Best Assassination Classroom Ships

Assassination Classroom is one of my favourite animes. I also love shipping so why I wouldn't add a list like this? Vote for your favourite ships, kiddos!
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1 Karma Akabane x Nagisa Shiota

This couple in my opinion is meant to be! T^T It's very wholesome 'till the point I might actually DiE. Karma is a literal psycho, Nagisa is just the same, he just doesn't bring it out so much. Plus, Nagisa is the only one that made Karma feel... well... I forgot, but it's where they were just 1-2 years, where Nagisa pokes Karma in the back, making him feel... uH... I don't know? My point is, Nagisa has only been able to do so much to Karma that other people can't. They always stick with each other too. I cAn'T gEt thE fAcT tHaT tHeY aRe lEgIt mEaNt tO bE, eVeN tHoUgH tHaT pLaN oF mAkInG tHeM cAnNon wAs cAnCeLEd, tHeY sTiIl mAdE iT vEeEerRryyY ObViOuS.

You see, Karma my boy here is our "fighter" and our sweet Angel, Nagisa is our "assassin". knowing it between the both of them, they have similarities, Both love for "killing or be killed" and not to forget sonic ninja. Basically both grew to love each other and it seemed they were suppose to be with each other. wether he's a she or a he doesn't matter FUJOSHI FAMILY IS HERE TO SUPPORT ANYWAY! And not to mention it really did seemed both looked like going out since the very first appearance of Karma him self and if you look closely you could see every scene (not most) are where nagisa and karma are near each other or sometimes just too close too each other (I don't know about your opinions but this is only my opinion)

I've noticed that they have the strongest bond between them compared to other shipping of them. They're always around each other and they're really close. To be brutally honest, I think they're really cute.

Karma and Nagisa totally the best. I mean you see.. Nagisa always appreciate and respect karma and karma always agree with Nagisa. He also respect him. They also a close friend. Nagisa is the only one karma invite to his house. Karma also protect Nagisa and Nagisa also protect Karma.. I know you might think it's just a friendship but I only see like they more than friend. Remember the time they were in the movie, karma put blanket on Nagisa instead of him. Don't wanna Nagisa catch cold. That just soo sweet for him💕

2 Nagisa Shiota x Kaede Kayano

This, just... it's my OTP, man, and honestly, how could I not? They're similar enough to be compatible (unlike Nagisa and Karma), but different enough to compliment each other well. What's more, Kaede obviously still likes him after SEVEN YEARS, and if that's not a sign of the real deal, I don't know what is. Also, Nagisa's dense enough that he could have feelings for Kaede and not even realize it on his own which is an idea I've started to enjoy playing around with.

it's a literal canon ship. I like to think they were probably on and off dating and had to split because of their busy schedules, but I sure do wish they stayed together. props to the creators for being realistic with their relationship though.

Kayano is Nagisa's best female friend, he forgave her for her mistakes. He was the one that carried her when she "died". She gave him Valentine chocolates.

Omg I just love this ship they are so alike.
The hairstyle that Kayano taught Nagisa is sooo cute they're like twinzies well, twinzies until nagisa cut his hair.. I'm not saying it's a bad thing.. I mean.. nagisa wanted to cut his hair right?

3 Ryunosuke Chiba x Rinka Hayami

honestly, who wouldn't like these 2? both snipers with extreme respect for eachother and--according to creators--have been vaguely dating. it's cute!

They not only work well together but they are the only ones that really understand each other. They are so different and similar at the same time and work off of each other like a second blade and help each other through their weakness
they are definitely my favorite ship

they are meant for each other like they're both great at guns, they're both pretty quiet, they're a lot like each other tbh and now that I think about it I get Todomomo feelings from this ship-

The author even said they went on dates and they ended awkwardly but he said they are vaguely dating

4 Tadaomi Karasuma x Irina Jelavitc

It's cannon. They were officially announced married at the end of the series, so there is no other reason why someone that has watched the anime wouldn't ship this.

They are so adorable! They bith care for the kids like they're their own! Its adorable and that's the first person Irons had actually loved!

I love this couple they just have so much in common and I feel like Mr karasuma opens his heart to Irina it's just so CUTE!

He invited Irina to live with him and work with him (basically his style of proposing to Irina).

5 Karma Akabane x Manami Okuda

In their school trip, when they were discussing about perfect spots to kill Koro-sensei I was pairing them up together with each other! And the cutest ship I found and sailed is Karma and Okuda's ship. It's just so cute and I felt like they would be comfortable with each other and not so awkward.

Honestly these two are perfect together! They're so open with each other and both are comfortable around the other. They're adorable in every way :') and it you think about their personalities go well together too :'') I love them sm

I agree that those two would be adorable together I mean they look so cute around each other.

They are so cute, not to mention, she's the one he opened up to and told everything to

6 Koro-sensei x Aguri Yukimura

THIS IS TRUE LOVE- When koro-sensei was at the lab, they did communicate a lot. And when aguri died, koro-sensei was in true pain.

