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1 Chat Blanc

Here are some reasons why this is probably on the top ten list.One,because everyone was always waiting for Adrien and Mari to fall in love,but causing a problem can cause something epic to happen.People usually stick around for that.

I think this is the episode that drives the fanbase to tears?

Spoiler alert* cat noir never got akumatized. Since ladybug went to the future to prevent it from happening

2 The Evillustrator
3 Oblivio

One of the most romantic and cutest episodes by far.

Alya and Nino being Oblivio, by far the biggest plot twist Zag can give us.

This was my favorite episode,it went from awkwardness to romantic love.

4 Ladybug and Cat Noir

Wow I love this episode

Because I enjoy it

The first one

5 Horrificator

Really spooky... Just look away one second, then there's a scream, and one or two people are missing!

6 Stoneheart

I like how the first meet.! Wait if cat noir asked out ladybug in this episode would she had said yes!?!?

7 Dark Cupid

Awesome! It's been a while since I watched this episode, but who can't remember the iconic ending. I'm sure the fandom exploded, even though it was to break the spell.

One of my favorites for being the first episode I watched and the episode that fully secured my LadyNoir heart.

8 Miraculer

I just watched it

9 Ladybug
10 Catalyst

I went crazy when I watched that one!

Amazing, Please tell me hawkmoth will actually akumatize Natalie and have her fight lady bug and chat noir

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11 Stormy Weather 2

Yup... this is the episode that sent the fandom in a frenzy... and I love it. I don't care what others say about the potential story arcs being "dead"... it's the filler that's been dead, since season 2! It was only created just to establish on possible forthcoming story arcs for the third season (Adrientte becoming canon, Nathalie becoming sicker, Chloe possibly forgiving Marinette, etc). Also, people keep saying Chloe's character got destroyed... I strongly disagree. Sure that her character might be ruined... but keep in mind Zag didn't want to rush her development. I think this one was underrated, though I agree Stormy Weather could've use a bit more screentime. And don't worry, more season 3 episodes coming up won't be flashback focused, it's not the end of the world.

This is one of the most overhated episodes in the third season, for and for a lot of different reasons. It honestly doesn't deserve the hate it gets. I think the main reason a lot of people hate this episode is because they tend to think the characters hadn't grown/rarely get any development. Everyone seems to say this episode sucks because "Too many flashbacks. Chloe's character is back to square one. The characters do nothing but rely on their flashbacks." But I honestly think this one is misunderstood due to people not looking at both sides of the episode, especially this show, and tend to point out a lot of negatives to it. This episode is trying its finest to serve as an important tool to the show. If this episode hadn't exist, the season could've been much worse. The reason why the episode was created was: to address a lot of the character's diverses, learn on how much the characters have grown since the first season (I believe Marinette is going to go from a awkward shy girl to being brave and courageous), it is doing it's best at foreshadowing and it is setting the stage for a really interesting season, and most anim├ęs and T.V. shows had recaps (had the people not watch the recap episodes of anime shows? ), we are gonna expect to get big big major huge arcs or further development of the plots this season as well as next season (four and five were confirmed). I definitely think the character growths will not go anywhere anytime as they will still continue it. Zag and Astruc will definitely not forget the future plots coming up after this. They only wanted to do a recap episode because I think they've might seen anime content that did flashback stories. I even side with Zag and Astruc. It's also one of those flashback episodes that I've enjoyed. If you didn't like it, don't bother watching it, okay? I even ain't gonna force you to like it, it's just that people take this show, especially this episode way too seriously.

12 Volpina

I love this episode because Volpina was actually SO close to getting the miraculous from Ladybug and her illusions were cool. She was honestly a flipping liar and that gave the episode a whole twist. I hated Ladybug when she was just so jealous of Volpina and I know she was a villain but LB didn't even know that yet!
In this episode I hated Marinette/Ladybug all the way through because she was just so jealous of Lila when she was with Adrien and she didn't need to interrupt the Liladrien conversation! It was none of her business anyway. But this is my favourite episode.
By the way I'm waiting for Season Foir to come out, I've watched all the episodes of Miraculous on my TV and I'm watching Sofia the First now, because I know it might sound babyish but it's actually pretty interesting.

This is my favorite episode. Because lila makes the story more interesting. I still hate Lila but still she makes a twist in the story line of miraculous ladybug and in Volpina we first saw Lila. I also like how ladybug interrupted Liladrien best part. My favorite episode and that's how it'll stay

13 Felix Felix is a scrapped character from Miraculous Ladybug. He is a dark character that Thomas Astruc creates for Marinette's crush. The main reason why he get scrapped is because he's "too anime cliche". This causing him get replaced by Adrien Agreste. As civilian, Felix is serious, introvert, and grumpy. His hobby is reading a book in library. He also dislikes Marinette/Bridgette's obnoxious obsession to him. However, as Cat Noir, he is wild, aggressive, and kind although he sometimes being serious when he fights villains. He also trying to impress Ladybug to kiss him, however, he fails. There is no plan to make him in current 3D style of the show.

Felix was the episode where Adrien's evil cousin and hi aunt come visiting the Agrestes,but Felix lies to Adrien and responds mean to his friends after they send a video saying they miss him.

14 Glaciator

This one and dark cupid was all about love, the way this series is supposed to go! plus marichat happened! they were expressing their feelings like they never would with alya and nino. and I find it funny that they broke each others hearts and they made them feel better in a different form. a lot of marichat in this episode and marichat is the BEST ship of all times

The one I was watching when I did this list. I'll do an exact line from it, "Hey, someone posted a photo"

The best episode

15 Mayura: Heroes Day Battle

This episode caused an impact on the show to find out some dark secrets...

16 Heroes' Day

Loved the last scene with Nathalie and Gabriel. Very touching. And the cemimonstor scene as well, Hawkmoth needed protection, so that's what the cemimonstor gave him. Loved it.

17 Simon Says
18 Kwamibuster

This episode I think went viral because MarinetteLadybug got to try some new Miraculous...I think/

19 Darkblade

I like the beginning when tikki said " ok 1 what if someone finds your ladybug!" "2 what if someone finds out your ladybag!"

I like knights

20 The Collector
21 Gorizilla

Plot-twisting events, suspension, heart-stopping moments, plot development, relationship development, and new discoveries that leads to new questions make it a great episode.

This episode was amazing, Hawkmoth was about to win, when he told Gorizilla to drop LB to go and get Adrian!

I think he was one of the biggest.

22 Antibug
23 Heart Hunter: The Battle of the Miraculous

This episode was the probably best of all.

24 Feast
25 Lady Wifi
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