Top Ten Total Drama Characters Who Deserve to Win a Season

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1 Courtney

Yess! Thank you! She was eliminated in every season for awful reasons!
TDI-Harold rigged the votes (but wait, shouldn't he get back at Duncan for bullying him? But I'm pretty sure he wanted Duncan to feel more pain and misery on the cruddy island.)
TDA-Writers made her control Duncan and get eliminated with Owen. They should have made Courtney be in the final 3 and eliminate Owen by himself instead for being caught.
TDWT- She had her rivalry with Heather, her determination against Alejandro, her beautiful singing voice. Why couldn't the writers improve her? And don't get me started o Gwuncan.
TDAS- -sighs- Courtney was supposed to win this season, but Ed MacDonald didn't want that, so he put lazy writing onto Courtney, wrote that Sundae Muddy Sundae episode, made her make that chart, made everyone hate her (especially Gwen), made her lose her strong tummy, and got her eliminated. Why can't Courtney catch a break here. They better make a better person out of Courtney in the ...more

Shes smart, shes athletic, Shes strong and shes Fast! These are the 4 most important qualities for winning a season and she has them!

I feel that Courtney is a Greta character. She did change though. Like her facial features in All Stars looked different and in season 1 she wasn't very loud. In season 2 she really was determined to win. She isn't sneaky. She doesn't throw challenges. She doesn't play people like Heather did to Beth, Lindsay, and Sierra.
Courtney was at her best in season 3 showing us her teamwork side. She also showed us in episode 14 her angry side when Tyler spilled the beans about Duncan and Gwen kissing. In season 5 we got a new Courtney.

While I can't see her winning the next time she competes, I think she was 1000% deserving of a win. Seeing her in the finals would make me so happy

2 Lindsay

Lindsay is a really nice and kind girl. She is also my favorite character in Total Drama! If it wasn't for Beth, she would of won Total Drama Action. She always was a cute bubbly girl from the start.

Absolute queen! I feel like she was most robbed in Action and that she's kinda lost her time but honestly girl deserves something at some point.

Total Drama Action was great for the most part but Lindsay totally was supposed to win it. I mean, Duncan and Beth did not deserve that title. In fact, if TDA went my way then this would have happened: 14th Harold 13th Heather 12th Justin 11th Beth 10th Leshawna 9th Geoff 8th/7th Bridgette 7th/8th Duncan 6th Owen 5th Gwen 4th DJ 3rd Izzy 2nd Trent 1st Lindsay. Lindsay rocks! (PS Bridgette didn't deserve to get out first in Action, she had good potential to get a better character.

Lindsay always competes with a pure heart and kindness yet always gets the most unfair eliminations. She deserves to win at least once!

3 Noah

He is a king! I think he should have a season as... wait for it... THE ANTANGONIST! His personality would fit it and he is a king! So he could pretend to still be the comedic relief character to get the Noah-ness out of him, but behind the scenes he's planning to get revenge for being done dirty by this show so many times! Even if it's not finale LET HIM MERGE! I rest my case

Out of the original pre-mergers, Noah's a great pick to make it to the end. He had great development in RR and it sucked to see him leave.

Noah is by far the best character! I relate to him for whatever reason and his melancholy personality is so hilarious. I think he's one of the strongest competitors and he could have won had Alejandro been eliminated earlier on in the third season. I think he deserves a lot more credit than he gets.

He's been through so many competitions that he lost. He's a smart and capable guy, bringing so much to the table. There should be a season where he lives up to his title as "The Schemer" and take the gold. Either on RR or in TD.

4 Cody

He was cheated out of his win! I wish there was at least an alternate ending where he won, I could at least have accepted that! I love Cody and I feel that it was too obvious for him to get kicked out like that. He should have had an underdog win, like Cameron (but better).

If any season he should have won, it is World Tour. I'm perfectly fine seeing Heather vs Cody and having Cody be the unexpected winner.

I could so see Cody winning and Celebrating by going to comic con or something geeky! He's so cute though.

He should of won world tour and he probably would of if Alehandro hadn't been there. Don't get me wrong Heather also deserved a win.

5 Dawn

I can't emphasize ( took me way too long to spell emphasize:p) how great dawn is, she also reminds lots of my hippie, plant and animal loving, aura reading mum! She got voted out for being framed and was like the vegans in rr- kind and relatable but kicked waaaaa too early, I swear the nicer they are less likely it is they will win a season. But seriously let dawn do it and be a finalist

Dawn was framed that's why she was eliminated. And it was all thanks to Scott! I think Dawn would be useful in the episode "Runway Model" So then she could help her team. But she never got the chance to. So in my finale, She gets second place to Brick.

Was one of the nicest characters who actually had a good intention if she won the million dollars. Plus she was basically was treated so rude by Scott, which is why I hate him.

