By 'Popular, Good Looking, smart, etc' I mean something like this..

MLPFan So, If you guys are confused by the 'Smart, Popular, good looking, amazing' classmate type I meant. Allow me to explain:0

There was a girl in my 6th grade class back then in elementary school (the scary moments. I was bullied by many and was molested and nearly beat up by the bullies' ring leaders from young age and many other things) who falls to this category. Here is what I mean

First, everyone both boys and girls would praise her "beauty" and would talk how wonderful she is. In fact even If she does something someone else has done before. Example,
Student A just saved a cat that was stuck in a tree
Girls say: Wow that's really good, *Student A*
Boys say: That's cool, but eh.. G/N(Girl's name. By meaning, the nearly flawless one I'm talking about) could've done that, too
G/N just saved the same cat that got stuck on the same tree again
Girls say: WOW, G/N!!! YOU TOTALLY NAILED IT!!! PROUD OF YOU, GIRL!!! (Starts talking about G/N's "greatness" for the next few weeks)
Boys say: WOAH, G/N!!!! THAT'S REALLY AMAZING AND KIND OF YOU!!! MARRY ME!!!! 1111!!!!! ONE!!!!!! (Continues to compare every other girl there is to G/N and then goes to whine "WHY CAN'T OTHER GIRLS LIKE MY CURRENT GIRLFRIEND BE LIKE HER?!?!?!?" In their "G/N shrine")
See? Why can't both girls be treated EQUALLY? How come If Student A only gets a "Wow, that's really good" and a "meh" while G/N can get:
  1. Girls(and boys) talking about her greatness for weeks without caring that Student A did that first
  2. Her fanboys fawning over her, singing love songs about her, chasing her with "I LOVE YOU"s, making a shrine of her, and complaining about their ACTUAL girlfriends and previous crushes while thinking of breaking up with their actual lovers to be with G/N
While only doing what another student did before?

Second, very few flaws. Seriously, from what I've saw so far, nothing really bad happens to her and the only time something embarrassing happened to her Is only having a period leak once and no one laughed her or mocked her for It? And still talk about her greatness? Oh and one time, the sports teacher asked why is she passive in sports. You thought that was her flaw? No. It turns out she actually plays basketball, volleyball and badminton really great, It's actually one of the best basketball/bandminton/volleyball playings in the whole school year, If not the whole school. While she's not necessarily great at soccer, but she can still keep up really well and still gets good grades in it. I think she's also really good at swimming, judging from her very tall height

Third, she was pretty much the single 'Spotlight Stealing Squad' of my elementary school TO A THIRD DEGREE. She always gets insane amount of compliments, gets chased for date proposals all the time(she also had a tall boyfriend who was at around 9th grade the time she was at 6th grade. Awkward but she Is tall and hit precocious puberty, so It doesn't seem like pedophilia or something. I think she also had a few other exes to and a new boyfriend). Seriously, all of her fanboys were like "OMG, G/N!!! I LUV U SO MUCH!!! UR THE BEST GIRL EVER!!!!!". Like on the comparison from earlier. Student A was the first to save the cat, and she gets very few compliments, while G/N saved the cat AFTER student A did and everyone was like "OMG!!! SO COOL!!!" And her fanboys were like "OMG!!! BE MY WIFE, PLEASE!!!!". It's very annoying.

Fourth, If anyone hates her or something bad happens to her because of a person who hated her it's only because said person is just jealous of G/N because she's just so great. Other then the people who fall to that category and her ex boyfriends who were mad at her for breaking up with them, no one else seems to hate her or have any grudge for her.

Fifth, She reminds me of those kind of characters who were too perfect. Heck, she Is like them

Sixth, Yamato Nadeshiko. Seriously. She fits this term really well. She's beautiful, graceful, smart, is good at almost every kind of art skill (Music? Check. Singing? Check. Dancing? Check. Sewing and Knitting? Check. Handcraft? Check. Drawing? Check. Colouring? Check. Painting? Check. Creativity? Check. In fact also POT MAKING!!!), she's popular, many boys who endlessly fawn over her and treat her like a goddess, see her as the "perfect/ideal dream girl", her boyfriends see her as their trophy "wife"(trophy girlfriend, tbh), all the boys who she rejected see her as the lovely gem they'll never have or as a masterpiece whose master, sadly is not them, other girls see her as the person they wished they are and etc. I myself saw her as a...wait for it.... (Dramatic sound) MARY SUE CONFIRMED.

