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461 James Rodriguez
462 Yao Ming
463 Kevin Grubb

RIP Kevin Grubb! You will be missed!

464 AB de Villiers

The next god if world cricket. You are just unbelievable Mr 360. This one from your biggest fan that is Arinjay pokhriyal

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465 Hamish Bond
466 Jayson Castro
467 Ian Stannard
468 Jason Belmonte

Absolutely dominating bowling right now. No one can touch him

469 Kiara Nowlin

Kiara nowlin Is a world class power tumbler and has won the cheerleading world's a countless number of times she is a power tumbler on the Baylor across team and she has won uca best athlete of the year

470 Paul Rodriguez

This guy is a sls champion and the king of switch

471 Bob Nystrom
472 Mike Trout Mike Trout Michael Nelson "Mike" Trout, nicknamed The Millville Meteor, is an American professional baseball center fielder for the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim of Major League Baseball.

Along with the Royals and the Orioles, Angels returned to the playoffs by winning the AL West. They had the best record in the Major Leagues helped by MVP Mike Trout.

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473 Dwight Howard Dwight Howard Dwight David Howard is an American professional basketball player for the Houston Rockets of the National Basketball Association. V 1 Comment
474 Ryan Lochte

Broken world records, won many Olympic gold swimming medals, has a strong rivalry with Michael phelps

475 Mark Messier

One of the best hockey players ever

Captain Courageous...Best leader in sports...ever!

476 Sven Hannawald

- won the 2001/02 Four Hill Tournament
- the only ski jumper in history to win all four events in the same tournament
- won four medal at the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships
- won three medals each in the Winter Olympics and the Ski Flying World Championships

477 Omri Casspi V 1 Comment
478 Bill Goldberg

The guy who kicked Brock Lesnar's ass.

479 Blake Bortles Blake Bortles Blake Bortles is an American football quarterback for the Jacksonville Jaguars of the National Football League.
480 Troy Aikman
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