Why I Hate : Overprotective Parents

So, I have a new rant series where I choose something random to hate on, and this is episode one. And today I'll rant about Overprotective Parents.

Okay, so we get it. You want your kid safe, just like most parents. But, seriously, you don't need to take the fun out of their lives, cause here's why. One reason is the are gonna have a hard time making friends. Preventing your child from doing stuff most kids their age do will make them completely different, and maybe even scared of most other humans. Let them say the word "stupid" or "crap", let them do stuff for themselves, let them cut up their own food! And, please, let them watch stuff besides PBS kids and Nick Jr. At least let them play E10+ games! Another reason is, they might end up bad. So, here we have a little kid, who is kept away from anything involving crime and death, instead of teaching them to defend themselves, and when they get their hands on a weapon, they give it to someone trying to kill them! I wish Dora the Explorer was more controversial than South Park for that reason, and so many others I won't be able to list them. At least kids in the show hate Cartman, and hate it when Towlie get's high, which shows how people truly feel about racists and junkies. And also fight back! Dora just teaches kids that everything in the world is happy and perfect and nothing will harm them! Either that, or they'll end up raising their kid just like they were raised, and an endless cycle of disgraces to the family name. And, finally, it is just gonna cause people to hate the parents. So, we have parents, taking the fun out of their kids lives, and the parents are the most hated on the street! So, overprotective parents, quit overprotecting your kids and let them have lives! And if you don't agree with this post, you are either overprotective yourself or just
something else, like, you may want me to rant about something else. This concludes this rant, and next time, I'll rant about Uplay.

"Just get steam, you get more games and faster download speeds."


My parents are protective, but not that protective. They're protective enough to keep me safe from evil people. - RiverClanRocks

Good point. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I'm going to show this to their 40 year-old daughter...
Many thanks, Skullkid755! - visitor

Good post - bobbythebrony

Good thing I was allowed to play T-rated games when I was 8. At least I didn't grow up into those kinds of kids who play M-rated games just because they want to look 'cool'. - visitor

That's a good thing. I believe that you can play T-rated games at that age, but only if you are mature enough. Which you are, Jared. - RiverClanRocks

I was (kind of) allowed to play 12 rated games. - BorisRule

I hate my parents when they are overprotective they hit us but if some stranger does the same they are all like oh you ok I don't need rubbish fom you! I'm use to it - leafstar

My parents are SO overprotective(especially my mom) to the point where I'm not allowed to text people anymore. I can't watch anything PG-13 unless I'm alone. I can't watch anything violent. They check everything I do on my phone. (i'm deleting all top tens history tabs)That's the reason they don't know about the top tens. They would get really mad at me. My brother nearly told them about this site about his account MsWiseguy, and how supposedly "I trolled."That was scary. Anyway, my life is pretty boring now... I want old times back when they weren't so protective... I AGREE WITH THIS POST! - cosmo

Lately they have been getting less overly-strict and protective. At least I get to have a little fun... However I can only text a few people, and watch only certain PG-13 movies. - cosmo

I'm allowed to watch rated R movies. - visitor

My mum is way to overprotective. It is like torture! Sometime when I get hurt, I do not tell me mum because she is just going to go insane. And I am 12! I think I know how to keep myself safe. - visitor

I know that feeling. That's why I if I can hide those stuff from my parents/relatives, I always get to find a way. - visitor

Really good point! This is truly accurate. I have to deal with an overprotective step dad and it's pretty annoying. - JaysTop10List

My parents in a nutshell.. - TwilightKitsune

I don't have overprotective parents, thankfully. - visitor

I'm allowed to play rated M video games and watch rated R movies. - visitor

Overprotective parents are irritating
I won't let my parents confine my space, I don't do anything bad -but yes, they don't know me at all... - Ananya

My parents won't let me message anyone anymore... - visitor

That's also the reason I've retired. - visitor

The strictness is OVER 9000! - BorisRule