Lance Armstrong

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It cannot be said that Lance Armstrong is a cheater or a fraud by any means, you can call him a liar but never a cheater. How could you be a cheater when you are winning using the same methods your competitors are using. He is definitely one of the greatest athletes and the most respectable and courage ones!

I've played a lot of sports, including competitive cycling. I would have to agree there is no tougher sport than cycling. It is a grueling test of individual mettle, and a grand tour racer must do it 5-7 days/week. Nothing even comes close to that.

I like Lance for the reasons stated here, but I'm not convinced he is as good as Eddy Merckx. The Cannibal, as he was called, was every bit of good as Lance, Migeul Indurain, and the others, but Eddy did it without the organized teaming that today's cyclists benefit from. Eddy really defined the sport, and defined manhood.

Had cancer comes back Wins the hardest event in the planet 7 times, takes a break comes back at the age of 37 and rides a couple of great Tour de france more plus he runs marathons and has livestrong which is great of such a great athlete

I think he has to be one of the greatest athletes of all time to win 7 tour de frances is something that is not likely to be beaten any time soon and has easily earned his spot among all the other greatest sportsmen/women of all time!

His achievement in cycling - 7 consecutive Tour de France wins -- puts him as one of the greatest athletes of all time.

He takes up marathons, barely trains, has a broken shin he does not know about until a week later, and he runs a sub-3 hour marathon...

Overcoming cancer to become of the greatest cyclist of all time, not only does he demonstrate athletic ability but a will and fight inside of him that is very uncommon among people. He is a true champion.

I am very much inspired my Lance Armstrong internal capability because returning after so bid disease requires very much courage and 7 times really
Requires very hopefulness.

Many athletes from this list (not only cyclist) cheated (they just weren't caught) and they didn't manage to obtain such magnificent results as LA.

How about him winning the 1993 World Cycling Championship at 21 years old. Then, overcoming cancer and then winning the Tour de France 7 straight times. He's not my hero because he won the TdF 7 times... He's my hero because of what he overcame and how he is active off the bicycle helping other people. That is why he is my hero.

Lance had cancer when he was young, and then he won the Tour De France five times in a row, NOW THAT'S WHAT YOU CALL A GOOD ATHLETE

Lance armstrong = GOD! He is an animal! Amazing willpower! Left the world awestruck! And proved himself time and again!

How is Lance Armstrong on this list? He's a cheater!

This man is truly an inspiration. Not just to athletes, but to everyone

Winning the Tour de France 7 times is impossible. Especially after (multiple types of) cancer.

What an absolute beast... There's just no other way to put it. Who else could come back from cancer like he did?

Beat cancer and still won the tour de France, if you ask me, you can't beat that

Athlete, inspiration, 7 time champion, legend of cycling, legend of sport. LIVESTRONG - onedaywecanrun

This man still remains the greatest cyclist that ever lived.

7 Tour Le France champion! You're the man! He is a monster inside man! Superb

The best cyclist ever and the best sportsmen t0 - i_in_made_in

Lance shouldn't be before other cycling legends such as Eddy Merckx, simply because he cheated to get to the top, however, his efforts to raise money for cancer research are great.

Hello... He won the France bike race w/ cancer! What more is to say? - CWaite

He took drugs. He can not be this high.

At least equivalent if not exceeding MJ in his chosen sport simply because cycling in my opinion is more physically demanding and played on the world stage...

I put Haile Gebrselassie from Ethiopia the best long distance runner ever