Top 10 Reasons Why American Cartoons are Better Than Anime

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1 Iconic Characters

While anime does have it's iconic characters like Goku and Naruto, Bugs Bunny, Mickey Mouse, Scooby Doo, Popeye, and other classic cartoon characters are more iconic.

Western Animation has all time classics like Bugs Bunny and Mickey Mouse.
Anime has Pikachu... and no other characters recognizable outside their respective fanbases.

From the days of Tom & Jerry to the days of SpongeBob, America has come up with such iconic creations.

2 Different Art Styles

Gravity Falls, Steven Universe, Adventure Time... you name it. The correct names just sprang right into your head just by glancing. For me, I've first watched Steven Universe in a hospital T.V., and its pastell-ish unique art never left my head. And after that it was easy to find it! In Anime however, I can't find a creative and significant art style. Sure some shows like Naruto and Dragon Ball were different, but most of them just squish in with the others. Even the characters all look alike, only with different hair color and eyes. So I get a little boredom every time I watch Anime.

3 Better Characters

I have to agree. Let's compare two Major characters , the one from MHA and Bugs Bunny.
MHA PROTAGONIST: One, I can't say his name right, two he's whiny about everything, he gets bullied and basically is your usual Anime Protagonist.
BUGS BUNNY: He has Withstood the Decades, he's a timeless classic character, he's basically why anime is around almost everyone in the World Knows bugs bunny.

Sure, Anime has deep characters, but it doesn't make them better. Most main Anime character are just a cute boy with spiky hair, trying to become some kind of master.

4 Simple Stories

I am an anime fan who still love cartoons, so I think that, when I want to watch something for fun, I'll watch cartoons, but anime is better for a proper story.

They are still good American cartoons but anime fans can't accept that. They just want to hate on Western Animation and the fans and say anime is the best thing in the entire world even though it isn't

Allow me to say this on anime's behalf:
*clears throat* Adventure Time, Steven Universe, Gravity Falls, and both Avatar series. That is all.

5 Funny Gags

I don't really get the humor in anime. Sure, America has dumb toilet humor, but the old episodes of SpongeBob had way more humor in my opinion.

There is also quick-wit jokes and adult innuendos. Most anime fans say only American cartoons have slapstick.

Anybody who says cartoons are not funny hasn't watched the amazing world of gumball or Rick and Morty.

6 Great Catchphrases

There's Bugs Bunny's "What's up, Doc? ", Porky Pig's "That's All, Folks! ", SpongeBob's "I'm ready! " Scooby-Doo's "Scooby-Dooby-Doo! " Charlie Brown's "Good grief! ", He-Man's "By the power of Greyskull..." etc... American cartoon catchphrases are more well known that Japanese anime catchphrases.

Guys were in america of course were going to use catch phrases from america. There's a language barrier between Japan and america so catch phrases wouldn't really work.

"What's up, doc?"
"Hot dog!"
"I'm ready!"

All time classics, while anime doesn't really have catchphrases.

7 Actually Funny

Anime is not that funny, just Dorito chin guys and whiny high pitched girl Mary Sues. I also think the Digimon anime is BETTER than the Pokemon anime. It's ok to disagree but please respect my opinion

Sure western animations have dumb toilet humor nowadays, but the old spongebob episodes are extremely funny

8 Better Animation

Yes, I said it. Anime animation is just lazy. They only have 2 different mouths. One big, and one small. And when they fight or something it's always that dumb background.

Anime, besides the action scenes, doesn't really have fluid animation, I mean, it still looks nice, but it's not fluid.
Western Animation (besides a few examples), on the other hand...

Anime mouths just change shape while the character stays still. The lip syncing in anime is worse than Ratatoing.

9 No Creepy Fetishes
10 Bright Colours

I have watched anime before, and it was mostly pretty dark.

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11 Family Appeal

Well most anime fans like animes better ( for really bad reasons) because they want it to be a sad ending. That's stupid. Cartoons have happy endings so you can escape reality and forget the troubles of the world. You don't want to watch a murder story or a sad anime to remind you of the crap that's happening now. Also emos aren't cool. All they do is cry and moan and cut themselves.

