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1 Tom Thomas "Tom" Cat is a fictional character and one of the title characters in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's series of Tom and Jerry theatrical cartoon short films.

Tom is the main hero and protagonist in Tom & Jerry. He may not be as cunning as Jerry, but he is very funny and has a lot of skills. In my childhood, I always liked Tom instead of Jerry because of his sense of humor and funny personality. I also thought that since Tom is a cat, he is cleaner than Jerry, who is a mouse. Tom can also participate in different activities, such as sports, which Jerry is unable to do. I never admired Jerry's cleverness because he has an evil mind to annoy and irritate Tom. Tom has never killed Jerry and has always tried to befriend him, but Jerry always thought that Tom was trying to eat him and never tried to befriend Tom. So, who is the good guy? Tom or Jerry? I think Tom is the good guy. What do you think? I am very happy that I liked heroic Tom instead of villainous Jerry in my childhood and still do. I have always admired Tom's intelligence in using weapons, his greatness in saving Jerry numerous times, and his funny personality. I liked, like, and will continue to admire Tom instead of Jerry. In short, I have always admired Tom and always disliked Jerry. I like Tom, but I hate Jerry.

2 Jerry Gerald "Jerry" Mouse is a fictional character and one of the title characters in Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer's series of Tom and Jerry theatrical cartoon short films. He is a mouse that gets chased by Tom, but tries to trick Tom so he won't catch him.

A great character. At least he gets some commupence at the end of some shorts (the original ones) & has helped Tom at times unlike the Roadrunner who ALWAYS wins

Jerry is the no.1 and the best character in t&j he may be not funny as tom but his tricks can compete toms funny personality in my childhood his tricks has entertained me every time. Jerry was my favourite character from my childhood and he is still my favourite he is sweet and smart. I think in t&j Jerry is the main hero and he is best than tom I am not saying that tom is a villain but is not the main hero in t&j our main hero is jerry not tom

3 Butch

I love Butch's street cat attitude and somewhat Jersey accent?
He's sometimes the rival and sometimes the sidekick.
Anyway he's a great add to the series

The street black cat and Tom's rival. He has some guest appearances.

He, Lightning, Meathead, and Topsy need their own show.

4 Nibbles

Added a little extra trouble for Jerry when trying to get away from Tom.
Not only did he have to make sure he got out alive, but he had to make sure the still learning kid came out okay.

This guy is so funny. But in the 2014 show he sucks like a retarded monkey. Why is he so darn annoying in the show but so good in the cartoon?

The gray baby mouse. He has some guest appearances. He considers Jerry as his mentor.

5 Spike

A dog. He's Tom's bully. Jerry takes advantage of the fact that spike hates tom (cat & dog relationship) and creates situations where tom almost always gets beaten by him

I like this character, but my favorite is Tom. He is mean to Tom, but he's a dog and Tom's a cat. So, that doesn't bother me much.

6 Robyn Starling

The movie was way overhated. She adds a welcome touch of heart and song to the franchise

7 Quacker the Duck

A cheerful duck. He trusts almost everyone and bears no hard feelings for anyone (even Tom). He's good friends with Jerry.

Such an awesome character. Yakky Doodle was made because of him. But it wouldve been cool if he alone had his own spinoff.

8 Muscle Mouse

Jerry's twin cousin. He's extremely powerful and can beat Tom black and blue. Featured in an episode.

I hate this mouse. He tortures any cat in his way when cats are just trying to be cats.

9 Lickboot
10 Robyn Starling's dad
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11 Lightning
12 Toodles Galore

Her name is Toodles Galore. Gosh people are stupid.

13 Topsy Cat

He, Butch, Lightning and Meathead should have their own series.

14 Dr. Applecheek
15 Droopy

I'm so happy. I just love him he's the funniest.

16 Tyke
17 Captain Kiddie
18 Cuckoo the Canary

One of Jerry's best friends. She dislikes Tom more than even Jerry does. She lives in a cage and is owned by the same owner as Tom's (whenever she appears).

19 Puggsy
20 Meathead Cat

He, Lightning, Topsy and Butch should have their own show.

21 Pristine Figg
22 Frankie DaFlea
23 The Goldfish
24 Muff

They could have their own mini-adventures.

25 Puff

They could have their own mini-adventures.

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