Top 10 Beatles Songs That Get Stuck In Your Head

The Top Ten

1 Come Together

I love this song so much! - Misfire

2 All My Loving

A catchy, yet poignant melody that only Paul McCartney could have written. - PetSounds

3 A Day In the Life
4 The Ballad of John and Yoko

Not Very many People know this song but I thought I should Include it on the list. - Beatlesboy9

5 Happiness Is a Warm Gun
6 Penny Lane

Yes! - Misfire

7 Here Comes the Sun
8 While My Guitar Gently Weeps
9 In My Life
10 I've Just Seen a Face

The Contenders

11 Day Tripper
12 Paperback Writer
13 Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Da

I honestly don’t get why people hate this so much. It’s pretty fun. - Misfire

14 Ticket to Ride

I think I'm gonna be sad... - RecklessGreed

15 Eleanor Rigby
16 Octopus's Garden

I still can’t get over the fact that Ringo made a song about an octopus... Lol - Misfire

17 The Continuing Story of Bungalow Bill
18 I Want You (She's So Heavy)
19 Carry that Weight

Sometimes, out of random, I would start screaming "BOY, YOU'RE GONNA CARRY THAT WEIGHT, CARRY THAT WEIGHT A LONG TIME! ". - JCHOW

20 I Will
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