American cartoon IS made mostly for families... Anime is more extensive and is there for all types of audience,for five year olds to a 50 yr old man but mostly for teenagera... I know lots of anime's which are geared towards "family appeal". In fact I watch them with my parents.

12 Talented Voice Actors

I am way more a fan of cartoon voice actors but this is false. Both are very talented and give off many things. Though I would say cartoons you show off more talent since you are able to create so many different voices, whereas for anime you kind of just use the voice in different tones, which is talented, but still.

Yea people said that voice actors for anime are better than voice actors for American cartoons. I can just say one American cartoon voice actors name and those biased anime fans would shut up. Really, American cartoons had Mel Blanc and these people are really say Anime voice actors are better. BS I SAY! BS!

13 Stars On the Hollywood Walk of Fame

Usually whenever you see voice actors and hear how famous they are, you usually see cartoon voice actors. Of course, anime voice actors are famous, but compared to cartoon voice actors they aren't known that well, which is why you don't really see them in places like greatest voice actors list. Even the possible most famous anime voice actors Sean Schemmel and Chris Sabat, those two can't compete with people like Mel Blanc, Frank Welker, Casey Kasem, June Foray, Tara Strong, Grey DeLisle, Phil Lamarr, Daws Butler, Tom Kenny and tons more. Which are people who starred in "only" cartoons. I am aware some voice actors have voiced in both, but I haven't known for cartoon voice actors to voice in anime, I have only known for anime voice actors to voice in cartoons, which from my experience, they don't regularly do cartoons. In my case, there are over a handful of anime voice actors I don't even know of. Also sure Chris Sabat voices lots of characters in Dragon Ball, but especially with his recent behavior, he will never compete will people like Mel Blanc or Frank Welker

14 They're Never Depressing

True! There's usually only like 1 episode per season that would have a cliffhanger or a thrilling ending if you're talking about a more serious cartoon like gravity falls. But the rest of the time it's just great humor, artwork, and acting.

There are also anime that takes you to a world where you can escape everything you know. Anime isn't that dramatic. Watch Acchi kocchi for once and you will realize that anime isn't really sad and emotional. In fact, anime usually blends emotions. From a trajedy to a happy ending.

15 More Memorable
16 Less Predictable

People who think animes are better say animes are't predictable and they don't as long. First I don't know how a show's length has anything to do with American and anime cartoons being better. Second, Pokemon is the most predictably show in the world and guess what, IT'S AN ANIME

I have seen clips of some anime and even a few episodes. I predicted correctly that the main character would get in a fight. Can you do that with Cartoons, NO

Anime has a huge problem of over useing shonen tropes and character archertypes. Though this complaint mostly applies to shonen and harem anime. But those two genre of anime account for 90% of all anime out there

17 More Pleasing to Watch

I can't just sit on the couch, turn on my T.V. and casually watch Anime. With American cartoons you can come right in the middle and still understand everything. Anime always has some cliffhanger every single episode.

18 Fewer Fan Wars
19 Bigger Legacy

So big, the British tried to get in on the act in the 1970s.

20 Better Music Scores

American cartoons were often scored by legendary maestros like Carl Stalling, Hoyt Curtin and Scott Bradley among others.

What has anime got? Trash that's what

21 Fun for All Ages

Anime fans always say that cartoons are only meant for children when they have only watched dora the explorer or the new episodes of sponge bob. They really need to stop using two American cartoons that were either never good or not good at all to compete with anime. There are lots of cartoons that can be for everyone. Looney Tunes, Tom and Jerry, Simpsons, Animaniacs, Gravity Falls, Pinky and the Brain, The Classic Disney Cartoons, DuckTales, Freakazoid, Tiny Toon Adventures, Adventure Time, and Gargoyles. (To just name a few of the many that there are).

22 Not as Much Fanservice

Well it's the anime fans who need to find every little difference that anime has and than say it's better because BIASED!

23 Anime Was Influenced by American Cartoons

Attack on Titan was influenced by Tom and Jerry.
Code Geass was influenced by Dexter's Laboratory.

24 Animation Renaissance

Without The Simpsons kickstarting this rebirth, Anime wouldn't have come about.

25 Better Fight Scenes
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