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1 Flora

Flora is the absolute me anyway. I find that her character just keeps getting better and better with every new season. And I must point out how strong, beautiful, smart, kind, and generous she is cause she is! And she's always there to help out her friends. To me Flora is the best of the Winx.

Flora is one of my favourites, she has grace and beauty and is very kind. I used to like bloom but I realised I could be liking all leaders of a group so I decided on flora since she was my 2nd favourite, but now she became my 1st.I just really love her personality and outfits, she is now my number 1.

She is my favorite character. Before I watched the show, I'd never seen such a sweet, kind, caring, selfless cartoon character before. It touched my heart, (and kind of shocked me) that a character could be that kind and beautiful. She 100% deserves Helia and all the love and affection she gets.

Flora,Tecna and Stella are the only ones who haven't changed from s1 to s7 and even world of winx.Bloom was shy till s2 and then she developed power and confidence,Musa was stylish and tom-boyish and then she became girlish like all others (except for Aisha and Tecna).But Stella also did not change and neither Aisha.Flora also remained the same shy and nervous creature and its too bad that only Musa and Bloom developed powers and inner personality but Flora was not encouraged.Its too bad.

2 Musa

She has the best power, the best backstory, she doesn't need all the spotlight to be loved by fans and that's the best thing about her !

The color choices are excellent. This girl's story is very sad. Maybe she could have been the leader instead of Bloom. But she is my favorite Winx fairy. Watching her Enchantix transformation with the European Portuguese version is another. The Enchantix of Musa's goes well with its European Portuguese version.

My favorite and best winx .
Because she is bold, art, supportive, encourage and emotional person.
She love music and she is a best musician in winx club.
She is a good daughter to her parents. Because her mother's dream is comes to true.
She is a sincere person in everything. (for a example : Her dream is she become a star in music and Her dream is comes to true. And she is the most pettiest fairy in winx club. That's why love Musa.

Musa deserves to be first. She is the most relatable to teenagers out there with a single parent, and being the most emotionaly vulnerable. This forms the charachter that we see and love today! She is bold, patient, and has a keen eye for details. She is clearly passionate about music about above all, she is a great friend. She also has a relaistic relationship. She demonstrates that not all relationships work out and they will have a lot of bumps along the way. She is a true hero to us all.

3 Stella

I like stella very much, and everyone is forgetting that she was the one who brought bloom to alfea. If she wouldn't she would be one of the main characters. She is the beautiful winx of all.

I wish she could also be the spotlight like bloom and the other winx too. Whoever has made this cartoon series has made it wrong. In my point of view everyone should be equal and I even forgot that there was a tecna in season 4. Here is the list I made by watching the cartoons it is not my point of view.

1. Bloom (spotlight and main role)
2. Stella (centre of attention and main role)
3.flora (medium)
4.musa (less role)
5. layla (very less role)
6. Tecna (very less role)

Stella is most pretty in Winx club I really love her flirty and sassy attitude,she always gets most beautiful outfits especially in season 7 and 6.she is so cool and smart in world of winx and she is till bloom's best friend,who says Musa and bloom are shown as partners,it's only in episode 1 of World of Winx,first confirm your knowledge Stella haters and then come to this site LOVE FOR STELLA

I just wish Stella would be a little higher; instead of number 9. She's one of the main characters, and I think she should stand a little higher then Miele.

She should be the head. She is the fairy of the sun which I think is most important than music or waves.. It balances life in the worlds. And she is the one who took Bloom to alphea.

4 Tecna

It might not be your favourite as a child but if you rewatch the show when you're a bit older she is actually one of the most competent among the group :)!

Tecna is the most realistic character for introvert in my opinion. She didn't knows how to express herself to other and build a strong wall of confident as to cover her flaws. The way she is the smartest but aren't the best in class is so relatable to me. She deserve more than just ' another member of winx club'.

Tecna is the fairy I can relate to the most, because she's somewhat introverted and somewhat extroverted. I don't know, I only saw the first, second, and third seasons

She's funny and smart, I like her transformation. I guess it's more modern than the other?

5 Aisha

Aisha is my all time fave Winx character ever! She's just so confident, preserving, and determined. She would give anything for her family and friends and she is definitely one of the more capable and strong Winx Club fairies. And not to mention the fact that she has experienced so many hardships (like Andros almost collapsing, her boyfriend dying, and almost losing all her pixie friends)and yet she is still one of the most upbeat characters. Aisha definitely rocks!

She is so great and I absolutely love her! She looks very great in all the transformations. Though, I hate it that the show made her lips weird. But overall, she is my favourite character forever!

Aisha is the most outgoing of the six (which should only be four because screw you Tecna and Bloom) she also never was there from the beginning if you remember she became an new member people forget about that and bash Roxy for trying to be on of them. Also no doubt Aisha has gone through the toughest Things in this series. For example her boyfriend died. Which also I hate that when characters ''die'' in other series there will come to live again because they don't want the character actually to be gone which then why would you make them be ''dead'' at the first place?

Aisha is one of my top favorite fairy because, shes like brave, considerate, athletic, and girl power. She's what I want to be, confident.

6 Roxy

I love Roxy! I was super disappointed when they decided to not make her a Winx Member (they were going to before). I hope she appears in season 9 due to being completely absent in season 8. And when people complain about season 4 focusing on her, well
1. That was the point

2. Didn't season 1 - 3 focus on Bloom learning that she's a fairy and about her family?

Anyways, awesome character, wished she wasn't reduced to extras

There is hardly any highlight of roxy's moments. She could help the Winx in the oil spill episode. She could transform to communicate with shapeshifter bird. She didn't earn butterflix despite being the with winx, and also was confirmed to be the 7th winx (in Season 4), and then She is not even in Season 8. What the hell?
Roxy deserved better than this.

