Eight Bands I Recommend - as of Feb. 2018

And a good day to you Toptenners! Being the big music fan that I currently am, i always enjoy discovering new music to listen to. I am one that likes to expand my tastes by finding anything that intrigues my ear. Recently there has been a lot of bands that I have gotten into lately that I have been loving a lot lately. These are all bands that I noticed don't typically get a lot attention on here, some really only get their attention from me it seems. In this post I want to share these bands that I have been digging a lot lately, that hopefully can help maybe one or two of you get into. So without further ado, let's begin!

Native Construct - Let's start off with one that I've been incredibly addicted to these past weeks. Native Construct is a band that is really hard to just label one genre but if anything they are prog at first. They share similarites to bands like Dream Theater, Between the Buried and Me, Queen and another band that I will mention on this post soon. These guys are extremely creative and have a very unique sound. They only have one album so far, QUIET WORLD. And with one album they have quickly become one of my most eagerly anticipated bands for new material. Quiet World is a straight up amazing album that words can't honestly fully describe. I highly recommend Native Construct if you liked any of those bands that I mentioned.
A good song to start is Mute but you probably should just hear the full Quiet World album honestly.

Haken - Continuing the trend of prog, we have Haken, a band that once started as a Dream Theater clone has grew to be one of the most promising bands of this decade. The band is just as creative as Native Construct (a band that was probably very well influenced by Haken as well). So far they have released four abums with a possible fifth to come either this year or 2019. This is a band that's worth checking out if you are a fan of prog, metal or just music in general. They have a little something for everybody. They quickly have become one of my favorite bands to listen to nowadays.
A good song to start is either Atlas Stone or Initiate. But I highly recommend you just listen to their The Mountain album front to back, also Affinity as well.

Ne Obliviscarus - One more prog band to mention here. I wouldn't recommend this band as easily as the other bands I mentioned so far, simply because they are a bit more on the extreme side. If you like the more extreme subgenres of metal, than I highly recommend you check out NeO here. A very unique sound with a strong use of cello mix with heavy guitars. They're basically what you would get if you mixed a four string quartet with technical death metal and it's honestly an incredibly good mix. They are not for everyone but if anything i have said has any interest to you, check them out.
A good song to start is Forget Not. They do tend to have longer songs so just a heads up on that part.

Pregnant Whale Pain (pwp) - Next up on this list is a band with probably the weirdest band name on this post. However never judge a book by it's cover. This band is awesome. If you are a fan of bands like Alice In Chains, Soundgarden or Stone Temple Piots, you will probably like them. They are very under the radar not just on this site but in music in general. They have released one full album and one EP so far. They have a very Sludge sound that is reminiscent of the bands that I have mentioned. They have they're music up on bandcamp and it's free to download, although they really deserve the money (Support good and underappreciated music, people!) I think I said enough, if anything was of interest to you. Go check these guys out!
A good song to start is Paperplanes, which is also my favorite song by them.

Code Orange - This band was actually nominated for a grammy, so they aren't super under the radar, but they don't get much attention on this site it seems. Code Orange is a very in your face hardcore/metal band that isn't afraid to get pretty heavy and rough but they also like to expand more than that. They mixed sounds of Industrial, Punk, Heavy Metal and Alternative to make one hell of a sound. If any of this sounds interesting to you, then I highly recommend them.
If you want more of their heavy side, check out Forever. If you want more of their melodic side, check out Bleeding In the Blur.

Nothing More - Another band that isn't so under the radar, but don't get enough recognition amongst this site. Nothing More is a bit more in the radio rock appeal but that doesn't deter the bands overall talent and creativity. If you like bands like Linkin Park, Breaking Benjamin and Slipknot, I can see you liking them. If you love the sound of Periphery or Meshuggah but can't quite get into the complexity just yet, Nothing More could be for you too. If you just want some good radio rock of today, than this band is for you. Basically, if you like rock and metal, give this band a shot. Hell, Electronic fans might find some enjoyment out of this band too even.
A good song to start is definitely This Is the Time. Jenny, Christ Copyright and Go to War are good second picks too.

Wilderun - Jumping from radio rock to folk metal here. This one was recommended to me by Element119 and I have to say, this band is pretty good. Folk Metal itself is an underappreciated genre on this site as their are many awesome bands. Wilderun is another one to appreciate. If you like the sounds of Ensiferum, Agalloch or even Death, check out this band. Quite under the radar and I personally think they deserve more attention. They have two albums so far with a possibility of a third to come this year or next. I'm sure if any of what I said interests you, it's probably worth checking out.
A good song to start with is Vaunting Veins, it has insanely good riff and all around is one of my favorites from this band.

Massive Attack - Last one is a bit different than the rest that I have mentioned as it's not really rock or metal. But I can't make this post without mentioning them, as they have become one of my favorite artists that I have encountered in recent days. These guys are trip hop duo that make music that is very chill, atmospheric but also intense too. They have a movie soundtrack feel although they aren't just about that. They are very experimental and they are pretty much of their own sound. It's honestly best if you just hear them. These guys aren't really under the radar either, as they have some songs that are decently popular. However this site barely recognizes them. I had to add many of their songs to lists because they weren't even on there to begin with. If you don't mind experimental stuff and you find the genres of trip hop, ambient and "movie soundtrack" intriguing then give this duo a listen.
Three good songs to start with are Unfinished Sympathy, Angel and Teardrop (you have probably heard this one before, they used it in the show House as well as in the first Assassin's Creed trailer)

So that's it for this post. These are eight bands that I recommend to you guys that I hope can get you into new music perhaps. Maybe in the future I can do a follow up once I have enough new bands to talk about. Let me know in the comments if you have heard any of these bands and whether you liked them or not. Feel free to discuss your thoughts. Also if you want, recommend some bands of your own. Like I said, i enjoy discovering new music. Anyways thanks for stopping by and have a good day! :D


Good post. I recommend-
Mixed up everything (cover band)
Awakening force band (cover band)
Whisper (samurai melodeth)
Conflux (jazz metal)
Aetherian (melodeth)
Visigoth (melodic heavy metal)
Django Reinhardt (gypsy jazz)
Psychostick (comedic metal)
Trioscapes (prog jazz)
Buckethead (everything I guess)
Nymano (I think acid jazz)
Supreme Gang (rapper friend but I think he’s just on SoundCloud)

Would it be arrogant of me to promote myself cause I’m not famous. If not follow SmellerOfSound on SoundCloud and YouTube. - Skullkid755

I've been meaning to check out Conflex for awhile. - cjWriter1997

Sure I will! - Ananya

All these bands are very good. I am already a massive fan of Ne Obliviscarus so I would recommend them, too. - Metal_Treasure

NeO are one of my favourite bands. Nobody has such a unique sound like those guys. - San_Lakshitha

I would recommend Beyond Creation - Progressive/Technical Death Metal from Canada, formed in 2005.
I made two lists so you can check them out:
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I've heard of Beyond Creation but it was before I was into more extreme metal subgenres. I think I'll check them out soon. - cjWriter1997

Beyond Creation sound similar to Obscura, Persefone, Ne Obliviscaris, Necrophagist. - Metal_Treasure

I would also recommend Septicflesh - Atmospheric/Symphonic Death Metal. Their 2017 album 'Codex Omega' is almost perfect. I made a list about it - Top 10 Songs on Septicflesh's Codex Omega - Metal_Treasure

I'll make sure to check these out sometime, I already know that Native Construct is really good - kempokid