Top 10 Reasons Why Raven is Better Than Starfire

As two of the most iconic characters in the Teen Titans universe, Raven and Starfire have long been a topic of debate among fans. While both characters have their unique strengths and abilities, some argue that Raven is the better of the two. But what makes Raven stand out from Starfire?
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1 Raven Doesn't Whine About Her Appearance

Yup, Starfire complains too much about her appearance.

I hate her.

But I LOVE Raven and, to be honest, she looks MUCH better than her.

2 Raven's Design is Much Better

Raven: Dark cloak that hides most of her face, and a jewel on her collar, it matches her personality. Mysterious, but awesome.

Starfire: Ugh. A top and skirt that shows most of her skin. In real life, that tiny skirt wouldn't be the best coverup. It would show her butt. Big crazy highlighter pink hair. She reminds me of Allie from The Famous Five.

Yes, Raven is so pretty and I don't care if she's a demon!

Everything about Raven is great.

3 Raven Has a Much Better Plot
4 Raven's Emotions are Deep
5 Raven is Stronger

She uses her powers for better reasons than Starfire ever could. No offense to anyone. I like all the characters.

6 Raven is Funnier
7 Raven is More Beautiful
8 Azarath is a Decent Planet
9 Raven is Smarter

Starfire is not stupid unless it's Teen Titans Go Starfire! Seriously, she was going to be held as a slave and was stuck on a battle ship for who knows how long! They obviously didn't teach her, but she already knows big words and always uses them. Though Raven is smarter than her, that doesn't mean she is stupid.

Maybe. But remember she came from a different planet, and she is still learning how to do things on Earth. She did say that some things that we do were strange to her.

Star came from another planet. You can't blame Star for not being smart.

10 Raven's Father is Trigon
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11 Raven Has a More Interesting Personality

Raven has a really better personality because she is fun and cool. At any time, she tries to be cool and fun, like fighting crimes, having pizza, and doing these kinds of things. But this Starfire is nice but really bad at choices. She always says let's play baby stuff like duck duck goose, and says she likes to eat disgusting things like earthworms and monsters, you know... stuff.

Yep. She is hopeful and cheerful on the inside, and dark on the outside.

12 Raven is Much More Useful

I really love Starfire's powers, but Raven's are so much more. Raven can give superpowers, cast cool spells, use telekinesis, and teleportation (because she can make circles and go inside and she reaches her destination). WOW. Starfire's powers are like only heat vision and speed. That's all.

Yes, she does have much more useful powers than Starfire does. BUT, everyone has their weak spots.

13 Raven is Not Afraid to Speak Her Mind
14 Starfire is Disgusting
15 Raven Has the Most Amazing Father
16 Raven is Cleaner

Yes, because whenever Beast Boy drank from the package of milk, Raven got super disgusted. But whenever any mess happens, Starfire tries to do the same or laugh, or even when Starfire was seriously liking the silky, Raven wanted to vomit because of Starfire's behaviour. Raven's room looks amazing and clean... No mess.

17 Starfire is Funny but Boring
18 Raven Doesn't Put "The" in Front of Every Sentence
19 Raven is Relatable
20 Starfire is Boy-Crazy
21 Raven Doesn’t Say “the” in Every Sentence
22 Raven Has a Better Back Story
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