Top Ten Ways to Make Seasons 10 and Up of SpongeBob SquarePants Very Popular

Are you hoping for Season 10 and the new seasons to be as popular as the first three seasons? I hope so too! That way SpongeBob could become almost as popular as The Simpsons.
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1 Bring in better writers

I'm very confused about this list:
1. Isn't season 10 of SpongeBob already popular?
2. What do you mean by "old character personalities"? Did they change them along the way?
3. What do you mean by "improve the animation quality"? I thought the animation was the same…
4. Have the characters gotten rude and mean? I saw almost all of SpongeBob (season 1 to season 7) and I never saw any differences…
5. What's wrong with the new music? I'm not saying you should like it, but I just want more details on how the music got bad.
6. The screen shook? I never noticed before… If they took it away (like you said) then they might've had a pretty good reason to take it away, even if everyone liked it.
So, yeah. Just a couple of questions for this list.

The Writers are the people who make the humor. If the old writers were back, the show would be awesome again. If there were new and smart writers, the show would still become awesome, wouldn't you think? If either one of those happened, that would make SpongeBob extremely funny and humorous again!

They should also make a episode were SpongeBob and sandy become boyfriend and girlfriend and kiss hang out and that would make the cartoon so good and it would be a hit.

Bring back writers like Merriweather Williams, Walt Dohrn, and other great writers who do their job the right way.

2 Bring back the old character personalities

SpongeBob and the other main characters were very stupid, corny, and annoying. If they weren't like that anymore for Seasons 10 and up, that would make them very popular again!

SpongeBob has come from an immature yet kind-hearted person to an ignorant and annoying moron later on.

3 Improve the animation quality

I have to admit Seasons 6, 7, and a few episodes from 5 and 8 were disgusting and torture. If the animation and quality were better, this would make the show much more watchable.

They stated that the animation will look different in Season 10.

Season 9 Was The Worst Though

4 Stop including suicide

There should not be anything bad in the newest season, no suicide at all, as there was in Season 7.

There are 3 episodes with suicide, and one of them was pre-movie

Were they One Coarse Meal, Are you happy now? and I don't know LOL.

5 Release tons of episodes

I heard Season 10 may become the longest season, which means lots of awesome episodes.

Season 9 was long enough (Ran for almost 4 years, still running now as of March 2016)

6 Make the characters more funny and gentle

Remember how SpongeBob and the other main characters were funny and gentle back in the first three seasons? Well, after that, they got out of control, especially SpongeBob. So if the characters were as gentle and funny for season 10 as they were for the first three seasons, that would make the characters more likable, as well as the tenth season.

They all jump around and hurt my eyes nowadays. Make it like Help Wanted.

7 Not release gross episodes

Most of the episodes from Seasons 6 and 7 were very disgusting and not worth watching, so lets hope season 10 isn't like that.

8 Bring back the old music

The old music in the first three seasons were awesome, but now the music has gotten out of hand and stupid. I hope Season 10 will have the old music again!

They lost the rights to some of the music back in Season 11/12

9 Bring back the shake effect from the first three seasons

When the screen was shaking in some episodes of the first three seasons, I thought that was very cool. It would be nice if that were in Season 10 and onwards.

10 Make an awesome crossover with another Nicktoon

It would be nice if there were a crossover with another popular nicktoon in Season 10 or any other new season, maybe with Fairly OddParents.

What about the loud hose

No. Nickelodeon disrespected Stephen Hillenburg’s legacy enough with Kamp Koral.

Yeah It Should Be Half An Hour

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11 Bring back Stephen Hillenburg

He's back as of mid-season 9

He is back yay (February 2015)

12 Lessen the character abuse

If you think SpongeBob is cruel and deserves torture for what he's done to Squidward, be careful what you wish for, that's happened a lot in New SpongeBob! Please lessen the SpongeBob and Squidward abuse.

Episodes since Season 4 often focus on torturing a specific character for no real reason. Making less of these episodes would do us all good.

This abuse coming towards SpongeBob and Squidward needs to stop.

It always happens to squidword

13 Remove disturbing close-ups

Actually, seasons 1-3 had them to. Remember Wormy?

14 Target it to all audiences again

Well, I'd like to see some grown up jokes come back. They snuck in some vulgar jokes in Classic SpongeBob. But not depression, suicide, mental illness, or something like that.

Seasons 6-9 tend to be marketed only at kids. Season 10 should be marketed at all ages.

Depression, suicide, physical and mental abuse, disgusting stuff, and freaky faces

You know, FOR KIDS

15 Make Sandy less of a scientist

What about squid defense, or the way of the sponge, or frozen face off.

She never does Karate anymore. Just science.

16 Sneak in More Grown Up Jokes

During SpongeBob's golden age, there were lots of grown up jokes that made stuff even better. We should bring 'em back, but not really dark ones like the jokes from "Are You Happy Now?" or "One Coarse Meal".

17 Lower the pitch of SpongeBob's voice

Yeah seasons 6 and 7 showed the worse of his pitch although his voice was high pitched in seasons 4 and 5 in seasons 6-7 he sounded like an elf on helium thankfully the pitched lowered to normal in season 8

18 Improve characterization

Some of the characters, especially Sandy, Patrick, and Mr. Krabs, are way worse in the new seasons. It would be good for them to revert to the old personalities.

19 Stop airing filler episodes

Seasons 6-9 SpongeBob has several filler episodes - episodes with little to no memorable jokes and lame plots. Hopefully Season 10 will not be like this.

Most of the episodes in season 1-3 were filler too

Your argument is invalid

20 Add new characters

They've already added like 20 new characters in season 9 alone.

21 Make it slower paced
22 More celebrity guests and crossovers
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