU'RE that very villain that does so.

5 Gift Lift

You know, I actually always thought it was hilarious whenever I crashed Plankton's sleight and it just immediately zooms to Plankton's face of frustration as a little solemn Christmas jingle plays on the game over screen. Anyways, the gameplay is simple. You play as Plankton once again following Postal Panic where instead of trying to steal Christmas letters to Santa, Plankton outright steals a boatload of Christmas presents and makes off with them in his sleigh. So it's your mission to guide Plankton by dragging your mouse and creating a stable slope for him to slide on while keeping him from crashing into a dead end by accident, running into jellyfish, and stealing more presents along the way. Again, if you manage to crash Plankton's sleigh, the abrupt crash and transition to the game over screen are just HYSTERICAL.

6 Postal Panic

I'd say either this is a prequel or the first installment in the Plankton vs. SpongeBob Christmas conflict of an online game series. Before Plankton started stealing presents, here Plankton decides to steal Christmas letters of bypassing Bikini Bottomites that are either trying to mail letters to Santa or probably Christmas cards and letters to their loved ones. The game has you control Plankton on a remote-controlled blue jellyfish as you use a crane to steal letters varying from random anchovies, Pearl, Sandy, and SpongeBob. Be especially wary of Pearl since you have to do two clicks to steal her letter, Sandy since she's the fastest enemy in the game, and SpongeBob since he moves in a zigzag fashion. Oh, wait! There's also the matter of Karen as well! Unlike the other Bikini Bottomites, she's the slowest enemy in the game, but out of all of them, you must NOT steal her letter or you will lose points! She's the only exception when it comes to stealing letters from everyone.

7 Merry Mayhem!

Remember that Showdown at Santa's online game based on the Fairly OddParents Christmas special? Basically, Merry Mayhem! is essentially the SpongeBob equivalent (or rip-off) of it. Anyways, Plankton plans to ruin Mr. Krabs's Christmas agenda by sending Christmas caroling robots into the Krusty Krab and driving all the customers out with their loud singing. So it's up to SpongeBob to destroy all of them using snowballs. Power-ups range from a rapid-fire snow machine, an electromagnetic pulse burst, blizzards, earmuff health restoration, and CHAOS CONTROL! (I mean, Gary time freeze) What I really like about the enemies are how decorative the robots are, with some of them wearing reindeer antlers, Christmas sweaters, Christmas lights, Christmas stars, etc. Also, if you want to achieve victory, I'd say at least last until Level 10 or longer just to be on the safe side.

8 Frosty Fling!

Ah, it's a nice white and chilly day as our favorite sponge is ice skating. But what's this? Plankton seems to have caught sight of SpongeBob and is planning to kidnap him by force using his countless hordes of caroling robots and have SpongeBob join them in their caroling against his will! We know the drill. Keep SpongeBob away from the robots as long as possible! In this game, you'll have to rely on the help of nearby sardines as they catch you and catapult you as far as possible in order to avoid the wrath of the robots in hot pursuit. You'll also have to avoid any stage hazards and Squidward as well. But do be on the lookout for Larry the Lobster since he'll give you a mega boost and send you rolling around at the speed of sound! Because he's got places to go and gotta follow his rainbow! Hey, what can I say? Sonic Adventure 2 songs are catchy.

9 Naughty or Nice

The first true Santa's little helper SpongeBob Christmas game. The gameplay is relatively simple (but hard as hell come later levels). Put simply, it's your job to determine who is naughty or nice based on the color of the anchovy. It's common sense, but green means naughty and red means nice. For both naughty and nice anchovies, there's normal ones, slim and fast ones, fat and slow ones that require two hits, ones that are just TOO clingy and come back around a second time, etc. Either way, you'll have to battle your way through 10 levels of pure Christmas Rush while keeping SpongeBob from losing his sanity from all the incoming anchovies if he takes enough damage. Thankfully, by shooting at a flying star, you can access power-ups like eggnog that slows down anchovies, a naughty or nice list that... uh, I don't know what it really does, and a set of bubbles that will trap any anchovies that manage to get past you. Hopefully, you can endure all 10 levels and truly make it a holiday miracle!

10 SpongeBob SnowPants!

I would say this is more of a winter game rather than an actual Christmas game, but since it fits the tone of Christmas, I'm putting this one on the list. Basically, you have to help SpongeBob build some snowmen of his friends by making him turn left since he's always fixed on turning right and no other direction. The game is no easy task as you have to traverse through many obstacles like coral trees, jellyfish, Plankton (who you can thankfully squish), time reducers, and slippery/rugged ice terrain. Really, the main highlights of the game are trying to work your way through the snow and rolling over Plankton. But hey, you got to love the snow versions of Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, and Mr. Krabs. The game over screen does say they'll at least last until July. Overall, it's a nice snow-themed game to play during the holiday season or winter time.

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11 Jingle Brawl
12 Dance Machine: Holiday Edition
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