Top 10 Ideas for The Loud House Season 7

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1 Mrs. Loud: The Movie!

His mom wonders why Lincoln isn't paying attention to her, and that's because he's more interested in watching The Ace Savvy Movie on TV. That film was defined by having a low budget, as there was little to no CGI, cardboard cutouts replacing various devices, characters that were normally animals or creatures in the source material portrayed by humans, and the plot was something that had nothing to do with the comics. Lincoln tells his mom about how anyone can make a film as long as they have money, so that gives her an idea to make a movie with the whole family as the cast.

2 The Louds Who Could C Students

Lincoln owns a really cool voucher that Leni really wanted, but he'll only give it to her if she can spend a whole day seeing nothing interesting. Despite many difficulties, Leni was seemingly successful, until she comes across an irritating kid on the bus. Too dumb to think of a better option, she beats him up, but then she is subdued by a hooded guy on the same bus who's actually a police officer. In order to not go to jail, Leni is required to defeat a bunch of inmates in a brawl.

3 The Vintage House

This episode is based off extremely old colourless rubber hose cartoons and silent film. The family live out their lives as if it were a century ago.

4 Loud House Anime Episode

When Lincoln chews on weird, foreign gum given to him by a friend, the world around him is reanimated to resemble a Japanese cartoon. As Lori complains about how unrealistic this is for the show's standards, she is kidnapped by two weird-haired creatures with wings. Thankfully, a wizard shows up and randomly gives the rest of the Louds superpowers tailor-made to rescue Lori.

5 The Loud Cream Puff

Feeling bad for Lori who can't afford an expensive app on her phone, Lincoln enlists himself for a cream puff eating competition to gain the reward money for her. He wins, but at the cost of him now having a want to eat everything in sight.

6 A Boy Named Lori

Lori makes fun of her brother for his interests, but this causes everyone around her to lose respect for her. The last straw is when she is banned from assisting a pageant she was looking forward to, so Lori then tries acting more masculine in hopes to apologize to Lincoln.

7 Brotherless

A Wonderful Life parody. Lincoln is challenged by Chandler for a complicated reason, so Lincoln tries to find a weapon to prepare himself. He uses a guitar he found and smashed it on what he thought was his rival, but it turned out to be a prank. The family is disappointed to see this because they needed that guitar to participate in the town music competition, and it's Lincoln's fault that they can't do that anymore. Upset to hear that, Lincoln wonders how everyone would be like if he didn't exist. He sees a lot more characters are worse off without him, and in his place, his family has to deal with a sister who is worse than him.

8 Mansion of Leni

The family's chaos causes tickets to a fair Leni worked hard to get to flush down the sink. She is angry with the other Louds and runs away to a rich mansion. The episode ends with everyone else actually finding the clogged tickets and going to the fair without her.

9 So Loud is Embarrassing
10 Good Girl Go Bad

Leni does everything in her power to be nice to the other Louds, only for them to reject her good deeds over the smallest things. After they beat her up after she tried to give them all a vacation that they didn't want to go for, Leni decided to become rude and abusive towards her family. Not wanting to admit they were wrong, the Louds try to tolerate this new side of her.

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11 The Sick Son

As Lincoln makes fun of Clyde for having a crush on his older sister, Lincoln accidentally drinks a love potion that causes him to fall in love with the first female he sees who isn't one of his relatives. When his dad invites his coworkers to the house for a meeting, he falls for a coworker.

12 The Loud Worship

Through a town-wide event, every household is required to make a wish that would indefinitely come true. They ended up wishing Lynn was more popular. However, this causes everyone in town to admire her to the point many people have creepily made cults to worship her, so the family needs to find a way to stop this nonsense.

13 The Other One

Everyone wonders why Lori is now dating other people (and failing), and it's because Bobby has temporarily rejected her for a far more interesting woman named Breanne Lastname. He felt like this new girl cared more for his feelings. Despite that, the Louds try to get him back.

14 The Loud Rumour

A shady person begins framing Lori for various things she never did, and the whole town hounds her relentlessly for it. As she gets tortured constantly, eventually this spreads to the whole family, so the Louds need to get to the bottom of who is spreading these rumours.

15 The Loud Speech

Lynn needs to perform an important speech for a large sporting event, but is unsure of what to do, so the rest of the Louds try to help her.

16 Quadruple Blaster (Trigun Parody)
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