Most Annoying Things About Music


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1 Overplayed Songs Overplayed Songs

I haven't been able to go anywhere in the last six months without hearing Pink's "What About Us", and it was common for me to hear that song multiple times in a short time span. This is one of many songs that radio DJs have inadvertently taught us to hate. - allamassal

2 Earworms

Isn't it annoying when you hear a song and then it loops in your head all day, especially if you don't like it? What About Us and Love So Soft always get stuck in my head, which is part of why I hate those songs. And then there are other songs that are also very likely to get stuck in your head, like That's What I Like and that "I'm tryin', I'm tryin', I'm tryin'" song. - allamassal

3 Fanbases

Some fanbases are so annoying, it's like they wage an all-out war on you for years just because you said ONE thing critical of their Lord and Savior. - allamassal

4 Songs with Annoying Beats

For me, That's What I Like is a good example. Please don't kill me, the beat drives me crazy. - allamassal

5 Swearing

It just seems that the language in songs has gone downhill in the last 20 years or so. - allamassal

6 People who think the charts define musical quality

*cough* Cardi B fans *cough* - allamassal

7 Haters

The polar opposite of crazed fans, who will attack you for saying anything positive about the artist they hate. - allamassal

8 People Hating a Song for No Reason

I actually did this once. But now I think it's annoying when people hate on songs and don't say why, like, I still don't understand why people hated 7 Years, Closer, or Despacito. - allamassal

9 When Everyone Except You Seems to Like a Song

I've been through this with What About Us and Praying, which are both very overrated. - allamassal

10 Autotune

If autotune didn't exist, the music world would be 95% emptier, because most "singers" need it. This has led to monotonous songs like Young Dumb & Broke that wouldn't sound any different if a robot sang them. - allamassal

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11 Elitists
12 Artists getting judged based on 1 song

For example, the only reason so many people hate Justin Bieber is because of that Baby song. - allamassal

Owl City has many songs better than Fireflies

13 The Media Promotes Artists

Seriously? Just let the music speak for itself. This is how all these popstar n00bs get popular overnight. - allamassal

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