2018 NBA Mock Draft

2storm So this is my official NBA Mock Draft. This will include trades. This draft will only feature the lottery.

1. Phoenix Suns - DeAndre Ayton | C | Arizona
The Suns cannot pass up on Ayton. Ayton has a skill set that reminds me of Joel Embiid and even shows flashes of Hakeem. He could be that franchise player that the Suns desperately need. His physical profile is unmatched against most NBA Teams. The Suns though would need to find some shooters around Ayton and with this pick them throwing a max contract at Capela would be out of the equation

2. Sacramento Kings - Marvin Bagley III | PF | Duke
Now before you kill me with hate about why they didn't take Doncic, let explain this. The Kings already have De'Aaron Fox at PG and they have Buddy Heild, Justin Jackson and Bogdan Bogdanovich. So Doncic really doesn't fit with this team. Marvin Bagley will provide a enormous upgrade over Skal Labissiere, Harry Giles, and Zach Randolph. Bagley provides a athletic body to this team and has sky high potential.

3. Atlanta Hawks - Luka Doncic | SG | Slovenia
The Hawks have almost zero identity. So taking Doncic would be ok. Doncic can be a excellent leader. There are questions about his footwork and how his game will translate to the NBA. If he pans out though the Hawks could finally have someone to build around.

4. Memphis Grizzlies - Michael Porter Jr. | SF | Missouri
In my opinion if Porter didn't get injured he would've been the number one pick. Porter has a advanced game. He is the closest the Durant we've seen sense Durant was drafted. The Grizzlies should just start over and get rid of Marc Gasol and Mike Conley. If you look at the west it doesn't matter who they get in free agency they will not be able to contend. I like Porter as a player that could be the center piece for a long time.

5. Dallas Mavericks - Mohamed Bamba | C | Texas
The Mavericks have been raving about Bamba for forever. Ever since Tyson Chandler left they have been wanting a center. They were in the Dwight Howard sweepstakes and were brutally betrayed in the DeAndre Jordan controversy. Bamba could be that center and can provide a pick and roll option for DSJ.

6. Orlando Magic - Trae Young | PG | Oklahoma
The Magic needs a star player. Trae Young is pretty much a boom or bust prospect and I would say the only leader in the lottery available except for Sexton. Young has a lot Curry in him and some splashes of Steve Nash in him. This would be the best pick for the Magic.

Trade - The Chicago Bulls trade the 7th pick to the Brooklyn Nets for Rondae Hollis Jefferson, DeMaree Carroll, and the 29th pick.
7. Brooklyn Nets - Jaren Jackson Jr. | PF | Michigan State
If Sean Marks does decide to trade up to 7th it is between Wendell and Jaren. I like Jaren Jackson just a little bit more. This selection would give DeAngelo Russell another option and gives the Nets another sky high potential player. The Nets could maybe even make the playoffs in a weak Eastern Conference.

8. Cleveland Cavaliers - Collin Sexton | PG | Alabama
With LeBron possibly leaving Sexton would be a great player to build around. Sexton is a natural leader and is really good. His only problem really is his inconsistency. He is also a good all around player. If LeBron does leave Sexton would be a great replacement and if he stays Sexton could take a lot of pressure off LeBron.

9. New York Knicks - Lonnie Walker IV | SG | Miami
Walker would be a steal. He reminds me a lot of Donovan Mitchell so yeah. He would bring some moxy to the Knicks and be a much needed guard to the arena. Him and Porzingis would be a great combo. Plus he is a nice 2 way guard, Much like Mitchell.

10. Philadelphia 76ers - Wendell Carter Jr. | PF | Duke
Carter would round this core out and they could start contending. He some nice scoring in the post and he could move Saric to the bench. He isn't the best shooter yet, but he could develop into one. He if he does develop a shot this lineup could truly be unstoppable.

11. Charlotte Hornets - Mikal Bridges | SF | Villanova
The Hornets are in a pickle. They are in a really bad situation. I think Mikal is the kind of guy they need, but he is the best guy available. Bridges is more of a 2nd or 3rd option for a team. What they need is a central leader to build around. I do think adding Bridges could be smart. It creates a duo of Malik Monk (who didn't get a lot of minutes last year) and Bridges. Now all they need is some sort of star.

12. Los Angeles Clippers - Shai Gilgeous-Alexander | PG | Kentucky
Alexander gives them another point guard in the load. Unlike the others Alexander is a little bit younger and has a interesting game. He isn't a true point guard, but is good at getting in the lane.

13. Los Angeles Clippers - Miles Bridges | SF | Michigan State
Miles is a nice player and if he lives up to his potential could be a aggressive player and take over games. He could be a risky pick though saying he isn't a great shooter and doesn't have a lot of creativity.

14. Denver Nuggets - Kevin Knox | SF | Kentucky
Knox could be a nice complementary player to round out this core on the Nuggets. The Nuggets future could be looking up in a few years.

After the draft I will be doing report cards and after that I will be doing previewing teams for free agency.


Sexton huh that would look solid, many expect that to be where Trae Young may fall who knows. - htoutlaws2012

Nice mock draft. Lots of info and even a trade. Realistically all these players have a chance to go in the lottery portion of the draft, and like 8 of them are locks. Ayton has been ranked the top player coming out of high school and as the number 1 pick the whole process. After watching him play twice I'm not sure he is that good. He has great athleticism for his size no doubt, but he just didn't show much beyond that. We will know more after their workouts - visitor

I agree, but Ayton does have a very advanced skill set,like Embiid. - 2storm

Very good mock draft. Personally I’d have Trae Young going earlier and Michael Porter Jr going later but that’s just me - Randomator