Most Anticipated EA Sports 2012 Games

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1 NCAA Basketball 12

Please bring back NCAA Basketball, I literally play that game everyday, I need another college basketball game, and just saying maybe try to incorporate the road to glory with the new college basketball that would be AWESOME! that would definitely attract attention from gamers... playing with a player in front a college home crowd going wild as you lead the team to wins... Boosts my morale a bunch, but seriously I'm waiting for this game to be available, I have so many ideas for this game also

How great would it be if EA would bring back their NCAA Basketball game with the same options offered it's NCAA football counterpart?

- Ability to take your recruits and actually develop into Pro prospects

- Ability to upload your daft classes to the NBA game(like offered in NCAA football and Madden)

If I had the option to play with my college hoops team, upload the daft classes to NBA Elite... Wow, I might not play Madden or College Football ever again. They have got to look into this. Seems that the demand is there. No competition what so ever. Your telling me EA has a higher demand for Golf, Hockey & Soccer games than they do basketball. Something's not adding up!

I do thank that all the college basketball fans love a kick out of playing ncaa basketball 12 the new team entrances for players coming out of the locker room they also need to add in road to glory for ncaa basketball 12 after the high school basketball season playoffs and the all star game the players can selcet playing rolls and positions and best of all they select school what they want to play what the game does need is fans with body with teams on it and a sign holding up of supporting the teams and I do think they fans storming out on the basketball court after upsetting the teams I think they confetti flying and teams on the court getting championship t shirts and hats to get after the title also I think they export them to road glory to an nba live 13 game now that's an opinion I also they put in espn2 and cbs and espn for game modes and play now I also think they should put in sporting news magazines and see the teams win or loose and archived covers on finally off season ...more

These people are dumb for not releasing a college game. Take the NBA game and use the format for a college game and sell if for $60. Howe hard can it be?

2 FIFA 12

FIFA games are ALWAYS the best. I can spend hours and hours with friends playing these games. They can only get better. Can't wait for 2012!

Seriously should be the number 1 as it is the signature game for EA sports

NCAA basketball is first I have never heard of it FIFA rocks

FIFA 12 is 100 times better than mlb baseball 12

3 NHL 12

Best multiplayer game to chill with buddy's, can't wait for 2012! I don't even know how they could possibly top 2011!

Can, t wait hope they make the goaltending better

NHL is the best sports game ever.. I wanna see the new lads in my cavorts Pittsburgh uniform

Underrated, way better than basketball, almost as good as football

4 NBA Elite 12

2k12 was terrible. The game froze in the My Player mode during halftime and in the finals too. The A.I. made trades in both game-play modes (association and My player) that made no sense at all. Now the game is freezing while trying to load to the main menu. 2k has lost me as a costumer. EA please bring a great NBA game like you bring great football games.

NBA live was horrible. NBA 2k11 at least had some good game modes, plus 2k sports basketball games are much better than ea sports basketball games

NBA elite never came out this year and EA sports said it was highly improved. And the old NBA live was a lot better than NBA2K11

5 Need for Speed: Most Wanted

Very awesome game my favorite

6 Rugby 2012

So keen for rugby from EA sports to come back. The newer ones are alright but they need the style and max entertainment bought by EA's version.E. G they need to bring back the 'World League' competition!

Iw's been awhile since I played Rugby video games, this one will be much appreciated if it is even reasonably good. I can't wait to play as Zac Guilford from the Crusaders!

It's about time they bring rugby back to ps3. It was awesome on ps2!

7 NCAA Football 12

Don't make it more like Madden NCAA Football is way better than Madden!

NCAA Football is as good as it gets. I don't think you need to change it.

I really want to see a College football game this year. College football is way better than madden.

Better rosters, more options on road to glory, and... Best of all, better controls to get people fired up.

8 FIFA Manager 12

The best game for pc, and the most realistic football game out there. Surely better than FIFA's realism where people refuse to pick up the ball for a throw in?! (the most annoying thing on a game! I'm like"Ok, easy, just pick up the ball, and we can- wait, what are you doing? It's right there! Pick it up! LOOK! STOP MOANING AT THE GROUND! What? It skipped? Now all the players are back and we can't counter! GAAH! You know what? I'm just gonna go on FM12 where they PICK UP THE BALL! )

9 SSX: Deadly Descents

Best video game ever - mason

10 NFL Street 4

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11 MLB Baseball 12

I loved MVP Baseball as well as the Triple Play games by EA Sports. MLB 2k06 through MLB 2k11 don't hold a candle to MVP Baseball. Please bring this game back in 2012!

Everybody knows EA Sports creates the best sports games!

MLB needs a new video game produced by EA Sports. MVP baseball 05 was very successful too

MVP baseball had the best game play, best engine for dynasty and ownership, and the replay value is very incredible. 6 years later still play it on a routine basis hoping for one day they will make a new one.

I loved MVP Baseball w/o a doubt! Best baseball game ever! I loved the mini games in the off season. As well as the achievements they had! Pure tranquility if your in love with baseball! Laugh out loud. Also Create your own ballpark and how would it be amazing if MVP Baseball 12 had everything MVP 05 is AND The World Baseball Classic! EA Sports MVP Baseball 2012 has to come out! I'm tired of playing MLB 2K7 already!

12 Madden NFL 12
13 Tiger Woods PGA Tour 12
14 EA Sports Cricket 2012

Cricket games are always best and this will be the best - Shamik

A good game to avail the best cricket

I wnt new players patch files

15 NCAA Baseball 12

My ps2 game wore out on mvp ncaa baseball. Love that game need for ps3 I recently bought. Thanks

Loved MVP07 NCAA Baseball. Can't wait til they bring it back

Hurry up aina it got all day. Get money

16 NBA 2K12
17 Cricket 07

It's the best cricket game

18 MVP Baseball 2005
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