Top 10 Total Drama Characters Who Most Deserve to Win a Season

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1 Courtney

She tried harder than anyone in every season. Harold became one of my least favourite character when he made Courtney get eliminated to get revenge on Duncan witch didn't even change anything for him. I didn't like her in action and I think Lindsay should have won that one but that's not the point. I hated Gwen after she ruined my fave ship duncney in world tour. I wish Courtney hadn't fell for alejandro and I wish that she had teamed up with heather to boot him. Courtney and heather would be the best friendship omg. Anyway queen Courtney needs to win the next season. If she doesn't i'ma sigh then cry then die.

Heavenly (heathers younger sister)

2 Lindsay

While I believe Lindsay's eliminations were very unfair, she is somewhat overrated in my opinion. But I think we can't deny she should've won Action, even though Beth played the game well.

As much as I don't like her eliminations, I also think that she is a bit overrated. Is she a sweetheart? YES! Did she begin an awesome arc during Total Drama Action? ABSOLUTELY! I think that if Lindsay is going to win, it can't be because of the derailment of other characters who, realistically, are much smarter/better players.

3 Noah

While having him win the traditional seasons would not make much sense in my opinion, Ridonculous Race is where he really shines. Pair him up with someone who hasn't won (Cody?) and you've got a perfect winner alongside Sanders and MacArthur/Geoff and Brody.

He's our sarcastic know-it-all we love and should've stayed longer in world tour. Also should've made action! He should've totally won a season!

Noah is by far the best character! I relate to him for whatever reason and his melancholy personality is so hilarious. I think he's one of the strongest competitors and he could have won had Alejandro been eliminated earlier on in the third season. I think he deserves a lot more credit than he gets.

4 LeShawna

LeShawna has been seriously done dirty. She is one of my favorite characters because she is not only a good player, but a good person. A lot of people think that Heather and Alejandro deserved the season 3 finale because they "played the game," but this doesn't mean that they deserve the money. You can play the game without being a jerk. Heather was a jerk to her own teammates, something that cost them challenges. If you actually want to win, you need to work WITH people and make ALLIES, not enemies. Heather took every opportunity to be a bully, something that got on everyone's nerves. Realistically speaking, Heather should not have made it very far in any season. But NO, she got tons of plot armor while her main rival, LeShawna, got thrown under the bus with 3 unfair eliminations and didn't even get to be in All Stars!

LeShawna seriously deserves a win.

5 Cody

I believe World Tour should have had a triple finale with Heather, Alejandro and Cody/Sierra, and if they explored his character more and slowly got rid of his Gwen obsession and made Sierra less of a stalker, Cody would be an amazing winner alongside our favorite antagonists.

Look, I can't believe how far Cody got in World Tour. He made such a comeback from just being the "Geeky simp for Gwen dork" and that's great, I loved his development. While Heather vs. Alejandro will forever be the coolest freaking thing Total Drama's ever done, I like to think in some alternate universe, Cody won that million.

6 Dawn

Even though Scott's villain arc needed to be created. I wish she stayed longer. One of my favorite characters ever! Also why wasn't she in all stars?

Dawn was framed that's why she was eliminated. And it was all thanks to Scott! I think Dawn would be useful in the episode "Runway Model" So then she could help her team. But she never got the chance to. So in my finale, She gets second place to Brick.

Was one of the nicest characters who actually had a good intention if she won the million dollars. Plus she was basically was treated so rude by Scott, which is why I hate him.

7 Jasmine

Jasmine was the most deserving character to win Pahitskew Island, but since Sky was forced to be "the protagonist" and derail Dave beyond repair, Shawn had to take over her spot. While Shawn is a great winner, I really wish Jasmine won like many of us wished.

Jasmine has a lot of potential sparked up to win, I'm surprised that she's under ELLA of all characters when I'm writing this. But I think she's great, and can easily be a larger face if they focus on her.

Good player. Strong, smart, agile, and kind, oh yeah, I could see her winning a season. The only reason she didn't get top three is a tree fell on her because of sugar.

