Best 3 Doors Down Albums

The Top Ten Best 3 Doors Down Albums

1 The Better Life

EASILY! Kryptonite is one the best Rock songs of all time, it's iconic and epic. Loser isn't far off it, another great song which set a record in the Rock charts.

2 Seventeen Days
3 Away From The Sun

Just beautiful.
You'll just go away from the sun when you are hearing this song. Totally awesome song. Just beautiful. Like it very much.

4 Time of My Life

"Time Of My Life" the title track is the best song on the album and one of the best they ever did along with Kryptonite. Listen to it.

Everyone needs to listen to "Round And Round", it's one of the best songs they ever did, great album.

5 3 Doors Down
6 Us and the Night
7 The Greatest Hits
8 Another 700 Miles
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