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1 Trojans

Write a song Make a note
For the lump that sits inside your throat
Change the locks, change the scene
Change it all but can't change what we've been - oliver_ray

2 If So

If so, if so
We know, we'll be coming - oliver_ray

3 Symptoms

Sweetly lover won't ya let me know
Like a circle, round and round we go
Now we see what we're gonna regret
How did the water get so cold? - oliver_ray

4 Back Seat

Words like knives that no longer cut - oliver_ray

5 Centred On You

Mind lit up
The second for
Centred on you
My concience all lit up
This second for
Centred on you - oliver_ray

6 Electric

I know the past is a lonely place
And given time you could find what you couldn't replace
Don't pretend like you're up in a tree
The future's not where it used to be
It's so electric if we're pretending to
Act like we don't know what to do
To understand it, of where it's headed to
Like we don't know what to do - oliver_ray

7 When It Was Now

And it is what it was
Until you let it go
And it was what it is
Yeah you gotta let it go - oliver_ray

8 Through the Glass

I tried to care for a while,
But I don't feel the connection.
I'd settle for a broken heart,
Just a scar caused by infection - oliver_ray

9 Stockholm

It is so strong and just perfect!

10 Molecules

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11 On a Day

We shut, we shut, we shut it down
We knocked it off, we knocked it 'round
Let's get this heads up of the ground - oliver_ray

12 Don't Make a Scene

I'll be on my own 'cause I don't feel like myself
And if she's falling down don't make a scene don't make a sound - oliver_ray

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