8 Bridgette

Ok, so she should really win a season i hated her eliminations and i hated it when she fell for alejandro and kissed a pole A POLE!! she is seariosly underrated and desrves to win she is also really cute she got eliminated too early in all seasons

I love Bridgette and hated her elimination in Total Drama Island, and the way that her personality was derailed in Action and World Tour. I did like her and Geoff as hosts, they made a great team, but they still had so much more potential. Geoff got his second chance in Ridonculous Race, why can't Bridgette get another? If she's as "threatening" as the Guy Alliance in season 1 acted like she was, then why hasn't she ever made it that far?

9 Brick

While Brick's eliminations were sadly all fair, although sad, I think that he should have somehow came back. Maybe don't eliminate him when Anne Maria willingly quits? Well, both of them were robbed so I won't get into detail. Still, Brick would have perfectly replaced Lightning as one of the winners, and having him choose Zoey over Cameron as a more deserving winner would have been a great ending to Revenge of the Island!

Easily one of my favorites from ROTI and it's pre-merge line-up, Brick 1000% deserves to win and is a clear winner for the Revenge cast if they ever go back to it.

10 Trent

I loved Trent in Total Drama Island. He was kind to all, a good musician, a team player, and funny. (Did you see him in the food challenge?). I especially liked how he and Cody became friends and didn't start a bunch of petty girl-fights.
Then Total Drama Action WRECKED him and his relationship with Gwen. All he did was talk about the number 9 and go out of his way to try to stay with Gwen. Season 1 Trent knew that if you want someone, you have to be patient!
Trent could really use a win/redemption.

Trent should be above that ducking idiot stupid Gwen. Everyone is stupid to vote for her cause she already won. Trent needs someone that's not a total ass. Whoever role plays as Gwen is an idiot or whoever feels sorry for her or like her. Gwen should die and Trent can walk all over her.

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11 Ella

Yes, yes, yes! Ella was a sweet girl that was unfairly robbed thanks to Sugar. She lied to Ella, convincing her to sing, saying she wouldn't tell on her, but instead, she wrote a note to Chris telling him that Ella was singing!

And Chris showed favoritism to Sugar and eliminated her just like that! This elimination was so unfair. She deserves to come back and win a season.

Ella was just hated on for liking the best season of Tdi which was World Tour. Sugar is a really cringe character and was eliminated due to Chris bias. He literally got mad because someone liked the premise of his show so much they wanted to continue doing it. That's hypocrisy at it's finest.

12 Samey Samantha "Samey"/"Sammy" was a contestant on Total Drama: Pahkitew Island as a member of the Pim√Ępotew Kinosewak.

Samey was really kind to nearly everyone, if it wasn't for her sister coming back I feel like she could've won.

I want her to win, and Amy to try and steal the money, and then Sammy can punch her, and kick her, and shoot her.

I feel like Samey vs Amy finale would be awesome. Both characters shoiuld be in a season without their twin so they can develop. And when they return for a third time they'd have a sibling rivalry finale.

13 Gwen

Ok, I know Gwen technically won Island, but like Owen, her prize money was dumped in exchange for a possible $1,000,000, only in Gwen's case, her money was seized by Chris. The worst part is neither Owen nor Gwen got ANY money because they didn't win Action or any other season they were in. It just seemed like a huge waste of time the 2 spent on the Island and such without ever getting a cent. In some possible new season, she definitely needs a win.

Even though Gwen has won a season (in her ending), I feel she should win another one. Courtney doesn't deserve to win a season! She uses her lawyers to get in the game! That's a cheat! I'd rather have Lindsay (who I adore! ) win a season than Courtney!

14 Harold

Harold is criminally underrated in the canon universe, and he could use that to his favor. Like Lindsay, he's one of the biggest contenders to win Action over Beth (she played the game well and deserved making it to the merge, but not to the finals). It would be really satisfying to see our beloved geek win!

