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1 Keith

Whenever I watch a new show, I immediately find who my favorite character is and I was not at all disappointed with choosing Keith! He is such a fantastic character with great development, struggles that are relatable (Lance has some really relatable ones too by the way), family issues that he tries to deal with, and really well fleshed out relationships with his team members. He is awkward around others, has trouble working with people rather than fighting them, has a temper, and deep at his core is a lonely little boy trying his best to find a place in this world without either of his parents guiding him. I feel that while no one will ever be as great and dynamic a character as Zuko is, I know that Keith is close behind him. Keith is such a great character in plenty of ways, and I am so happy to see that he is at the top of this list! And just so you know, Hunk is my second favorite! I mean come on people! Show the boy some love!

So glad he's at least number 2 on this list! Keith has been my favorite character from the beginning. I relate to him on many levels, one of them being his sibling-like connection with Shiro, I connection I share with my older brother. Another is being a loner, because I also close people off many times rather than opening up. I also love his frienemy relationship dynamic with Lance! They are hilarious together! If I had to pick a second fave though, it would be Hunk by FAR.

Just love this guy, he can be mean sometimes but he realizes what he did after word and makes up for it. He is a great leader in battles and a good friend (probably). He's my favorite character.

He is just my all time favorite no matter what. I honestly saw the preview and as soon as I saw Keith I was just like "That dude is awesome! He's my favorite!" Then I saw Lance and I was like "No…" So, Keith has always been my favorite. (No offense to people who like Lance)

2 Lance

Lance is just such a relatable character. He doesn't have the advanced character arcs or major roles but he is still someone that everyone loves. There is also the fact that he is, in my personal theories, probably very insecure. Think about it, he was rejected by black, he has no interesting or unique ability, and Keith dropping out is the only reason he became a pilot! But he is still so strong and funny and kind. He needs a larger character arc, I think it should be through his insecurities or maybe a little Langst. He is such an amazing character, it's sad to see he doesn't have his arc already.

Lance is a highly underrated character. He acts like the flirty jokester, but we see scenes where he's homesick (and one where he's crying! ), yet he pushes all his insecurities and doubts of ever returning home aside for the sake of the team. That deserves some respect. His self-deprecating modesty under all the ego-boosting comments is truly remarkable and I don't see why he isn't appreciated more.

He's the most relatable character, minus the social confidence. He pretends he's just a really big flirt and a jokester, but he hides his insecurities behind that. I'm sad that Dreamworks didn't give his character the proper arc he needed. Apparently his crippling inferiority complex just disappears and he becomes happy and fine. It's up to us fans to showcase the insecurities more.

Such an underrated characters that deserves more recognition than he gets. He's a relatable character with insecurities and doubts yet pushes past them for him team. When it all boils down to it, he would sacrifice himself for them(just like keith). Besides that, he's quirky and funny and he always manages to put a smile on my face. Just wish he could've gotten that smile he gave me each time I watched the show.

3 Takashi "Shiro" Shirogane

What do I say? Well, Shiro is amazing. I feel for him so much, he's suffered too much! I'm happy for him, that he found the love of his life. It can definitely be expected that he's the last one to move on from the war, since it impacted him so much, physically and mentally. The brother connection Shiro shares with Keith is so strong. I ship Brogane so much, I wanna cry. The way Keith looks up to him just breaks my heart, and the way Shiro loves Keith so much to tell him something that will impact Keith for the rest of his entire life (Patience yields focus) I am so thankful for Shiro because he was a blessing in Keith's life, and if Shiro didn't appear to Keith when he did, I don't think Keith would be the person he is today. Forget the employees at 'the home', replace them with Shiro, and all is well. Shiro has been through so much, and now he's a space daddy with the best children in the universe. I love Shiro so much, he's my second favorite character in VLD, right behind Keith.

He's cute with that puff of white hair.He's also a great and responsible leader unlike Keith although Keith''s leadership and team effort changed throughout the series so bravo for him. though Shiro deserves to be at the top

Very complex character who I can relate to the most out of the five Paladins.

Shiro is the one character in the hole she that everyone lived so much that even they didn't know what to do at first, even though I am on the 3rd season as I type this and watched some other episodes I still believe that Shiro is the best one, he was fighting for his boyfriend / fiance the hole time, of crouse hedid leave him because he wanted to go down in history but he still made a huge impression on are characters, they all even said (the main lions, Keith,lance, Pidge, and Hunk that Shiro made them who they are today, he was like a hero. But all ways, everyone has a good character that they relate too or love, I just believe that Shrio is my favorite character, but hey, Keith is my 2st favorite. Also Shrio is the dad of the family of lions uwu

4 Katie "Pidge" Holt

Pidge has a wonderful backstory and even better character development. I enjoyed watching her grow throughout the series, and the scenes with her family really showed how much she's changed since then. I mean, the girl was willing to completely hide her identity, sneak into a space program, and lie to countless people just because she 'had a feeling' that her brother and dad were still alive! That takes guts. Would you travel across the universe for family members who may not even be still alive? Well, Pidge decided to without hesitation. It was so interesting watching her struggle through it all, from deciding between trying to find her brother or staying with Voltron, to what she did when she thought Matt was dead. She is a beautifully written character, and certainly my favorite one!

She's a nerd, like me
She has glasses, like me
She may or may not be non-binary, like me
I just really love Pidge, but she's a really smart and funny character that makes me smile. Great backstory, I love how her goal is to save her dad and brother, and even when she accomplishes it, she continues work as a paladin. Pidge is queen.

Throughout the entire series, I was always saying Pidge got the most character development out of anybody. I mean don't tell me nobody cried/almost cried when she thought her brother was dead, cause I cried for about 20 minutes.

