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Skullkid755 So, I've decided to start reviewing anime, and today I'm gonna review my personal favorite, Full Metal Alchemist. So, once upon a time, I was browsing Netflix on my tablet. I saw the anime section, and I saw Full Metal Alchemist. I was hesitant, but decided to watch. And, my expectations were exceeded.

Now for starters, time for the story line. Edward Elric, and Alphonse Elric, are two brothers. Their mother dies and they study alchemy for months. When they attempt to bring their mom back to life with alchemy, their bodies are torn apart. Edward Elric's limbs are removed and Alphonse Elric's entire body is removed. In order to allow his brother to live, Edward Elric connects Alphonse Elric's soul to a suit of armor. They set on a journey to restore their bodies and get caught up with many other events as they go. For example, Edward Elric fights Roy Mustang in one episode, fights a crazy butcher in another, and more good plots connected to the main plot. I think one of the best episodes is "All Is One One Is All", where Edward and Alphonse are sent to an island for almost a month so they learn that everything is connected and that's how alchemy works. It has an awesome plot and even the episodes that don't contribute to the plot as much as others have good plots themselves.

The characters are great too. Roy Mustang is what a hero should be, Alphonse went through a lot yet still acts positive, Winry is a good help to the Elric brothers, and Maes Hughes was hilarious and it was sad when he died. Even the villains are great, you hate Shou Tucker, who f**king killed his wife, daughter, and dog into messed up beasts for money. But, Shou Tucker also makes you wonder whether alchemy is good or not, even if most use it for good. Gluttony had emotions when Lust died in the series. A villain who cares about other villains, who thought of that?

The concepts are interesting too. They use some actual logic instead of "energy in body to blow up stuff". Roy Mustang wears special gloves, which allow him to create a spark, and he then uses alchemy to create a fiery explosion. I think the most interesting concept in the series is Equivalent Exchange, in which to gain something, you must sacrifice something of equal value.It even works in everyday life, to binge watch, you must sacrifice time. To kill, you must sacrifice your reputation as a good person.
The ideas in this show are great and have some reasoning involved. Wait, the most interesting idea is that when alchemy is used, a gate between worlds is opened and lives are sacrificed from the other world, where mechanical technology has evolved instead of alchemy. That makes you wonder too whether anyone who uses alchemy has ever committed a crime or not.

The dub is good too, the voice acting is good, goes with the characters, doesn't sound racist, and they don't go overboard with censorship. The dub to me is superior to the sub do to the fact that it is of equal quality in most categories, but the fact that you don't need to read or learn a new language as an American to understand everything makes it better. In fact, there are a lot of anime with dubs just as good as, or maybe better than, the subs. These include Cowboy Bebop, Full Metal Alchemist, Sword Art Online, Attack On Titan, and Death Note.

The theme songs are good too. They are all great, opening one was great, but opening 3 is my personal favorite. They are all meaningful, have a good beat and rhythm, and are memorable. I tried to find the songs on YouTube, but I kept finding FMA Brotherhood theme songs. I like brotherhood myself but I wish it didn't receive way more attention now than the original series.

So, in conclusion, this is my favorite anime since it got me into anime, and also isn't over 200 episodes long, like some other great anime. Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach all should come to mind if you just read that. Just about 50 episodes, that's enough for something with an actual plot. Hey, am I the only one who loved the ending. It was very emotional and showed how much the brothers cared for each other. So, in conclusion, this anime gets a 95/100 an I'll review my first anime, which is also one I hate.
Modern Spongebob Sucks, Castlevaniafanboy128, get ready, I'm your rivals as anime reviewers now.

Sneak peak at next review : "Ginka is suck a cliche protagonist, and the anime is just an ad."


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