NCAA Basketball 12


These people are dumb for not releasing a college game. Take the NBA game and use the format for a college game and sell if for $60. Howe hard can it be?

Bring it back and improve the ridiculous recruiting aspect. The point allocation to reveal player attributes is horrible as is the inability to leave a scholarship offer out to a player. Just because a player doesn't accept immediately doesn't mean you can't leave the offer on the table. Just look at how well (in comparison) the football developers do it. So bring it back but not just a rehash of the old game with a new cover to rip people off like previous titles. What we need is an independent group of game developers to create a great game and shop it. I know it's tougher these days with a few groups controlling everything but you never know, if they can get it cheap enough to satisfy their greed they might just do it.

I agree that College basketball may not be a High selling game. However I don't remember seeing too many advertisements for the Game itself. I Honestly thought there was going to be a 2012 Game. Until Just recently I looked it up. Right now I am studying in Austria. But planned on getting the game as soon as it released. The last March madness game I have is 08, and I was getting so excited to buy the new one. Maybe have a single player option, like in the NBA 2k12. Where you just control your player to stardom. That would turn heads, because everyone wants to play for their favorite college team. Don't over produce, and lower the price. It is rather high to begin with. Thank you

Why have you given up on NCAA basketball?! Its March madness! There are so many things EA sports or 2K or just whoever picks them up can do with a college basketball video game. Everything from storming the courts to intros to a "road to glory" type of game mode. The possibilities are endless. BRING IT BACK! You have my purchase guaranteed!

Man I hope somebody brings out a College basketball game out! It's a shame that we have to play the same college game for a whole year! NCAA Basketball is something that I love just because of the recruiting process and just the fun of building up a low school to a power house! I hope 2k or EA Sports get this college basketball game rolling! Its no fair to us college basketball fans to always have college football game come out and College hoops game on hold! WE WANT NCAA MARCH MADNESS BACK!

This Franchise is missed the realistic vibe of getting hired by a team in actually need for a coach made it very interesting in college we actually had a group of guys whom all did a season with one of those teams and saw who can take there team the farthest. This proves the game did sell with a little more effort put into the game play and recruiting it can be a solid tittle with the same feel as Ncaa football bringing it back can make you money ea open your eyes.

They should really give this game another chance. It was very good and a very good step in the right direction. (unlike NCAA Football) In my opinion if they tweaked the Player rating system, improved off season and recruiting, all within the Dynasty this game would be second to none. Too bad people don't like college basketball much these days and EA sports is lazy. (*sigh*) What could gave been...

I think the March Madness games have been very poor in the past. But that doesn't mean they can't improve. If this game had some of the modes like NCAA football 12 it could be one of the most popular games ever. Either way (game being good or bad) we need a college basketball game. You could add Crowd noise, Road to Glory, make the recruiting more like NCAA football, and of course uploading draft classes.


its sad you idiots bring back nba jam which flops because times have moved on everything is more hiTech
U wanna make money give the people what they want you flopped wit madden 11 also and in result had to redesign
the entire format you were gettin close with ncaa 10 why give up as soon as you put it out you ripped off a lot of people
Make it right!

NCAA basketball 10 was my favorite game, EA sports needs to create an NCAA basketball 2012, You could make it more successful by adding features like a team builder mode, and a rode to glory mode like you did for football games. I think this game would sell

There are a lot of things you could do, for example if you create a road to glory type mode. One option could be able to transfer to a different school or during march madness up date where the final four is going to be played or even the to get the option to be e hounded by agents and you can chose to do so or not all part of a college experiences.

Come on EA it was SO fun! I loved playing all the other games. Please I am not the only person there are millions of other people like us that live and breathe NCAA. I agree about the high school and getting recruited. The dynasty would be cool if you could recruit and if your player could get drafted in the NBA games. You got my purchase.

I have been waiting for a good college basketball game for it feels like 40 years now. I'm sure a lot of people would be wiling to pay 60bucks for one of these games and it would be the only type of college basketball game out there please make one or sell the rights so we can play another college basketball game.

WE NEED THIS GAME! Take what you did in NCAA Basketball 10 and improve gameplay preferably to the level of NBA2k11. Need dynasty mode and your typical modes. come on EA, fans rely on you to make sports games. College basketball is HUGE! I'll buy TWO COPIES!

Nothing wrong with the idea of 2k taking over college basketball since their pro basketball game is so very good. However, someone needs to put out a college basketball game soon. If EA can't cut it, then they need to give up the "Monopoly" and let someone else do it right!

If you take the same concept as the college football with road to glory, it would be a great game. I love the NBA but in gaming there is nothing like the college experience. The crowd at Duke, UNC, Kansas, G-Town... I left NBA Live when I started to play 2k college hoops. We need the college game..

College bball best game ever. So much fun to recruit players out of high school and make them instant stars. Take your team to the big dance have crazy upsets throughout the season. That's what makes college bball so great and would be an awesome game

I want to play college basketball! Sick of the NBA. I want to recruit players and want to hear Dicky V annoucing the games again. It has been wasy too long. Please bring it back!

Hurry up and make the game! Implement the ability to play the high school season like NCAA Football 12, did. That would be awesome for the recruiting part of the game.

EA Should put the big man on campus option on NCAA Basketball. Take test to keep your grades up. Basically the same as the football the high school basketball season to see what teams want to give you full or partial scholarships. Talk to recuiters, fan mail, special privileges, interviews, be able to sign abstention after enough publicity and etc. This is guaranteed top seller.

Love the game Bring it back! I miss the online play, and the community it brought to Xboxlive! This is one of my favorite sports games ever, ill pay 60 the day it comes out if you being it back I know tons of people who play this game. Maybe its because I'm from Kentucky and want to kick Dukes tail, but I love College Basketball Video Games!

If you bring back college basketball you will get more sales. Adding stuff to it like in NCAA Football 12. It will boost your sales so much. Having Road to Glory will make people think it would be a a lot more fun to play.

PLEASE BRING BACK NCAA Basketball games. Their is no competition and the demand for it is all over the web. Worst comes to worse at least make these games every other year if your trying to save money. Keep your devoted fans happy.

come on a lot of us like playing college basketball.