Michael Jordan

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Michael Jeffrey Jordan, also known by his initials, MJ, is an American retired professional basketball player.


Yeah, other athletes like Muhammed Ali, Nadal, Federer, Gretzky, and others are legends. I like them too; they're true, big inspirations to us. I also favor them. But, what makes Michael great though is he NEVER gave up, he ALWAYS strived and thrived, and he had BEYOND brilliant and amazing moves and skills. Sure, other athletes are SUCCESSFUL, but I think Michael chased after SUCCESS AND EXCELLENCE. He had a massive passion for basketball; just played and played, and his name is still being mentioned up to this day. He will forever be a legend. And, even though he might not have been the most successful and best athlete of all time in some others' opinions, he is always gonna be the sports #1 inspiration and legend. Another pro he has: unlike Lance Armstrong, or some other cheaters, M.J. nEVER cheated, NEVER did anything majorly illegal, and... What else can I say? SERIOUSLY. He literally pushed himself to max, and twice the power each game. The freethrows; the show-offs; the dunks; ...more

Simply the greatest athlete...

No one dominated the game the way he did. No one was as competitive as he was. Its not about the rings or the numerous accolades and the trophies etc etc. There are people who won more championships than him. Like Bill Russel who won 11. But back then the NBA was just 6-8 teams... The level of competition was nothing. But as I said, its not about the rings. Its about your presence both inside and outside the court. MJ was simply INTIMIDATING. Yes with every letter capitalized. Before he even went on the court the opposing teams were already in awe and fear because of him. He dominated the game as no1 else ever did, in any kind of sport. Period. His games will go down in history, they already have names, like "The Shot", "The Comeback", "63", "The Flu" etc etc etc.

GOAT in all sports.

Michael Jordan is a widely recognized athlete all over the Earth, he has achieved many feats including NBA rookie of the year, Slam-Dunk contest winner, six NBA championships, five NBA Most Valuable Player awards, won two Olympic gold medals, was on the 1992 dream-team, and was featured in thirteen all star games, and that's still not all of his accomplishments. He earned all of these in fourteen years in the NBA, which is unbelievable. There were few that could even come close to matching his fantastic abilities like Larry Bird or Magic Johnson. Sure there are RUMORS about Jordan having addictions to gambling, but it's all illegitimate. Jordan even tried baseball!

Jordan isn't number one by accident. In all of major league sports nobody has dominated or been as fun to watch as Michael Jordan. I don't even like basketball and I used to watch the Bulls all the time when he played for them. If you need evidence for how integral he was, then look at the two three-peat championship wins the Bulls had in the 1990's. There was one year between their 6 championships dividing the 3-peats. What was missing that year? Michael Jordan. Haters can hate, but go watch his fifty best plays or some other highlight reel on a video hosting site and then tell me I'm wrong. Ali, Thorpe, Federer, Tyson, the Babe, all of them were great, but none of them dominated their sport (s) the way Jordan did basketball. Nobody.

Lets see, I know its not right to compare players at different positions or era in which they played, but you did so I will. What is his record for most points in a game Wilt got 100. Most points in a season Wilt got 50, lead the league in assist Wilt had 1, (any other big man say they did even once. Athletically, He set records in high school and college for track. He played in and won for volleyball (he started the woman's pro league). He had many more records what did Jordan do, please be specific. Who was the first person to dunk a basketball when jumping before he got to the free throw line, Wilt. Do you have any idea why you can not dunk the ball when attempting to make a free throw, because Wilt was doing it, in practice and other teams heard about it.

Untouchable. His will and determination alone makes him the undeniable top choice for greatest athlete. His grace and athleticism were second to no other as well. If he had placed the same time, focus and energy in sports such as baseball or even football (I'm thinking the wide receiver position) his greatness would have been seen by the world in those sports as well. On the big stage he refused to lose, and he pretty much capitalized on every big magical moment he could have (the switching hands in the paint layup to close out the Lakers, the shot against Cleveland, the final moments in his sixth and final finals against Utah). Need I say anything else.

Let's be honest here.. Can you really compare Jordan to Ali? Do you really think Jordan is a better athlete then Ali? What sort of adversity did he face? What were his consequences if he failed? If Ali slips up he gets ko'd or worse if Jordan slips up the ball doesn't go in the hood. Ali had guys like Foreman, Liston and Frazier coming at him trying to take his head off. Jordan had guys like Thomas, Barkley and Robinson trying to steel the ball from him or block his shot. You see how silly it sounds when you say it? Jordan is only number one today cause basketball is a more popular sport. But if Boxing still had the popularity it once had not sure he makes even the top 5. The barometer for greatness is your rate against success against adversity and the size of adversity you are forced to overcome.

