Top 10 Moments from The Loud House

Some of the best, funniest, memorable or outrages moments from The Loud House.
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1 Luna's Crush is Revealed from L is for Love

I was delightfully surprised to find out that Luna's crush was a girl, as many people have been wanting LGBTQ+ representation in children's TV shows for a long time. Those of you who don't support it, keep your opinions to yourself. Literally nobody asked, and it's quite embarrassing to throw a fit over a fictional couple on a Nickelodeon show.

At the end of the episodes all the Loud siblings send love letters to their crush and in a twist most never saw coming Luna sends her letter to her admire Sam who not a boy but a girl revealing Luna to be Bisexual, I do have to applaud Nickelodeon for taking a risk and not trying to make a big deal about it like most T.V. shows would do.

Luna and Sam get so much hate for no good reason which is really sad cause personally the idea of a girl liking another girl isn't the worst thing to be featured in kids T.V. show despite what others may think.

Best moment in my opinion and what makes it great is that its not being in your face about it they handled it with care and a lot of respect.

2 Lincoln Kisses Ronnie Anne from Save the Date

Did he get stuff after

3 Lincoln Takes the Fall for Lucy to Keep Her from Being Humiliated
4 Lynn Moves in with Lincoln from Space Invader

Following a fight with Lucy Lincoln allows for Lynn to stay with him from the night a decision he ultimately regrets she keeps him up all night with her bouncing her ball against the wall, her snoring, her wrestling him and even fating in the bed and covering him with the sheets.

5 The Fight Scene from the Sweet Spot

In one of the most memorable fight scenes in the show all the Loud siblings race to get to the van and get the best seat in the car aka (The Sweet Spot) all erupting into an all out brawl that ultimately results in them destroying the Van.

It was an epic battle!

6 Lola vs Lincoln from Undie Pressure
7 Lynn's Backstory from Middle Men

1st thing this doesn't make up with the abuse she always does to Lincoln and her bad acts I bet nobody would act like that if students do that to her abuse her brother because she was made fun of 2nd With all she did to Lincoln there is a 99.99% chance out of 100 that she lied for sympathy - LynnJrLoudHater101

Great moment as we get to see a little bit more on Lynn's backstory which explains why Lynn acts so aggressively due to her having a horrible time in her first year of middle school.

8 Luna and Sam Hug as They Give Their Relationship Another Shot - Racing Hearts

My favorite moment in the episode.

Loved this moment.

9 The Loud Family and McBride Family Sing for Mr. Grouse from 11 Louds a Leapin

One of the best Christmas ever created for the show on cable television.

10 Luna's Flashback of Her First Concert from for Bros About to Rock

Reminds me of the first time I listened to Falling In Reverse and how my clothing, nails, and most of my hair suddenly turned black. I went from being a boring normal girl to who I currently am almost overnight.

In this moment it shows Luna at her first concert which changed her life forever and started her love for music.

A much better Luna-centric moment than the one where she turns out to be gay.

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11 The Sisters Saying the Things They Love Most About Their Brother from White Hare

Was a very sweet moment

12 You Got Tricked, Luna's Song from the Halloween Special
13 Lincoln's Birth Story from Not a Loud
14 Lucy Gets a Makeover from Back in Black
15 The Loud Parents Go Skinny Dipping from Suite and Sour

It's just so funny!

16 The Louds Dress Up as Each Other from Cover Girls
17 The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos

The first episode of the Loud House entirely focused on Ronnie Anne and Bobbie who are usually minor characters and introduces their family they should do more half hour specials like this heck they could do an entire spin off series with Ronnie Anne and her family.

18 The Sisters Reaction When Lincoln Reveals He's Being Picked on by a Girl from Heavy Meddle
19 Luna Turns Out to Like Girls from L is for Love

To quote Peter Griffin "That is awesome! ".

20 The Louds Get Even with Luan from Fool's Paradise

Why are these episodes so entertaining?

21 The Louds and the Casagrandes Reconcile Their Differences and Celebrate Thanksgiving at Flips - The Loudest Thanksgiving

Great ending to a great episode with both the Louds and the Casagrandes both coming together putting aside their differences and celebrating Thanksgiving at Flips.

22 Lily Says a Swear Word from Potty Mouth

I had no words...

23 "the Best Dang Brother Anywhere Around" from Yes Man

One of the best endings in a Loud House episode.

24 Lincoln Meets Ronnie Anne's City Friends Casey, Nikki and Sameer from City Slickers

While visiting Ronnie Anne in the city Lincoln ends up meeting with her other friends from the city Casey, Nikki and Sameer.

25 What Have I Done from Really Loud Music

Sad song Luna is better off being herself then a sell out.

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