Worst Anime Love Triangles

Love triangles in some anime are kind....stupid. They either just make the anime feel tedious or just completely crash and burn when they happen.
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1 Naruto & Sakura & Sasuke - Naruto

This whole team 7 thing is just a mess! And it all stems from Sasuke! Sasuke doesn't like his teammates, Sakura is infatuated with him and Naruto has a crush on Sakura. Sasuke betrays the Hidden Leaf and leaves him teammates behind. Naruto promises to bring back Sasuke to Sakura and she never gets over her feelings for Sasuke. So she lies to Naruto's face about loving him and that Sasuke means nothing to her. Naruto doesn't believe her and still says he'll bring Sasuke back because he loves her. This whole love triangle is such a mess and I still haven't covered every awful thing about it! Like how Naruto apparently didn't really love Sakura and just did out because of his rivalry with Sasuke. That doesn't make sense. Naruto risked his life for her and devoted himself to her. That's not rivalry, that's genuine care that Sakura didn't feel for him. And instead, she falls in love with the guy who tried to kill her and left her for ten years.

2 Kirito & Asuna & Suguha - Sword Art Online

Suguha is Kirito's cousin and falls in love with him. Kirito is trying to save Asuna from Sugou inside another video game called Alfheim. However, Suguha slowly falls in love with Kirito all over again but with his persona on Alfheim. Did we really need an incestous relationship in SAO? It should be focused on Kirito's mission to help Asuna, not his cousin's growings feelings towards him. He already built a harem with Silica and Lisbeth but do we really need another girl? And how is Asuna okay with any of this?

3 Yugi & Tea & Rebecca - Yugioh

This one only lasted for two seasons out of the five but it was annoying. Yugi has always had a crush on Tea but Tea likes Atem more. Then once Rebecca starts flirting with Yugi, she's always jealous of her flirting with Yugi. Look, I don't like how Rebecca loves Yugi either. Yugi is in highschool and Rebecca is 12 in the Japanese version and 8 in the dubbed version. That's gross. Yet why is Tea arguing over who gets Yugi when her interest has always been with Atem? It doesn't add up. It doesn't help that later on some other woman named Vivien starts flirting with Yugi too. The whole love triangle never gets resolved and was just a pain to sit through.

4 Makoto & Kotonoha & Sekai - School Days

Makoto loves Kotonoha but doesn't admit to it. So he sleeps around with Sekai and then goes after Kotonoha. However, he doesn't like the idea of dating and instead sleeps around with a bunch of women. Sekai then tells Makoto that she's pregnant and he gets mad at her because she ruined his life. He's only mad though because none of the girls he slept with want to be around him. However, Kotonoha forgives him and he takes her back. Sekai kills Makoto out of jealousy and Kotonoha kills Sekai. You know, none of this would have happened if Makoto just stuck with one woman. This anime would have ended sooner.

5 Amu & Ikuto & Utau -Shugo Chara

Ew! This relationship is just ew! Ikuto feels love and happiness around Amu. Sounds sweet right? Well the bad part is that Amu is 12 and Ikuto is 17! Oh god that is so wrong on so many levels! And Utau is in love with Ikuto too except their brother and sister! It doesn't matter which way you look at it, both sides are equally bad.

6 Light & Misa & Kiyomi - Death Note

Light really messed up with this one. He used Misa Amane to try and find L's real name with her shinigami eyes. As long as Light pretends to be her boyfriend, she agreed. Even though it's quite obvious that Light doesn't love her, Misa is still convinced that Light loves her her. Oh my gosh, Hellen Keller could tell that Light doesn't love Misa. But it gets worse once Light becomes the new L. He wants to use an old fling from school named Kiyomi to help him speak to the owner of his old notebook. So he doesn't have to worry about the task force or Near finding out about him being Kira. So he also manages to trick Kiyomi into following him. She even questions his commitment to her since he lives with Misa Amane and Misa even lied to Kiyomi about Light engaging to her. If these two didn't act like a bunch of dumb jealous girls, Near wouldn't have been suspicious about Light. But nope, Light messed up because he tried to rope in two girls into his master plan. Way to go.

7 Yuki & Zero & Kaname - Vampire Knight

This one just ended with a giant middle finger to the fans. The love triangle between these characters was the only interesting thing about Vampire Knight. The anime itself is boring and feels like a chore to sit through. In the manga, Yuki ends up sleeping with both Kaname and Zero. And she also gives birth to both of their children. I don't get why Zero and Kaname fought so hard for Yuki though. She has no personality, I don't know if she has any hobbies and the only thing going for her is that she's nice. Plus Kaname is her relative so that makes this gross.

8 Naruto & Sakura & Hinata - Naruto
9 Yoshino & Chiaki & Hatori - Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi

This was bad melodrama you would see on a soap opera. Chiaki for the life of him can't see that Yoshino and Hatori are after him. How? I know some characters can be blind to some people's affections for them. But when the only thing slightly interesting in the anime is a bunch of guys fawning over one idiot, it makes it hard to sit through. And the ending was underwhelming to say the least. Wow, the childhood friend didn't get the love interest they liked? That never happens in any anime at all!

10 Sasuke & Sakura & Karin - Naruto
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11 Momo & Toji & Sae - Peach Girl

There was no love triangle here. Sae forced her ratchet ass in the middle and lied her way through to the end.

12 Boku, Chico & Coco - Boku No Pico

When you don't even want to look up images of these three because you know how disgusting the photos will get.

13 Momo & Toji & Kairi - Peach Girl
14 Inuyasha & Kagome & Kiyomi - Inuyasha

This main love triangle was one of my biggest gripes with this anime. Kagome and Inuyasha as a couple doesn't work and Kiyomi & Inuyasha is only slightly better. Mixed in together and it's just a pile of garbage. There's no trust in Inuyasha and Kiyomi's relationship at all. She seemed to only be there when the author needed a villain to fill in space. Kagome and Inuyasha are the couple that doesn't get along at all. They bicker back and forth to the point where you wonder why they would become a couple at all? In the end, Inuyasha would have been better to focus on one couple or no couple.

15 Eren & Mikasa & Historia - Attack on Titan
16 Yuki & Yuno & Akise - Future Diary

Yuki wants to save his skin from the future diary game. Yuno is willing to kill whoever in order to keep her precious Yuki safe. Yuki finds Yuno to be insane but only plays nice so that he can remain alive. Then Akise comes in and admits he has the hots for Yuki. At least Yuno had some sort of reason as to why she liked Yuki but Akise doesn't. Akise is willing to throw his life on the line for some whiny boy who doesn't reciprocate his feelings, Yuno just wants Yuki to herself and Yuki isn't man enough to tell them both how he really feels.

17 Ichigo & Rukia & Orihime - Bleach
18 Hitomi & Kyosuke & Sayaka - Madoka Magica
19 Edward & Winry & Mei - Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood
20 Goku & Bulma & Chi-Chi - Dragon Ball
21 Shinji & Asuka & Rei - Neon Genesis Evangelion
22 Soul & Maka & Blair - Soul Eater
23 Ren & Ann & Makoto - Persona 5: The Animation
24 Natsu & Lucy & Lisanna - Fairy Tail
25 Aang & Katara & Meng - Avatar: The Last Airbender
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