Playing a very good and aggressive offense is hard. Playing a very good and aggressive defense is harder, playing both is almost impossible. But Michael proved that it wasn't impossible.. Plus MJ played against all-star players and beat them.. MJ is the reason why C. Barkley, Malone, Stockton, Patrick Ewing, Dominique Wilkins never won a championship.. Laugh out loud..

NO Question at all, on who's the Best. Michael Jordan. He influenced the game of basketball and bring it to another level. He teach us how to fly, make a hang time and one of the greatest clutch performer of the game. He is the one who influenced every basketball player in the world. No doubt about it.

There may be some others out there that are good. MJ's the best. (beastly cool) And he's cool. There are some competing for number one. (100 are competing on this list) There are Larry Bird, Lebron, Kobe, Magic. There are a lot but no one is better than the truly and utter king of sports, and basketball. You can argue that but you will lose every time. (Maybe)

Michael Jordan did have all around qualities, simply had it all. He popularized a sport perhaps more than anyone ever, the reason I watch basketball is because of Michael Jordan. It's the mental processes that make Michael Jordan the greatest athlete to EVER LIVE! Performing on the biggest stage is what makes him number 1. He's better and more PRODUCTIVE when it's harder!

The Greatest to ever step on the hardwood there is no denying how great this man was, that's why he broke records and was scoring champion multiple times, and not to mention 6 Finals Championships, and 6 Finals MVP's, and no one knows that he also won Defensive PLayer of The Year, so he is not all offense, that's why he the best

I love mike game the greatest basketball play in the world and number one play on all teams but, the greatest they give to one man that Muhammad Ali hand down. Mike is next to the greatest Muhammad Ali bought to much to the sport and change the game for all athletic people. Jordan is the best basketball player I ever seen in my time.

"The great one". That's all you need to hear to know that Gretzky is the greatest of all time. All respect to mj. The guy holds the record for holding the most records. Mj's records can be broken, but Gretzky's will never be touched. Really!. He has more assists than second place has points! That speaks for it self. Love mj but I've got to disagree whith this list. By the way, where is pele. How is he not top five?

Michael Jordan achieved so much in his life, he worked so hard and kept pushing. Other athletes in the nab might be stronger, faster, or even more skilled, but Michael proved that nothing beats working hard. Michael had no limit, not even the sky! He broke every record he could! Michael is the best of all time.

MJ greatest there is! Supreme skill, leadership, competitiveness, and charisma. I was blessed to watch him play here in Chicago, and dominate the game! He was infectious to the point that you watched him not only on offense but on defense!

I certainly agree that Michael Jordan is the greatest athlete of all time period. But I have Bruce Lee tied with Michael Jordan. Martial Arts is sports as Judo and Karate are in Olympics. And no one listed here are faster with so much power than Bruce Lee. So I have Michael Jordan and Bruce Lee as the best athletes of all time.

what is there that mj can't do. There is"NOTHING"that he can't do, he's an animal, he is unstoppable, I havn't seen anbody better than mj so far.

michael jordon=beast

He is clearly the best ever I mean like who can fly like him and he was quick and had a very high basketball intelligence and is it true that he wore his college shorts ever game he played in the nba because that sounds cool and one more thing you're the best


Amusing. Performance rates increase as height is reduced in basketball players. Not so for soccer. The greatest basketball player to ever play is probably non-American and under 6 feet but never made it to the NBA. Its statistics dummy! Pele was pound for pound a superior and more skilled athlete.

I absolutely agree! All the greatest qualities wrapped into one person equals the greatest ever! No one will ever match the heart, guts, mental toughness, fight, determination, athletic ability and agility of Michael Jeffrey Jordan!

I can pick a weakness out of every athlete on this list. Except Jordan. He is the best of the best. His combination of talent, determination, and will to win will never be matched.

You have thumbs up from me, but can you give a weakness of Bruce Lee?

No way is he better then Ali. loved him I really did. But you could never compare his significance to his sport, sports in general and the world to Ali. Ali brought more to the table across the board. Jordan changed the landscape of HIS sport Ali changed the landscape of ALL sports. And while they may both be "gold medalist" can you really compare Jordan's gold medal to Ali's?

"Everyone wants to be like Mike" Such an athlete, broke so many records, broke so many hearts, I'd hate to support any team playing against his team. - Hummer09