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1 Larry the Cucumber

Larry is #1, because he can easily be a magority of everyone's favorite character.
He plays many great characters
He's never a bad character
He reminds me a lot of SpongeBob. Am I the only one who feels that? Larry has one tooth and SpongeBob has buck teeth. They're both silly and bouncy and naive. I feel like if Veggietales and SpongeBob did a crossover, Larry and SpongeBob would easily be best friends. I mean, not saying it would happen, but it's just my imagination.

Remember those silly songs on Veggietales sung by one of the greatest characters ever made? Songs like Where Is My Hairbrush, Dance Of The Cucumber, Cebu, Oh Santa, The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything, The Water Buffalo Song, where did all that go?
I love Larry so much, I love him in the newer Veggietales episodes too, I also love Larryboy too, he's so lit!
Larry the Cucumber is my number 1 favorite character! He's super funny and silly and his personality reminds me of how I act when I'm in those extremely silly and happy moods. Also, I'm tying him first place with Bob and Junior. The three of them were the best in Rack Shack & Benny, that episode was my favorite as a child, oh my gosh, the NOSTALGIA!
And who could forget, "I AM THAT HERO! THEY CALL ME LARRYBOY!" I love this show so much and all the characters here

Do you guys remember Larry's role in Lord Of The Beans? The part of the raspberry forest where everyone were laughing, Larry just died. He just lost it right then and there. That's my favorite part of the whole episode.

I have a Larry plush I've had for many years! I might show my VeggieTales collection someday on either YouTube or DA and I used to have more VeggieTales stuff but I lost it.

2 Bob the Tomato

Bob is amazing, he is like the leader of the 2, my 2 favorites are 1.Bob and 2.Larry.

I'm loving tomatoes

He's so awesome

3 Pa Grape

He is the smartest ever

Wise and smart

4 Mr. Nezzer

Someone throw the Rack Shack & Benny Nezzer in the steamer.

I thought Mr. Nezzer was black when I was younger

He is a character that is often used as the bad guy in many episodes and it works well

5 Jimmy Gourd

Jimmy is funny

6 Junior Asparagus

Junior is such an adorable 5 year old kid! When I was really younger, he was definitely one of my favorites besides Bob & Larry

Like he's so cute and he tell kids little guys can do big things!

I will fight Goliath!

As much as I like Junior, he can be extremely obnoxious at times

7 Petunia Rhubarb

Petunia is the most tragic VeggieTales character, I heard that her parents died when she was only 10 years old from a disease, and she was bullied in school for being an orphan, & she suffered nightmares of her parents death, but when she met Larry, things started getting better for her.

I love Petunia too, she's tied as first place of my favorite Veggietales characters. I saw her on the Wiki Fandom and it said that she's Larry's girlfriend. Wern't they so cute in Duke and The Great Piewar? Thumbs up if you agree

Petunia is a great character in the show, and she's a good character to look up to, because she believes that true beauty comes from the inside instead of the outside, that makes her a good big sister figure for little boys and girls.

She's the love interest of Larry the Cucumber, she's also a very likeable character, also her and Larry make a cute couple.

8 Archibald Asparagus

Hilarious, sexy, and likeable. I love his monocle and his British accent.

Fill his ears with cheese balls and throw him out of Babylon!

Hilariously silly and funny!

He is the mayor of the town in veggie tales in the house and city

9 Mr. Lunt

He is the sickest lad! Everyone in the show is great no doubt ( assuming we're talking about the originals and not the Netflix series) but Mr Lunt is the best by far. I wake up everyday depressed knowing that there are people in the world that will never know the beauty that is mr Lunt.

Mr. Lunt is underrated. He's hilarious in Lord of the Beans, and he nails his silly song when he does "His Cheeseburger." Truly, an under- appreciated character who performs admirably in every role.

When Mr. Lunt is part of the BOYZ IN THE SINK or when he's a roadie every time there is a Veggietales episode about a band on tour, he looks so cool. I know I don't use stuff like this, but when he dresses like that, he's got the drip

The best Pirate who don't do anything.

10 Madame Blueberry
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11 Laura Carrot

Laura broke the plate by using her new apple chopper!

12 Jerry Gourd
13 Ichabeezer

You really think that this RIPOFF of the amazing Mr. Nezzer is a good character? Mr. Nezzer is one of the best characters in the show until Veggietales in the house got made in 2014 and he went from an awesome character especially in Rack Shack & Benny, to Mr. Yells At People To Get Off His Stupid Lawn 24/7. Plus, he's a super ugly character too. Not Mr. Nezzer, he's a great character

If you're unfamiliar with this character, she's an original character from VeggieTales in the house, he's a redesign of Mr. Nezzer but his personality is completely different from Mr. Nezzer, even though Ichabeezer can be a jerk sometimes, he has his moments and he does have some character development

Even though Ichabezzer can be a jerk sometimes, he's still a good friend actually, he has his moments.

14 Scallion #1
15 Larry Boy

Larry Boy: Nice catch, Vouge! Wow, it smells amazing in here!
Vouge: It's cinnamon pokery
Larry Boy: MY super hero car smells like socks
-Leauge Of Incredible Vegetables. Best episode ever

He's really larry but all I care about who he is in the inside! From Sweetpea Beauty I have known him for 12 1/2 years! He is a really nice guy so he is easy to talk to him about your problems!

Also Larry Boy: Dude, he ate our cake.

16 The French Peas
17 Celery without name

Either you're thinking of Frankencelery, who DOES have a name (Phil Winklestein, an actor from Toledo), or you're thinking of the unnamed Scallion, who IS the best character of Veggie Tales.

18 The Bad Apple
19 Tina Celerina

If you're unfamiliar with this character, she's Petunia's best friend in Veggietales in the House/City, she can be annoying sometimes, but she's pretty likable

20 Scallion #2
21 Dad Asparagus
22 Scallion #3
23 Jean Claude
24 Mom Asparagus
25 Philippe
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