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Skullkid755 You know what I like? Anime. Wanna know what anime made anime popular? Dragon Ball Z. Wanna know what Dragon Ball Z is to me? Good, but not the best, overrated. But wanna know what I like from the Dragon Ball Z franchise that I like more than the anime? Well, the video games. Yeah, Naruto and Dragon Ball Z are the best anime shows to play games based off of. Dragon Ball Z Burst Limit hasn't aged well since it's release many years ago with the drama pieces that interrupt combat each time you play a battle with drama pieces, short story mode, lack of people who still play online, and not being as good as what I am reviewing today, Dragon Ball Xenoverse! Continue reading for the review.

So first off, many Dragon Ball Z games before this were remakes of the previous ones with slight improvements, except for ones that were just disappointing. Xenoverse gave us lots of new features, these include Toki Toki City, a small, but open main area for you to walk around and take on optional quests, or progress through the main story. You can also go RPG and make your own character with multiple classes to choose from, with their own advantages and disadvantages. You can also get trained by actual Dragon Ball Z characters which you meet around Toki Toki City. It gave people a brand new experience to remember as Dragon Ball Z loving gamers.

Now, next is the story. It is an original story different from that of the anime it is based off of. Events of the Dragon Ball Z anime are getting changed and undone, and you must restore time with Trunks as your leader. It is pretty creative and I like how it was both fresh and nostalgic for the Dragon Ball Z fans. They did a good job on it, and I think it is worthy of becoming a Dragon Ball Super saga.

Now for the characters. Most of the memorable ones are remembered from the Dragon Ball Z anime, but they have good personalities and traits. The game has good characters from a good anime.

Time for the sound track. Well, the opening theme for the game has it's own scenes in it, but it also has the theme Cha La Head Cha La for the music. They did a good job on the soundtrack, and the Toki Toki City theme is also pretty good.

The graphics are amazing! Probably the best out of the Dragon Ball Z games. Fluid animations, good colors. The graphics of the game are actually better looking than the animation and art of the original Dragon Ball Z.

The game play is fast paced and you know what you are doing. You can lock onto enemies to focus your camera and attacks on whatever enemy you are locked onto, and use the right analog stick to change targets when locked on, and look around when not. Holding down the right trigger in the Xbox version lets you make attacks that do lots of damage, but require Ki, which you gain by attacking enemies. It is fast paced and fun, and it felt like an actually 3D fighting game.

But, I do have some problems. Some fights are challenging and you must kill many enemies to complete them, while also protecting the other characters. It means that when you are halfway through the fight, you are overwhelmed by not one powerful enemy, but many weak ones. Also,Toki Toki City is in multiple sections, where you must go through a loading screen to go to another section. And, Toki Toki City is small too, making me wonder whether the city is still under construction or not.

So, in conclusion, this is one of the best Dragon Ball Z games, no, the best Dragon Ball Z game, and it should be higher on the best games of 2015 list. It is an original, nostalgic expirience that will age very well into the future, at least until Xenoverse 2 is released, then it may be surpassed, but even then, I hope it is remembered for many years to come, just like Zelda Ocarina of Time, Final Fantasy 7, and more classics that are praised today. It gets a 9.2/10 for it's rating, and I don't take requests anymore, cause do you really think I want to buy a 20 dollar game just to review it for someone? I am not IGN!
So, I hope you enjoyed the review, and tell me in the comments section stuff relevant to this post!


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