Top 10 Coolest Looking Lego Ninjago Characters

Over the years, Lego Ninjago has served up an amazing roster of characters. They're not just brick-built figures, mind you. These characters come alive with dazzling designs, intricate details, and bold color schemes that make them stand out from your average Lego Minifigure. They've got unique armor, incredible hairstyles (yes, even for Lego standards), and weapon designs that would make any ninja jealous.

What's more, these coolest looking Ninjago characters aren't just pretty bricks. They embody the heart and soul of Ninjago's engaging stories, bringing to life the show's themes of courage, friendship, and balance. Whether they're the valiant heroes mastering Spinjitzu and the elements, or the nefarious villains stirring up trouble, their designs complement their personalities and roles in the series.
The Top Ten
1 Aspheera

Best Lego character ever created.

2 Anacondrai Generals
3 Kai

True, his costume barely changes, but they are insane. Red is also my favorite color. I have been copying his hairstyle. My mates say I am dramatic, cocky, and too much like Kai.

I really, really like Kai. Personally, he is my favorite, and he is the red ninja, and red is my favorite color! I am a big Ninjago fan and just finished the last episode of the whole franchise. (The episode is Season 16 episode 30!)

Kai is probably the coolest-looking of all the ninjas. He's the one that made me interested in this T.V. series in the first place (though I have never actually watched any). But anyway, he's the ninja of fire and is RED! I love the color red, especially on ninjas, and I also think that he has the best hairstyle. He reminds me a bit of myself somehow too.

4 Skales

Yeah, I guess so.

5 Selma
6 Mezmo

Those teeth though...

7 Slithraa
8 Fang-Suei
9 Zane

The white ninja, whose element is water (literally ice), is the third coolest-looking ninja of the gang, and he's the only one that is a nindroid, cool, huh? I actually found that out right now while making this list. That shows how much of a fan I am not of Ninjago, but whatever, I still like the ninjas in Ninjago. His hairstyle is, however, eh, the worst of the gang. I'm ok with white hair, but the hairstyle looks so weird considering he's a nindroid. But whatever, he's cool-looking still!

These new golden weapons that are showing are dope. Also, Zane is my 2nd favorite because he has nindroid abilities, and his personality is outstanding. He was the first to unlock his true potential, and he will always be a part of the team.

He's been my favorite since the first episode, probably because of his intelligence.

10 Jay Walker

The ninja of air (literally lightning) is the blue ninja of the gang, and the second coolest-looking. Yeah, I know, I like blue more than red, but I still prefer Kai. That's because I do not like Jay's hairstyle. Yeah, it does fit him, but I don't like it that much. Overall, Jay is the second coolest-looking of the ninjas.

The best man. I'm Jay's number 1 fan, and my name is Jay, and I love blue.

The Contenders
11 Cole

What? How is Cole the least cool, seriously? Black is obviously cooler, and sure, I get that Kai looks pretty cool, but still, at least Cole should be second. But I think he should be first, but whatever. Zane actually is awesome, he's my fave, but he's not actually that cool. Jay is my second fave, but he's not that cool, and Kai is my least fave, but I guess he's pretty cool, but Cole is better.

The black ninja of the gang, whose element is earth, he's a black ninja, just like every other fictional ninja, but that's what makes him so cool. He's the only black ninja in the franchise (I think). Cole's hairstyle is cool-looking as well. I've always wanted to have black hair.

Why is he always so low down? He's black - a REAL ninja color. His outfits are always so cool. Very mad at the fandom for always placing him under Kai, Jay, and Zane. Ugh.

12 Lloyd Garmadon

While my interests never caught on Lloyd Garmadon, I must say he is pretty cool-looking since he's GREEN! And yes, I must say that he is overrated. His hairstyle is ok, but he does look like a girl sometimes, but I like that he's green.

He looked meh in seasons 1-7, but then he came in 8 and looks freaking AWESOME! Also, so hot!

Most cool, wow, yellow hair while wearing green and with nunchucks, that's very cool.

13 Nya

I think she has the coolest ninja suit and colors. Though I don't agree with her becoming the water ninja (so forced).

Her suit is so amazing, and she also looks great without her suit.

She looks so boring, but in her ninja outfit, she's okay-looking.

14 Lord Garmadon

His four arms make him look super evil.

15 Skylor

I like her power
I love how she tricked kai into thinking she was good, and she was bad, and then good again.

Skylor is the best character ever!

Why so low, she's so cool!

16 Ultra Violet
17 Sensei Wu

The leader of the ninjas, which I'm not a really big fan of, but he is good. He looks so Chinese. I mean his hat, his beard, his clothes, etc.

I'm a boy. No, not. He looks so impressive.

He is so handsome

18 Morro

He is a ghost. He is the master of wind and he possessed Lloyd. He is very cool.

He looks cool, especially when possessing Lloyd.

He looks cool.

19 Princess Harumi
20 Pythor
21 P.I.X.A.L.

I think that is a good character and has good development during the seasons. I want to see a Pixar minifigure from the movie.

I hated her, but she looks quite cool.

22 Grand Sensei Dareth

Would be handsome in real life.

I like his ninja outfit.

23 Heavy Metal / Faith
24 Harumi

Well, I'm voting this with Oni, but Lloyd is most cool. This girl is just too low, so I vote her. Also, I like her hair. She is cooler than Skylor.

25 Misako
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