Most Awkward Songs to Sing In Public

There are those songs which you should never sing in a public place. These are some of the most awkward ones.

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1 It's Raining Men - The Weather Girls

Singing this in public must be awkward as it gets. Singing this in public is the equivalent of saying you're openly homosexual and knowing how homophobic some people are...

Women can go ahead and play this without feeling awkward.

Positron, My list is completely original. happyhappyjoyjoy never mentioned singing songs in public, he just mentioned walking down the street and NOTHING to do with the public. So could you please be less ignorant? It's not asking too much is it? - Cazaam

Especially when it's not raining men. And that will never happen so that means never sing this song in public. - funnyuser

Whereas, yes, I agree, this is essentially happyhappyjoyjoy's list. - PositronWildhawk

2 ...Baby One More Time - Britney Spears

"Hit me" could be a euphemism for sex and singing this in public may land you in an awkward position. - Cazaam

It’s a banger

3 Whistle - Flo Rida

This song is literally about blowjobs. Don't sing in public. - Cazaam

4 Barbie Girl - Aqua

This song's really bad. - PokemonYesTeletubbiesNo

Getting my bff to sing this. Mwahahaaha

Go out to your town centre, get a microphone and sing this in the most annoying voice possible. Let's see the reactions you get. - Cazaam

I'm doing this at school but say if you brush my hair I'll hit you with a chair and literally lift up a chair and point to a random person

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5 Sexy and I Know It - LMFAO

This song is bad in the first place but singing it in public may garner a strange response... - Cazaam

Don't do it if a kid I got strange looks...

Aidan I am sing lmfao

6 I Touch Myself - Divinyls

Oh my gosh, bad song, and worse in public. Haha. - moonwolf

The title says all... - Cazaam

I don't like this song. - PokemonYesTeletubbiesNo

7 Genie in a Bottle - Christina Aguilera

Imagine a guy making those OohoOooohoOoohhh sounds... That would be creepy to hear in public. - Cazaam

Very nce

8 I'm Coming Out - Diana Ross

Put the speaker in your trousers as if your penis is singing it. Imagining this situation would be hilarious. - Cazaam

9 My Hump - Black Eyed Peas

I would do it

Could you show my your lady hump? *slap Ouch! What was that for? - Cazaam

10 Rape Me - Nirvana

I love this song because I love getting raped

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11 Anaconda - Nicki Minaj

Extremely disturbing and non-kid-friendly

I will never sing this anywhere no matter what.

...for obvious reasons.

Most disturbing lyrics most top words are in it I am saying t o p

12 I Feel Pretty - West Side Story

Just listen to the song and rehearse it. Then sing it in public. - Cazaam

LOL. Remember that one scene in Anger Management?

13 J*** In My Pants - The Lonely Island

And now I’m posed in an awkward stance...

14 Baby - Justin Bieber
15 Young, Wild, and Free - Wiz Khalifa and Snoop Dogg

I'm surprised how no one views people like this as bad role models for the youth.

Here is the refrain.

So what we get drunk, so what we smoke weed,
We're just having fun, we don't care who sees.
So what we go out, that's how it's supposed to be.
Living young, and wild, and free. - Connor360

16 Push It - Salt-N-Pepa
17 Bitch Suck D*** - Tyler, the Creator
18 Show Me Your Genitals - Jon Lajoie

That's nasty

19 Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen

Is it sexual or what?

20 Never Gonna Give You Up - Rick Astley

Adding just for the sake of adding it - imacg4

My favorite song!

21 Ding Dong Song - Günther

Best. Song. Ever.

22 Girlfriend - Peter McConnell
23 Booty - Jennifer Lopez
24 Sweatshirt - Jacob Sartorius

You hear person singing this and your cold you run up and are like ok wheres the sweatshirt.
Person is like um... ***runs away***

25 Club Can't Handle Me - Flo Rida
26 Closer - Nine Inch Nails
27 Stupid Hoe - Nicki Minaj
28 F*** Time
29 No Jesus Christ - Seether

Imagine walking by someone while singing the lyric "Put the gun in my mouth and pull the trigger! I feel so alive! "

30 (S)aint - Marilyn Manson
31 A.D.I.D.A.S. - Korn
32 I Just Had Sex - The Lonely Island
33 Ellen Degeneres - Lil B
34 Cigaro - System of a Down
35 Kill All the White People - Type O Negative
36 Violent Pornography - System of a Down
37 My Jeans - Jenna Rose
38 O.M.G - Jenna Rose
39 Burnin' Up - Jonas Brothers
40 Milkshake - Goodnight Nurse
41 Gay Bar - Electric Six
42 Hammer Smashed Face - Cannibal Corpse
43 The Fight Song - Marilyn Manson
44 Get Your Gunn - Marilyn Manson
45 Ebola (La La) - Rucka Rucka Ali
46 Smack My Bitch Up - The Prodigy
47 Cake and Sodomy - Marilyn Manson
48 Mobscene - Marilyn Manson
49 Kill You - Korn
50 Killing in the Name - Rage Against the Machine
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