Top 10 Reasons Why Fullmetal Alchemist is Better Than Attack On Titan

Attack on Titan is the most overrated anime show of all time. It's not bad, but is it THAT good to be considered the BEST? Nah, Fullmetal Alchemist beats it by miles.
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1 Better Protagonist

Thanks, I Hate Attack On Titan.

Eren the false protagonist, Mikasa the poorly written character, Armin the gary stu character, Side Characters the cringe, Villains the unlikeable.

Sorry, Eren...but Edward is my favorite. I mean come on. The metal arm, the metal leg, that trade-mark smirk, his golden braid, that ICONIC red jacket- gah, it's just so...much better. I mean, I like Attack on Titan and the characters. But, y'know- Edward Elric is just the best. Sorry...

Okay, I understand Eren lost his mother and wants revenge on the titans, but the more the series progresses, Eren turns into a titan hating maniac.

Now Ed, he's not only lost his mother, but his own brother's body, which cancels his human traits to eat, sleep, cry, etc. He's more of a person who would sacrifice his own life for Al's and get mainly his body back than killing or beating up bad guys.

Personality completely aside, Ed looks way more original and is much more memorable than Eren. With Eren on the other hand, he looks like every other protagonist ever.

2 Better Characters

AOT's characters are very dull and undeveloped and the only character that got development is Levi.
Now FMA gives Riza, Ed, Al, Mustang, and so many other characters some development, even Lust who's a villain got some.

3 Better Pacing
4 Sadder Deaths

AOT has so many deaths from characters we don't know and so many die from Titans with no development.
Hughes's death was so sad because he had so many episodes where he's awesome and funny that there's a reason to feel sad for him.

AOT deaths makes no sense. Naruto Shippuden deaths is better than AOT deaths.

Some a lot of AOT characters that died are basically no family and parents

5 Better Concepts

In my opinion, the concept of AOT sounds very simplistic and not much creativity, while FMA's concept is very intriguing and complex, with so much creativity and thought put into it.

6 Better Humor

I don't see any humerous scene in AOT, which is lame.
FMA however, has the best humor I've ever seen in anime history! From Ed's short rants, Winry's wrench, and Armstrong's muscles, I don't know what to do except laugh!

7 Better Villains

The titans are bland, boring, ugly, and fat trash that only eat and do other things unlike FMA, who has very well-written villains with personalities. At least give the titans personalities for god's sake!
Say anything you want about Tucker, at least he had some villainy in him and had a reason to exist.

There is no real villains in Attack on Titan the real villain is Hajime Isayama.

8 Better Main Shippings

The fact that people ship Eren and Levi is disgusting!
Now Ed and Winry however have some really good development in the show unlike Eren and Levi which I don't understand why people ship it if they didn't have any development.

Yes! I love Edwin, it's so freaking perfect! And...Eren and Levi? No. I see Eren with Armin, to be honest.

Eren x Mikasa is okay... But Ed x Windy is like a million times better!

9 Better Backstories
10 More Interesting World
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11 Alchemy is Cooler Than Killing Titans
12 Better Story
13 More Creative
14 Better Ending

Here we go again

15 Better Themes
16 Better Deaths

FMAB has no fanservice and not very attractive design characters otherwise making ugly characters and good writing makes better.
AOT has fanservice and very attractive design characters. makes the writing getting worse, killing off the fan-favorite characters is a bad idea and makes the fandom hell.

17 Better Music

The music is so much better and more heart-wrenching, if you know what I mean. I mean, just listen to the song "Brother," by Vic Mignogna! And just listen to the sound track in general.

18 Better Revenge
19 Better Dub
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