Harold's mad skills should have AT LEAST got him to the final 3 of Action. I also think he acted very out of character when he was eliminated in World Tour. Actually he wasn't eliminated at all, he CHOSE to leave because of what Alejandro said about honor and whatever. It would have been cool if he and Duncan were finalists in Action, the final showdown between these 2 frenemies. Bottom line, Harold's got mad skills, he should get some mad money.

15 Dj

DJ deserves to win before anyone else. He has a kind heart, he's selfless, loves animals, and cares about the well being of others, and is not afraid to show his adorable sensitive side, although he's big and strong. DJ has been a part of the series for a long time and I feel like he is one of the few characters on this show that actually deserves to win. I hope we see him come back, it'd be a shame not to bring a character the series grew up with back. DJ is and always will be one of the sweetest, kindest, caring contestants in the series.

16 Zoey

Mike let her win she so didn't deserve to win and besides she came in third in total drama revenge of the island! Ms nice girl didn't deserve to win!

Zoey was nice but she didn't do much for her team she definitely didn't deserve to win because mike always helped her win!

Zoey is just adorable! She's so sweet and naive. She deserves a million, she could take Mike out and they live happily ever after. :)

17 Dave

Dave unfortunately drew a short straw and went from a decent character to badly written. His only flaws were his germaphobia and Sky. Who honestly just couldn't make up her mind...she liked Dave and should have gotten with him...what was so hard about that, she wasnt going back to her 'boyfriend' back home anyway. I hope the two return and can fix things,

18 Tom
19 Ezekiel

I watched Total Drama when it was first aired, and I must say when I saw Ezekiel get off that boat right away, he was my favorite character. He was my favorite Total Drama character in season 1 and 3 when he was a contestant. He shouldn't have been on the chopping block for his sexist comment. He did way more work than DJ and Courtney. He was even able to carry a box full of hot tub parts with no sweat! He did well in Total Drama season 3, aka World Tour, and Harold should have gotten the drop of shame instead. Ezekiel's motivation to win the million was awesome! Overall, he was a strong, caring player and well-deserved to be in and win the next season! Free Zeke hats for everyone!

20 Sky
21 Scott

Scott is the one character I believe All Stars has done right, and he should have won it alongside either Zoey or Courtney. After all his suffering with Fang, he deserves the million!

Scott is a fantastic choice for a winner and doesn't even deserve to be this low on the list! He was one of the best in ROTI and the definitive BEST in All-Stars, he got robbed of winning there so let him get a future victory.

Honestly, I liked Scott and I could see him scheming his way to victory, but he would have to get fang out of the picture or else someone like Mal might come in and get him eliminated.

22 Izzy

Izzy is insane, obviously. But she's pretty nice, agile, very...VERY energetic and is NOT easily tricked. If she wanted to, she could outsmart everyone in Total Drama. While she hasn't won a season, I think she definitely should.

Why is she so far down? She should be number one! Yay for Izzy! The only reason she didn't win World Tour was because she had to leave. And she had to leave because she got really, really smart! She totally deserves the million.

She is hilarious and she probably could have won World Tour if it wasn't for that head injury. Her athleticism really helps and her relationship with Noah and Owen could have been a powerful alliance.
Ngl her exit in Action was giving Material girl vibes XD

23 Mike

I like Mike. (Heh). He seems like a genuinely nice guy, but unfortunately, that can only get you so far on Total Drama, unless you're Owen, but anyway. I also like his personality gimmick for the most part. Should have been a finalist in Revenge of the Island.

You guys hate on Scott cause he eliminated Mike. What's hilarious is that you forgot that in All-Stars, he actually got farther without the use of his Revenge of the Island strategy. Probably also could have won if Zoey didn't show favoritism.

He's overall one of the best male characters and he should have won TDROTI. If it wasn't for Scott. I have nothing against Scott its just that he could have picked Jo to be eliminated because of her athleticism. But I can see why he was eliminated that way.

24 Tyler

He's cool and got robbed every season he was in!

25 Jen

She should win and use the money to go on a huge shopping spree, and get her own fashion line!

Jen is gonna be my BFF she's cute and sweet and pretty.

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