Pidge Is best girl.She has a great backstory and amazing character development! I loved watching every time Pidge had her own moment I felt like she was a great representation of girls it shows that we can fight and be smart at the same time she is also smart and witty she shows that girls can fit in with guys and be better than guys can. Pidge is the best in general not to metion how she may or may not be non-binary so she might be part of LGBTQ+ community and I think it needs a lot more respect.

5 Hunk

Hunk is no longer innocent, but he's still a cinnamon roll, the way he relates to Romelle is adorable, and I hate how he isn't appreciated much. I know this throws dirt on Keith, but I hate how Keith ("The Journey Within" s7) totally blows up at Hunk, and I love how Hunk is the only thing that keeps the team together and doesn't put it past Keith when he gets mad at him. I love how Hunk was the only one to keep his head, he must be appreciated more, <3
I love how Hunk is also the only one who realizes the fakeness of the entire show, "We're standing in some futuristic, alien cat head right now" (s1 episode 1, "The Rise of Voltron") Anyway, there's a lot I can say about the paladins and Voltron in general that will be enough to make anyone part of the fandom ;)

Why is this precious boi so low? Especially after s7, when he got so much character development!? Hunk is a sweet cinnamon roll that deserves more than this!

Hunk is probably the best character(in my opinion) because he is just so friendly and sweet plus he can make some great food.

Bro he is literally the purest of them all he must be higher on this list

6 Princess Allura

I had a love-hate relationship with Allura. I'm Really sad that she died at the end cause her and Lance were so cute together! But sometimes she could be annoying and I didn't really like the fact that she became a paladin of Voltron. I liked it better when she was just in the castle.

deserves to be higher on this list. Also, I don't blame that she was mad at Keith for some time its not every day you find out that one of the saviors of the universe actually has the blood of the people who put it in distress. Plus she is pretty much the heart of Voltron, and a brave character as well.

This should have more votes! Allura has had so much character development! She's a true leader and such a queen!

Whoever said she needs to get killed off, I hate you. She's such a great character!

7 Prince Lotor

It's really upsetting how he died. He just got melted by quintessence exposure.
He went through a lifetime of trauma and child abuse. His father was neglectful and he didn't know who his mother was. Half of his species was wiped out by his own father.
And he just died. And it was so much less epic than the way Zarkon died, which isn't cool. Lotor is a better antagonist, and I wish he could have had a redemption arc instead of dying offscreen.
Plus he had really fabulous hair.

He's a very tragic character, and his deceptive nature keeps one on one's toes. Having both Galran and Altean blood makes him quite an interesting character, as having traits from each seem to be both a benefit and a hindrance, depending on the situation.

He's intelligent, graceful, and eventually tragic. He's a fantastically written character as well, and he's one of those characters that even if you dislike them, you can't help but respect them.

He is a misunderstood guy.
Lotor was abused and neglected by his parents and Allura just says You are more like your father than I thought. Obviously, he'd get triggered.

8 Coran

He is a funny and overall great character that brings light to ever situation. Whilst I do like the other characters nothing can beat Coran Coran the gorgeous man!

9 Matt Holt

NGL I was obsessed about Pidge find Matt and I freaked out when Pidge found him. My sister just thought I was crazy.

I just love the relationship he has with Pidge.

He honestly... At first - Meh, then when pidge finds him it's just - wAIT A MINUTE! Urr? You can't be that meh child? You're Hot!

He's a king put him higher!

10 Witch Haggar

She was a nice altean before the darkness happened and she still tried to see her son.

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11 Emperor Zarkon

Who is this guy, God or Devil.

Zarkon is literal bae

God of devils

12 Krolia

She is Keith's (I won't swear) mom, and I love her so much, but it just makes me laugh when I see one of the in-between scenes when she was just shot at when she first met Keith for the first time in 20 YEARS! She deserves every good thing that comes her way, and I support the theory that Kolivan sent Keith to get Krolia on purpose, and I think I ship Krolivan. I want her as my mom (Partially so I can be part galra ;) ) Even though we don't see too much of her like her son, Keith, I still love her so much, she's so cool.

She's Keith's badass mom

13 Romelle

Cinnamon roll:
a) Romelle
b) Hunk
See also: adorable, hilarious, relatable,

If you get what I mean.

Deserves way more screen time. She is awesome.

She's awesome, and deserved more screen time.

Altean, fighting for whats right, sympathetic backstory, fun to have around, why not?

14 Sendak
15 Klance

This is a great ship, not a character, but I still love it and voted for it!

Don't know why this is on here, but voted it anyway.

It's nice. Sure, why not.

The ships have won

16 Macidus
17 Lieutenant Haxus
18 Kosmo

Best side kick wolf ever!

He's just the best boy

I love wolves

19 Commander Prorok
20 Lieutenant Thace
21 Narti

She didn't deserve it

22 Kaltenecker

A great allusion to earth's alien lore.

23 Acxa

I ship Kacxa. Acxa and Keith deserve each other. Keith needs Acxa because he needs a real love (Not Lance because canonically that's not correct. And for those who are wondering, no, I don't discriminate against LGBTQIA+ peeps)

She saved Keiths frigging life in season five. What more do you need?

Oh, and I'm pretty sure she's, like, Keith's sister or something.

Fun fact: She might be Keith's sister.

Should end up with kieth

24 Bii-Boh-Bi

Uuhh I love Bii-Boh-Bi! He's one of those characters you think is so cute and funny but you don't know why!

Bii-Boh-Bi is adorable... I love him.

25 Ezor

Ezor is hands down best character. She's so cute and so bouncy and happy. But I did also really like that scene when we got to look at her more vulnerable side after Lotor killed Narti. I'm really glad she got a happy ending with Zethrid.

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