I don't know why but I ship Cody and Dawn as a couple so hard for some reason. I think they'd work for each other. Anyone agree?

6 LeShawna

I like Leshawna because she has great attitude and because she hates heather (like me) She was cheated out of a million dollars thanks to Alejandro in Total Drama World Tour. I wouldn't trust him. So when I watch her eliminations, I'm wishing I was there.

Leshawna for sure deserves a win! She's an absolute gem to watch, and she's a really underrated character for Action. I'd love to see her take the spotlight in a future season.

She is the only final five contestant from Total Drama Island to not make it to the finale at any point in the series. Not to mention she was a major character in every season she competed in. Along with Courtney and Lindsay, these three definitely deserve to at least make it to the finale.

Leshawna would have won the first season if she wasn't unfairly eliminated. Then season 2 was basically about her making a mistake and having everyone turn on her, and then her journey for redemption. What better way to actually GET redemption than to win in a jury vote at the finale?

7 Brick

Easily one of my favorites from ROTI and it's pre-merge line-up, Brick 1000% deserves to win and is a clear winner for the Revenge cast if they ever go back to it.

Yes, sir! Yes, ma'am! He is loyal, and who doesn't want someone like him to win a season of Total Drama?

I like him and it was unfair when he was eliminated.

Cool guy deserves a win

8 Jasmine

Jasmine has a lot of potential sparked up to win, I'm surprised that she's under ELLA of all characters when I'm writing this. But I think she's great, and can easily be a larger face if they focus on her.

Jasmine deserves to win a season, after all, she was the best player in Pahkitew Island!

In a way, she did win the Pahkitew season. Shawn split the winnings with her.

She could win she's awesome at Challenges.

9 Bridgette

She is my favorite character and she got robbed. (especially in WT) She doesn't deserve this. She deserves something better. And useful. I'm convinced she could have won Island, but didn't, thanks to Duncan and his male alliance. >:( Give her aa chance. :(

Is it just me, or it should be that if you participated in every season in which you could, you are an all star. AKA: Owen, Izzy, DJ and Bridgette. Are they not memorable enough?

We know, we know, writers. She's good at hosting The Aftermath. But she really deserves another chance to prove her potential. We want the TDI Bridgette back!

Bridgette always gets eliminated too soon. I like her and I'd like too see her get far in the game in future seasons.

10 Ella

Yes, yes, yes! Ella was a sweet girl that was unfairly robbed thanks to Sugar. She lied to Ella, convincing her to sing, saying she wouldn't tell on her, but instead, she wrote a note to Chris telling him that Ella was singing!

And Chris showed favoritism to Sugar and eliminated her just like that! This elimination was so unfair. She deserves to come back and win a season.

Who knows how far she could have gone? Since she's the cutest, purest soul ever to grace Total Drama, I say let her win a million dollars!

Similar to Dawn she was really nice and deserved more time to actually shine, a reason why I hate Sugar.

She is nice and if it wasn't for Sugar she probably have won.

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11 Samey Samantha "Samey"/"Sammy" was a contestant on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island as a member of the Pimâpotew Kinosewak.

Sammy is unfairly bullied by Amy, and she probably could have won for her team in ABFTP, but Amy juuuuuust had to rise up and fight Sammy. And she got eliminated. :( But thankfully, Amy did, too. We should have Sammy go much farther than Amy. She shall be honored!

Samey was really kind to nearly everyone, if it wasn't for her sister coming back I feel like she could've won.

Amy doesn't deserve to win. Only a great and helpful person, such as Samey, deserves to win.

If it wasn't for her sister, Amy, she would have won!

12 Gwen

Gwen should've won on TDI, but NoOoO we had to make the MOST ANNOYING character win. (I'm sorry Owen, but they went too far with the fart jokes. YOU probably would've been a better character if you had a plot line OTHER than being a food loving farting comedy relief.) She completely deserved to win! She's so much more of a main character, and feels like the most protagonist-ic character! I absolutely love Gwen! Also I know this is completely un-related, but Gwen x Duncan is a big no- Courtney and Duncan is just too adorable to ever mess with. P.S, Trent sucks.

Even though Gwen has won a season (in her ending), I feel she should win another one. Courtney doesn't deserve to win a season! She uses her lawyers to get in the game! That's a cheat! I'd rather have Lindsay (who I adore! ) win a season than Courtney!

Gwen deserves to win because she is amazing. One time I dreamed that she was going to win but someone shot her. I cried because she died and courney won!

Gwen is a fake wannabe goth, with no morals and doesn't care if the guy she wants has a girlfriend or not.

13 Trent

I was so mad when he was eliminated in TDI. I'm sure that if Heather hadn't cheated, he would've won the first season. I hope he will return in the next season and win.

Trent should win the million AND Gwen back as his girlfriend. Also he should tell Duncan to back off. He treated gwen better than duncan.

