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The Best Song's by the popular pop rock/pop punk singer.

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41 Contagious

I really like this song. I sometimes wonder how she came up with the song. I love a lot of her songs, but this is definitely AN AMAZING SONG! AM I rIGHT?! GREAT JOB, AVRIL LAVIGNE

This song rocks!
You clearly hear that Avril's a huge fan of Green Day and Blink-182.
An amazing pop-punk, alternative rock summer song that makes you happy every time you're listening to it!
Sadly underrated :(

42 17

One of the best songs of the self-titled album, along with Hello Heartache and Give You What You Like

Brings back memories of teenage years

This is one of the best songs from her new album.

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43 I Can Do Better

This song is amazing, that's also her favorite song of TBDT album

This is ny favorite song from the best dawn thing

44 Together

Together is my favorite song. For me, this song is the most emotional song she had ever wrote. Her voice in this song is powerful and I like the piano at the intro.

It is Definitely the best song of avril. She puts her soul into it. its just so much awesome! Its like all your emotions in your lyrics! Best song!

Are you guys kidding me?! Nobody voted for this song! This song is AWESOME. I was pretty surprised when I saw it at 53! It should be at the top 10.

When I'm alone I feel so much better...

But when I'm around you I don't feel


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45 Darlin

The very 1st song she ever wrote. She wrote this when she was like 14, & she just decided 2 put it on her latest album! Well it's about time cause this is one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard! Avril sure knows how 2 touch your heart with her lyrics!

It should be ranked higher.. Nice song

LGBT anthem! Strong for everybody that feels shy or like an outsider!

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46 Too Much to Ask

I relate so well to this song as it takes me back to a time in life when I had my lows, and I think she took time to come up with this song. If I had my way I could put in the top 10

Strong lyrics. I love the message and the feeling!

A hidden gem. Avril has quite a few. - overleveraged

47 I Love You

Romantic song, why it's down here?

It's beautiful
Come on.. If you ain't ever listened to it before, try it, and get it into the top ten

Listen to ths song. Everybody should!

It's just sooo romantically cute!

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48 Falling Down

I'm so dissapointed... Why so low?
It's a song which makes you feel happy for some reason

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49 I Always Get What I Want

What? That's one of her most trademark songs. Self-confident empowerment anthem. Pop-punk, alternative rock.

50 Won't Let You Go

This song makes me strong, you all should know lyric meaning of this song!

This is one of my favorite songs by Avril Lavigne it's really sweet and it sounds fantastic!

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51 4 Real

Why is nobody commenting for this song? This song is simple yet very powerful, love it! It's in the Top 10 on my list.

52 Alone

This song portrays her style perfectly, and I'm sure the only reason it's so low is because hardly anyone has heard it

It should be way higher. Top Ten material. Why didn't she include it in an album?! - mood333

It is amazing song. No matter what is its position,it will be in my top ten list forever. Love it.

53 Runaway

23rd? No way. I've listen this songs for 3 years and it never get me bored!

This is one of the most underrated song of Avril Lavigne!
I mean, it's one of those songs you could never get tired of even if you play it again and again and also, it kinda reflects what people think of most the time... I guess...

But seriously, this song should get more attention!

This can't be in such a low position. This song is one of the bests in the album! The lyrics are just perfect

love it

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54 Fly

This song will be number 1 in a few months.. It's been released a few days ago and his song made me cry.. It's a song for special children and it's about never giving up.. Truly an inspirational song.. Better than lose yourself if I may add.. This song can be be viewed on YouTube

Truly a great song, inspiring me to be a singer.

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55 Take It

Avril rocks in this song against the paparazzi and the media! Underrated and amazing!

Awesome, but never officially released!

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56 Push

Best song from her new album goodbye lullaby. This song shows how great her voice is and also the music is so nice.
In interview she told that its her favourite song too from this album

I'm absolutely sure this song is the most emotionaly and brightly... I just to ready say: it's song number one in the world... especcially in wall mart sound check.

57 One of Those Girls

WHAT THE HELL? WHERE IS THIS SONG? It has a catchy tune and fun yet informative lyrics.

So badass! We all know at least one of those girls

This song is too good to be this low on the list

Why is this sing down here? should be in the top 15-20 at least.

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58 Naked

I wake up in the morning, I put on my face, the one that's gonna get me through another day, it doesn't really matter how I feel inside This Life Is Like a Game Sometimes

It's the best avril's song

What the heck., this is my favourite why this is in 40s
Damn it

Pure perfection

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59 Not the Only One
60 Mobile

This is one of my favourite songs, it can't be in number 61! Are you crazy?!

This hast to be top 10 it's so catchy and it even has a music video, which leaked last year. Everone should see it. And the fact that they made a video means that Mobile probably was ment to be relased at the Last Single from Let Go, it was relaseas as a single in New Zeland by the way.

So underrated! This songs catchy and has great lyrics! I love it

This should be higher. I think it's because it came off a album which spawned way to many good songs to make this one stand out. But it is one of Avril's hidden gems. Love the way she sings it. Also, check out the "unreleased" music video. It's awesome! v=9eJDRjXWfX8

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