Top 10 Hikaru No Go Episodes

Hikaru no Go is an anime series based on the Japanese board game Go. It is responsible for sparking worldwide interest in the game, increasing the global Go playing population.
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1 After A Millennium Comes The Answer!

Sai finds a great move to erase the enemy's territory. During the endgame, Toya calculates that he will lose by half a point and resigns. Sai finally realizes why he was brought back through Hikaru, as his time in this world is about to end.

2 Sai vs. Koyo Toya

Two of history's greatest Go players, Sai and Toya, play each other in Internet Go. Huge numbers of people are watching this, amazed by the outstanding play on both sides.

3 Hikaru vs. Ochi

Hikaru faces off against Ochi, who uses a strategy taught by Akira. Ochi sees right through his traps and could potentially prevent Hikaru from becoming a pro.

4 Hikaru vs. Waya

On the 26th day of the professional exam, Hikaru and Waya face off. Waya seemingly kills Hikaru's entire group, and unless he makes his group live, he will lose.

5 My Name Is...

Hikaru learns that Korea has been dominating Japan in Go and faces a Korean boy named Su-Young to prove otherwise. Hikaru makes what seems like a bad move against Su-Young. However, it soon turns out to be part of a cleverly planned strategy.

6 An Ill-Fated Moment

On the 12th day of the pro exam, Hikaru faces an undefeated Isumi. Isumi becomes pressured after learning from Ochi that Akira is after Hikaru and accidentally makes a bad move, then illegally changes it.

7 Akira vs. The Oza

Akira makes risky moves against the Oza to prove his power to Hikaru. Akira's strategy backfires, costing him victory against the Oza.

8 A Game of Desperate Measures

To avoid unwanted attention, Hikaru decides to let Sai play against Toya Meijin, but only if he pretends to have a 15-point handicap to make his playing style aggressive and unrecognizable. Sai plays a wild game with many traps, yet Toya sees through Sai's strategy.

9 Akira vs. Sai

Akira sacrifices a game in the pro exam to play an internet game against Sai. Akira suspects that Hikaru might be him.

10 Eternal Rivals

Hikaru Shindo stumbles upon a Go board possessed by the ancient spirit of Sai, one of the greatest Go players in history. Hikaru plays Go against Akira Toya, the son of the national champion. With Sai's instructions, Hikaru defeats a stunned Akira.

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11 Comeback From the Brink

Waya puts Hikaru in a difficult situation. Hikaru's only hope for victory is to find the one way to make his dead pieces live.

12 Only One Can Win
13 Where Are The Victories?
14 Sai Vs. Meijin
15 Kurata 6-Dan
16 The Challengers
17 Déjà Vu
18 The Young Lion's Tournament
19 The First to Pass
20 The Final Day of the Pro Exam
21 Koyo Toya Retires!
22 Farewell Hikaru
23 The Awful Opponent
24 Welcome to the A-League
25 A Game of Beauty
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