It is a pity that the screen time is not enough.

I love her because even as the fairy of animals, she doesn't always hug the cute animals like bloom

7 Riven

Riven is very intresting! I wish we could see a flashback of his childhood or see his family or something! Shy gets way too much attention! So sad he left but I really hope he returns in upcoming seasons! Riven and Musa were my favourite couple! They were so cute!

Realistic. Not everyone is perfect

8 Bloom

Bloom is a natural leader. No offense , she's overrated AND is perfect but she still has a great personality. I don't see why people hate her so much...I love you bloom

Bloom is so cute but I hate that she's always in the spotlight. Plus Musa is so right, Bloom is stubborn as Musa said in Season 1 Episode 22. But Bloom is always one of my favorite characters.

Nickelodeon completely wrecked Bloom. She used to be a sweet, hardworking, shy girl who has to go through a lot and only gets the spotlight because she deserved it. Now, she the super overconfident 'leader' who always gets the attention. The theme of the series is believing in yourself, not pretty dresses and girlyness and having the main character get all the glory. Seasons 1,2 and,to an extent, 3 and 4 did this pretty well but season 5 onwards I don't even know what

Bloom has a lovely boyfriend called sky. She my favourite characters. I wish I see her in real life. She has great power she so powerful and friendly to her friends, her closer friends is stella they always like each other the most.

9 Brandon

Boy handles Stella. Need someone like that for me

He is the handsome guy

He is so handsome

10 Daphne

I love Daphne. Now, I don't know why people like Bloom so much.. I hate her so badly. She used to be my favorite character in the start of the story. But now I feel like it's not fair she's the most powerful fairy. I mean she have fire powers and water can defeat her! I don't know why she can't be defeated.I hate her so much because she acts like she's the boss and she knows everything and she sometimes gets mad easily. She's so girly! I mean her sister is way better. Daphne is kind, responsible young woman. And I think Daphne could kill bloom. I would be very happy about that.. >:)

Daphne is bloom sister she saved her from the evil witches that almost captured her power. She sacrifies bloom her little sister and saved her. Daphne love her little sister bloom so much And Daphne is So Pretty and Wonderful

I'm so happy that Diaspro isn't on the list. She is the worst villain and she always gets into trouble to Bloom but Daphne is the best she loves her little sister and Bloom has got a nicest sister.

I love Daphne because she is kind, caring and likes to help others.

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11 Helia

He a handsome Specialist in the Winx Club his long hair makes him perfect he is also a cool ,intelligent ,Attractive and powerful guy. His personality shines when he speaks. Helia has a great personality .He is my favorite specialist and he 100% deserves Flora.

I like Helia because he is kind and artistic.

He's very attractive

12 Miele

She should be in the show more its just not justice if she's not in it' for season 7... Plus she's so pretty and smart I could only imagine how strong she is if she was in season 7! And we would get to see more sister bonding from Flora and Miele! And who doesn't love that especially if Flora is involved!

She is as beautiful as Flora.

13 Nabu

The best specialist period. He was here for only 2 seasons but managed to outdo every other guy on the show. His relationship with Layla/Aisha is the best!

He was so good with Layla/Aisha and so cute and I loved to see their relationship develop. Tbh, I kind of saw his death coming, because he proposed and it seemed like nothing stood in their way, which is always making me suspicious. They really did him dirty (also Layla's/Aisha's new bf doesn't hold a candle to Nabu)

14 Timmy

Most smart, sweet, and most handsome boy. He even looks nice with glasses. Tecna and timmy are my favourite couple. They care for each other a lot.

15 Darcy

I love all of the trix but I always felt more of a connection to Darcy she is definitely me if I was Evil... Manipulative and smart

My favorite witch. Her Illusion magic is amazing.

She is an icon

16 Sky

He's super handsome than most of the boys there at red fountain.
he has a kind caring heart and will make a good king

Bloom got the best guy

17 Icy

Icy was brilliant back in the good old days of Season 1, I love all the Trix's as I always call the Team Rocket of Winx Club, icy had a cool and jaggy edge to her that you better not miss with or you were toast. I loved how Knut always had to run after the Trix's and keep them happy by running after them, his Royal Highness... Icy was cloaked in Mysterious, she was the most evil out of her Trio, Stormy just blindly basted things but Icy planning and scheming was brilliant to watch, she was clever and funny. Plus the way she ate icecream and just was a teenager Brat she was so funny to watch every time. Season 2 with the indroctuction of Lord Darkar and having the trio fight for him, I loved Icy and Darcy overthrowing Stormy and then Darcy double crossing Icy and working with Stormy but how Icy was always one step ahead.

"Icy is just so cool"

18 Diaspro

To be honest, I think Diaspro could have had great development! People need to remember bloom did her dirty first!

She (or Flora) deserves to be the main character instead of Bloom.

Diaspro is the best fairy.

19 Kiko
20 Ms. Faragonda

It seems like she had a very interesting life. We meet a younger version of her in S7, where we learn she attebnded Alfea under the Care of Headmister Mavilla. She was a witch at some point in her life as well like Mirta. I wantta know Everything sbout her Early life. Like her homeplanet and her fairy talent. She has a very nice kid personality. She always stand up for herself without anger. She keeps Gisella in Check. She helped Bloom back in S1. She a great Headmister and great alias to the the winx.

21 Stormy

Just very amazing

22 Mirta

She is very sweet.

I love how she's the one witch who sees the possibility with uniting fairies and witches

23 Diana
24 Griselda
25 Iggy

Who the hell is she?

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