I never really shipped them, but Koro Sensei just seemed really happy around her so I don't know

Well...I've never really shipped them because Koro-sensei sorta...nevermind that's spoilers.

Who wouldn't cry about their backstory? Seriously, the saddest one of the whole series :'(

7 Tomohito Sugino x Yukiko Kanzaki

This one is kind of obvious. As sugino introduced/met kanzaki, he seemed to like her a lot. As well as the last ep. Ren was flirting with kanzaki and sugino tried to get ren away.

Aww I like this ship cause during the 1st season sugino was trying to talk to her. And also what happened on the valentine day epi sode too

I totally ship them both. Sugino is like "OMG that's Kanzaki! Nagisa what am I supposed to do?"

He was so interested in her at the beginning of the story.

8 Karma Akabane x Rio Nakamura

I'm in love with this ship so much, I keep rewatching each episode just to search every moment they have together, like at least standing next to each other or something. I can't help it, ship's too perfect

If someone said they want a straight ship instead of gay ship for karma, I rather ship karma with Rio instead of okuda.. I mean, it just don't feel right to me if I ship karma and okuda...

They both tease Nagisa a lot, and don't forget. When Nagisa kissed Kaede/Kayano, both Karma and Rio had their phones out to record. They also teased him after that. It was hilarious! This is my second favourite ship, by the way. My favourite is Nagisa x Kaede/Kayano

Omg yaass. These two were just soooo cute! They're like peanut butter and jelly, a great combination! I really wish they were canon though TAT

9 Yumma Isogi x Maehara Hiroto

They sang the opening together. That should say a lot.

Honestly they have more moments together than thmeselves alone

They're really good friends! Who can't resist?

They interact a lot. Very cute together

10 Karma x Asano

Honestly, I used to ship Karma and Nagisa, but when I heard Karma x Asano was a thing, this became my new ship. Just needs more love

They are both smart and are equals. They are also quite similar but different. I think they would be a good match!

This ship is for the fujos who think nagisa looks too much like a girl!
I'm pretty into the whole rivalry ship thing, that's why I like it

These are so alike now lets just wait for karma to open his own psychopathic school

The Contenders
11 Yuma Isogai x Megu Kataoka

They are really cute. I honestly wish they would have gotten together.

They're really really cute.

Don't ask it's perfect.

They're just cute

12 Itona Horibe x Ritsu

The two transfer students! Both really good at mechanics.

This would be cool if she wasn't an AI...

I have one thing to say to this ship "perfect"

They are cute, I wish Ritsu is a human

13 Nagisa x Karma x Asano

U see I LOVE karnigsa but when I heard about Asano I just flipped even thought he shows no affection to them it still would be a cute ship(still karnigsa is a better ship like come on man)

Yeah this solves all the problems with who should be with who right

I love love triangles and the contrast is another thing I love!

Threesome <3

14 Terasaka x Kirara

Incredibly obvious they'd be a good couple

At least Someone in that group needs a ship

15 Karma x Rio

They are a cute couple. They have a cute faces. Karma is a handsome person while Rio is a cute and naughty person.

I prefer this ship over Karma x Okuda, as they are actually similar. Two devils. Very cute together!

I don't know why but I love them together

lovely to the core

16 Maehara x Nakamura

I don't know why but "I don't care I ship it"

Random ship. But kinda cute together.

They just look good together

They two look good together!

17 Okuda x Takebayashi

They became scientists together and they are both really smart and its just very shippabe

They both have a love for science, come on.

same job lol

18 Itona x Terasaka

It's a really cute ship and I could very much see this happening.

Fite me I ship it

Es una de mis parejas favoritas

19 Asano x Rio

They seem pretty cool together. They’re English voice actors are actually married.

why is this ship here?

20 Karma Akabane x OC

This is like the time I said to my classmate "first, watch anime. Second, find an anime crush. Third, draw yourself as anime. And last and totally not least, ship urself with that anime crush of yours." This really happened. ;-;

Karma x the person who wrote this comment :'v (typical fangirl, I know)

What? I just ship Rei with Karma.


21 Karasuma x Yellavitch

Isn't this a version of the one above?

They actually get marriedddddddd! They have a daughter too!

I wAnNa sEe KuRaSaMa gEt JeLoUsE wHeN YeLlAvItCh FlIrTs WiTh OtHeR MeN!

22 Manami Okuda x Kaede Kayano

Yep. My guilty ship for Karmagisa. You got to admit they are cute together tho.

Seeing as Karma and Nagisa are already taken.

This is more of a ship I ship platonically


23 Karma x Itona

Seriously, that manga scene lefts a fujoshi in infinite fantasy...

Thank youuu
I love itona and karma so much

24 Justice x Yada

Because there were always seen together and both are beautiful

a speedy couple

25 Koro Sensei x Tadaomi Karasuma

Seriously, I'm the only one who ships it?

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