Top 10 Times Angelica Pickles Got Punished on Rugrats

Angelica Pickles was perhaps the most hated character on the Rugrats TV show. This little spoiled brat tried to use her attitude and bullying tactics to get what she wanted.

But what fans wanted to see the most was her punishment and karma. Most times, fans weren't disappointed. Here are 10 examples when Angelica got punished or had karma coming to her.
The Top Ten
1 Angelica is forced to help Charlotte, whose leg is really broken

To get attention, Angelica pretends to break her leg and uses Stu and Didi to treat her to whatever she wants, which includes ordering chocolate pudding in the morning. But when it's determined that Angelica faked her injury, she gets a taste of her own medicine as she is forced to help her father Drew tend to her mother Charlotte, who actually broke her leg.

2 Angelica gets the chair

When Tommy's favorite clown lamp breaks, Angelica decides to hold a trial to determine who broke the lamp. In a plot twist, but not surprisingly, it was Angelica who broke the lamp and tried to get someone else to admit it. However, she bragged about doing it so much that Didi and Betty overheard this and punished Angelica by sending her to the chair (actually a baby chair).

3 Angelica cleans up the house she wrecked

Angelica tells the babies that the sky will fall and the world will end. When it "happens," Angelica believes they are the only survivors and decides to create an indoor pool in Stu's house. Unbeknownst to her, Stu and Drew return and see the mess she created. As a result, she is punished by having to mop the floor.

4 Angelica gets no dessert for a week

Angelica steals one of Chaz's CDs, and Chuckie blames his friends for having the idea to steal it. Angelica tells Chuckie that he would be better off without his friends, leaving Chuckie to experience an It's A Wonderful Life moment. Later, Drew returns Chaz's CD, and as punishment, Angelica is not allowed dessert for a week.

5 Angelica gets pizza in her hair

Using her psychic powers to her advantage, Angelica uses the babies to predict their futures in exchange for toys and cookies. However, while she tries to get more cookies, Tommy warns her about pizza coming down to get her. Refusing to believe him, Angelica pulls down a drape, which ends up having pizza on her head. Stu and Didi aren't happy she ruined the pizza and Angelica will have to endure a punishment of having to get the cheese out of her hair.

6 Angelica has to eat what she ordered

When Stu invents a voice modulator, Angelica uses it to her advantage by pretending to be Charlotte and ordering things from her parents' accounts, and tricking the babies into getting her toys. However, this scheme is exposed, and as punishment, Angelica has to eat the sweets she bought, which she hates.

7 Angelica is forced to become Chuckie and Tommy's servant

When Angelica saves Chuckie's life, she ends up having Chuckie be her slave as a way of Chuckie thanking Angelica. Angelica uses this to her advantage and has Chuckie complete tasks for her until they get locked in a closet while stealing chocolates. Chuckie then saves Angelica's life and soon, the roles are reversed as Angelica is now forced to be servant to Chuckie and Tommy.

8 Angelica is forced to become her parents' servant

While on vacation at a resort, Angelica escapes a kid's area to enjoy a pampered life like her mother. She orders a bunch of stuff and gets a spa treatment. However, she ends up being caught next to her mother while in a mudbath. As a result, she has to serve her parents for the remainder of the trip.

9 Angelica is sent to pig pen jail

Angelica loses her game tickets when they get stuck on the tail of a pig costume worn by a man. Angered, she attacks the pig only to be pulled up by a man in a cow costume and is sent to Pig Pen Jail for 10 minutes.

10 Angelica's dream yacht is taken away

Angelica does not want Tommy and friends to touch her Cynthia Dream Yacht, but she shouts at them loudly enough for Charlotte to hear. Trouble escalates when she yells at them and treats a kid named Harold poorly. Charlotte overhears this and decides to take the dream yacht back to the toy store.

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