Trent is really nice. He should win a season P. S creators of total drama if you are reading this put Trent in season 7 and make him win

He deserved better honestly.

14 Zoey

Mike let her win she so didn't deserve to win and besides she came in third in total drama revenge of the island! Ms nice girl didn't deserve to win!

Zoey was nice but she didn't do much for her team she definitely didn't deserve to win because mike always helped her win!

She is really thoughtful and kind even though she already won in her ending.

She is a bubbly sweet kind little girl if she won I would not be sad

15 Dave
16 Tom
17 Harold

Harold is much like that one guy that 75% of people can relate to often, and is misunderstood sometimes and is VERY CLEARLY underestimated. If there's ever an 8th season, I'd like to see Harold win that season while still being the well developed, relatable, and good natured character he is. The last 2 or 3 seasons were a little too overrated, so I'd like to see a season that doesn't disappoint and have Harold win in at least 1 country in that season..

He was the funniest person on the show, let's face it he should have got way further in all seasons, he was so weird and creepy but the show would be nothing without him.

I would PAY to watch My man Harold beat Duncan in TDA with a combination of his skills.

Why does the nerd always get voted off by jerks, GOSH!

18 Scott

Scott is a fantastic choice for a winner and doesn't even deserve to be this low on the list! He was one of the best in ROTI and the definitive BEST in All-Stars, he got robbed of winning there so let him get a future victory.

Would've won All Stars if Zoey hadn'tve been an idiot. Really hate when one person gets to choose who gets eliminated, because if they hate you for no reason, you're done.

Could have won Revenge if Zoey and Fang hadn't trashed his entire body and kicked him off.

Probably the best strategic player ever, except Alejandro.

19 Ezekiel

Not saying he should win, but at least have him be in the final five and have some actual character to make up for the crap he has been through. Like maybe he comes in at an early episode in the 10 year special season and he gets healed through some magical (Dawn maybe heals him), or something. He then competes and kicks at least one of the baddies butt.

I watched total drama when it was first aired and I must say when I saw Eziekiel got off that boat right away he was my favorite character and he was my favorite total drama character season 1/3 he was a constestant.He shouldn't of been on the hooping block for his sexist comment he did way more work than Dj and Courntey he was even able to carry a box full of hot tub parts with no sweat! He did good in total drama season 3 aka World Tour and Harold should of got the drop of shame instead and Eziekiels motivation to win the Million was awesome! Overall a strong careing player and well deserves to be in and win the next season! free Zeke hats for everyone!

Honestly he has been through the worst. he has gone through WAY WORSE than the other contestants. he truly deserves it. TDWT was my favourite season, but the writers went way too far with the way they treated ezekiel.

Sorry to say, after what happened in World Tour, it looks like he's not coming back.

20 Sky

She didn't win but she was so close.

21 Dj

He is so strong and sooooo sweet. He went from 8th place in TDI 6th eliminated in action and 8th eliminated in World tour. He deserves 2 things: A) a spot in the final 5 and B) A GF!

DJ deserves to win before anyone else. He has a kind heart, he's selfless, loves animals, and cares about the well being of others, and is not afraid to show his adorable sensitive side, although he's big and strong. DJ has been a part of the series for a long time and I feel like he is one of the few characters on this show that actually deserves to win. I hope we see him come back, it'd be a shame not to bring a character the series grew up with back. DJ is and always will be one of the sweetest, kindest, caring contestants in the series.

No one ever had anything against Dj. The only rezone in the first two senone was him forfeiting him self or just some thing he was fully unprepared for.

I think DJ vs Eva would be a good matchup. Two very strong competitors but polar opposite personalities.

22 Izzy

Why is she so far down? She should be number one! Yay for Izzy! The only reason she didn't win World Tour was because she had to leave. And she had to leave because she got really, really smart! She totally deserves the million.

Crazy genius, is so underrated! Let her make it to the merge without getting revived and I'll go outside in my underpants singing a parody of oh my izzy ( that was a joke by the way :/)

I Need my Girl Izzy to win! She's like the most entertaining to watch out of everyone.

She deserves to win. So let's put this #18, right above a version where Ezekiel wins?

23 Mike

You guys hate on Scott cause he eliminated Mike. What's hilarious is that you forgot that in All-Stars, he actually got farther without the use of his Revenge of the Island strategy. Probably also could have won if Zoey didn't show favoritism.

Even though he won too, I think in total drama revenge of the island, we should have won! Thanks a lot Scott!

I loved him in ROTI but I hated how he barely was Mike in AS and was Mal the whole time.

He didn't win, Zoey did.

24 Jen

She should win and use the money to go on a huge shopping spree, and get her own fashion line!

25 Brody

I know he won in TDRR, but I would like to see him win without Geoff. He's awesome and I'd like to see him do it on his own, Geoff would support him obviously.

He already won in Season 7.

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