Online Otaku Review : Sword Art Online Aincrad Arc

Skullkid755 This post was made on August 3rd, but will be posted on August 4th for one of the best users on this site's birthday. He like anime, he hates Disney1994, he has been hated, he is being praised, he should change his username once 2017 begins since the post sequel episodes of SpongeBob aren't so bad, yes, I said it! He is the one, the obviously, ModernSpongeBobSucks! Since it's his birthday, I'll release it on August 4th 2016, and I don't have to tell since you're reading it anyway. This is a birthday present, I'll try to also make CastlevaniaFanboy128 roast someone of his choice one day since he's retired and it'll be a good tribute, and wonkeydude98 too. Let me get started on the review, and 3,2,1, review!

First of all, let me start by reviewing the story line. The story line was pretty well done. It had some good plot twists like (spoiler) who the villain was. Another good plot twist was (spoiler) Yui not being an actual player. I do wish they didn't condense between 70 and 80 video game levels with quests and bosses into like less than 20 episodes though, and they could have had less romance too. But the plot was pretty good and better than the everyday "trapped in game, beat game to get out, die in game die in real life" idea too. I liked the plot and thought it was pretty good. The idea and the twists made it good and the main things holding it back was the pacing and the romance.

Next, I'll review the characters. Kirito was pretty good, he had a good personality, helped many people, but he could be less overpowered though. Maybe this would be different if Sword Art Online was a VRMMO instead of a VRMMORPG. Heathcliff was a good villain, he (spoiler) befriended the main character and betrayed him, (spoiler) he trapped many people in a video game without a cliche reason. He was a good villain. Asuna was kind and pretty good except for when she went Princess Peach. Yui was a computer program and still had a good personality, kind of like a certain Valve character. Yeah, now I'm "thinking with portals".

Now, I'll review the animation. It was colorful, looked like a game that would age well if made in 2003, outstanding. It was detailed, colorful, and made the world of Sword Art Online look like something that whoever made Skyrim would be jealous of. It was well detailed, colorful, and the frame rate was good too. It had good and beautiful animation that will probably age well into the future.

You know, I saved the best for last in this review. You know what that means right? Yep, I'm gonna review the music. The music was my favorite thing about the anime. It went with whatever was going on, was on key, and I like Crossing Field. It covers many different things, showed many of the characters, and was just pleasant to listen to. This anime has pretty good music which is it's strong point.

So, here is the conclusion to this review. This is a pretty good anime, not great to me but gets to much hate from the anime community and I wish it was overrated now instead of underrated like when it first came out. The strong point is it's music though the plot and animation are both good along with memorable characters that could have stayed better. Well, Asuna was more of a Princess Peach during the second arc which I'll review when I complete it so she didn't go down hill much in the first arc. This anime gets an 85/100 and that is my rating for right now. I hope you enjoyed this review ModernSpongeBobSucks and I wish you a happy birthday, since this is your present. In fact, I hope everyone enjoys reading all of my blog posts in the future and before now and see you all later. This has been my review of the first story arc of the anime Sword Art Online and goodbye.


Thanks for making this review for my birthday, Skullkid755, my friend. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

I was the second one to know about this ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) - Nateawesomeness

I loved Aincrad. Even my little brother enjoyed it! We pulled an all-nighter watching it. - Absolite