Seriously, one time I told one of her admirers that I don't really like her and he threw a fit at me and had a fight with me for 2 weeks or so. Ugh. Her fanboys are really stupid and need to realize that life Isn't only about G/N (yet they failed to realize that)

Seventh, The word unrequited love has never happened to her because to her It always goes like this:
G/N: There's this guy I've been crushing on today, and I just met him but he was SO CUTE
When confessing
G/N: Hey, I actually like you..
Boy: You do? I've also loved you too! Wanna be my girlfriend?
G/N: Sure!
Boy: My girlfriend Is G/N! The most popular girl in the school year and the school year's heart, soul and goddess!

And when she's not crushing on someone but she really wants a new boyfriend? No problem! She can just browse over all her admirers(If she held an audition of all of her admirers to see who gets to be her boyfriend, It will take an entire day). Then she'll just pick the one she likes the most and then bam! New boyfriend!

Eighth, some of her admirers are even THAT desperate for her. And many of her exes actually want to date her again. One of them is my classmate and I was using my brother's instagram and said boy's story said 'MISS HER 😘😘😍'. He meant G/N. It's obvious. And her fanboys would either be all flustered and uneasy, or overly confident and trying-to-hard-to-impress in their presences.

Ninth, People would talk about how wonderful she is and would go to extreme lengths to express how amazing she is. And they barely do that to others. She also gets nore attention than anyone else. In fact when she was just writing something on her desk during recess, she already got a lot of students surrounding her

Tenth, She doesn't seem to have familial issues either because whenever I see her parents pick her up from school, they always give her hugs and kisses and all

Eleventh, want to be considered attractive also? And become popular? Easy! Just be friends with her! You'd get some recgonition as a person, but a huge amount boys won't immediately fawn over you or chase you around with relationship proposals.

Twelfth, all loving person too. She's nice to everyone. One time, she did kicked a girl's bottle and laughed, but the girl was like "It's OK. Just kick it. I'm not worthy after all" and no one hated her for it.

There's still a lot more, but this is actually a lot, so I'll just stop it right here.

So that's my rant, now I have to move far away from here In case the girl, or her followers, and worse HER BOY FANCLUB find this, realize I made this and form an angry mob to my house to kill me for making this post. Thank you everyone 😊 (runs to hide in the basement with enough food, a sleeping bag and enough weapons for safety) I'll be safe! (Left basement keys in my room) I have to go get It.... (But gets attacked by the angry mob in the process)


They sound like some satanist cult - TwilightKitsune

Yeah. I thought the same - MLPFan


Yes, she is the queen of my elementary school...


Random guy: The amazing G/N is arriving. Everyone to your positions!
G/N enters the room and some boys who endlessly fawned over her blared trumpets and the trumpets had a flag which is G/N's face that everyone said has passed the realm of mortals (No kidding! They would say that G/N's beauty, symmetricalness and overall greatness passed the realms of mere mortals) and in the flag there's 'G/N IS BEST GIRL 😙'.
Her fanclub: ! G/N! I love you! WILL U MARRY ME! PLEASE!
The others: G/N is so pretty in that dress and G/N is so amazing, no one else here can compare to it
(Cringe, cringe and more cringe) - MLPFan

Is this true story? - visitor

Yup, It is - MLPFan

She's the less annoying version of Bella Swan. But she's still annoying. - PurpleFox

I agree! Lol! - MLPFan

Her fans need to accept the fact that I don't like her. Not everyone has to fall to their feet to the "amazing" G/N - MLPFan

I think I want to made story like this, but with different summary. - visitor

This isn't some joke fanmade post, it's true. Everyone would worship her and when she only helped her friend make something, she always gets all the credit for no apparent reason and she always gets all the attention. And I personally hate her and how she always seemed so perfect. No real person is that perfect and if she were to be a fictional character, she's probably the author's wish fulfillment tool (a self insert mary sue) - MLPFan