Top 10 Ways Fullmetal Alchemist (2003) is Better Than Brotherhood

Brotherhood in my opinion is very overrated due to the fact that it overshadows the original too much. I personally think 2003 was better than Brotherhood and here's why.
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1 Better Characterization

Honestly, Brotherhood's characterization is very weak and lacking. When I saw Hughes's death in Brotherhood, I didn't even feel sad the slightest because we only knew him for 10 episodes. But when I watched the original, I felt very sad because I was attracted to the character for 25 episodes and had more development.

03 does a better job with characters, but because of how the story was changed, some of my favorite characters never even showed up. Fmab has a way more interesting plot though. I would say more, but I don't want to spoil too much.

2 Better Pacing

Brotherhood feels very bland in the pacing because they rushed everything to the main plot. Original on the other hand decided to keep a steady pace and take their time to flesh everything out.

The pacing in brotherhood feels too fast and rushed at times that they end up cramming in too many things in one episode that it becomes confusing.

3 Lust

Lust is such a useless character in Brotherhood. In 03, she has a whole backstory and motives. She's such an amazing character in 03.

4 Homonculus

In the original, homunculus are beings born from the aftermath of human transmutation and want to be human. Brotherhood homunculus are the reincarnations of father. LAME!
Original wins!

The whole homunculus being the aftermath of human transmutation was very interesting.

5 Better Humor

Brotherhood relies too heavily on jokes and other humor that it gets very annoying. Original knew when the time was to add a joke and tries to limit it.

6 Nina's Relationship with the Elric Brothers

I understand Brotherhood wanted to get over the rehashes, but they lacked so much of Nina's relationship with Ed and Al. Original gave her 3 episodes with her to build up with the Elrics and we see the friendship they made, which is why 2003 Nina's death is more emotional than Brotherhood's.

We literally get just one episode with the Elric's and Nina in Brotherhood that there's barely enough time to feel any connection while in the original there's a stronger relationship with her and the Elric's which makes Nina's demise all the more tragic.

7 Sloth

Really? Brotherhood Sloth is some muscular monster who wrecks things? BORING! Now 2003 Sloth is Ed and Al's mom after the Human Transmutation, which feels more complex and interesting than a muscular trash.

Brotherhood Sloth literally does nothing. He has no personality and rarely shows up. 03 Sloth is awesome because she adds to the Elric brothers' guilt for transmuting their mother.

8 More Maturity

Brotherhood feels too much of any Shounen anime. This is what I love about 2003. It gives moments of bleachness, sorrow, and how life isn't always how we want it to go. It gives more thought into the show while Brotherhood is like any action-adventure show.

9 Scar

What are you talking about? Scar is terrible in 03. He's selfish and just murders people for the sake of turning Al into the Philosopher's stone. In Brotherhood, Scar learns from his mistakes and tries to fix the awful things that he's done.

10 The Elric Brother's Bond

Now both series' did a good job at portraying their relationship, but personally, Original did it better because in one scene when the homunculus had Al hostage, Ed was forced to choose between his brother or the prisoners of the 5th laboratory. I feel like it shows the struggle Ed is going through.

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11 Maes Hughes Maes Hughes is a fictional character from the Fullmetal Alchemist manga series and its adaptations created by Hiromu Arakawa.
12 The Music
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