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21 The Swing of Things

My absolute one and only! I love this song. One of the most intensive songs they had ever made. This is the song I will ever keep in mind when I think of a-ha! Who needs 'Take on me'?

An absolute Masterpiece, vastly under-rated. Genius lyrics and the live versions are a genius symphony. My all time favourite song ever.

One of the best songs. Love the different swings in iT.

Great song from best band ever

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22 Minor Earth, Major Sky

The whole album is exceptional and this track is mindblowing I have to say this band is so underrated and people have not appreciated them for the phenomenal songwriting

23 Touchy!

People seem to make fun of this one, but it really is so good and Morten helped to write it! It's so catchy!

So special song with the voice and instrumental riffs

24 Early Morning

Retro-techno music universal, my a-ha favorite song, and I bought all their records once on sell. Early morning yeah!

25 Never Never

Guys this is one of their VERY best - listen to the original version of this song LISTEN IT

26 Slender Frame

One of my favorites! How could anyone not like this one! Wish they had sung it after2000! Love Morten's voice on this one! Wonderful melody!

Perfect combination of the 3 of them.

Excellent song. wonderful lyrics all about running away this should be higher

Awesome song it is so beautiful I would love to runaway with Mags x

27 Train of Thought

You just can't stop dancing with this. Simple.

One of the BEST a-ha songs ever - it's catchy, captivating and Morten's voice has this wonderfully longing sound in the chorus. every time I hear the refrain, I feel like getting up and dancing!

The top of the pops performance.

Best song

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28 Rolling Thunder

Brilliant song so emotional and real a true aha song.

Amazing song by the best band of all time!

You actually feel the Rain in the song.

Another favorite! Love the way it builds!
Listen to it over and over and never get tired of it!

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29 Velvet

A beautiful song, and I have to say that as well as loving this version (because Morten has 'the voice' ) I do also like Pal's version with Savoy.

It should be on first place!

This song is so calm and good with a very good melody difficult to undersatnd but really good to hear for me one of the bests songs a-ha have I'm 20 but I'm addicted to this song

Such a pretty song and love the way Morten sings it! Their songs just never get old or boring!

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30 Out of Blue Comes Green

I love the metaphorical lyrics, and morten's voice in the chorus always reminds me of opera singers, plus the synth sound mix well with the desperate felling of the song!

Oh it is on the list, silly me. This is my favourite a-ha song!

The one track Aha should have released, perhaps in place of blood that moves the body. Out of Blue comes green has superb lyrics and Mortens vocal range and ability evident in this are out of this world. Sounds great live too!

The soundtrack of my life ❤

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31 Mother Nature Goes to Heaven

Yes it is on tour Morten is singing it on Cast in Steel tour so I am not sure which concert you have been to but it is not a-ha

A very special great song, but is playing rarely on the tours, don't know why

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32 Cosy Prison

Mags we salute you this is one of the best written songs in the whole universe ever in the history of the world.

Amazing song by Mags really haunting lyrics and sometimes it gets me thru being in my own prison.

Same level as hunting high and low. Shame the rest of the world don't regonize what real quality is.

33 Holy Ground

I love that song. It touched my heart with its phenomenal spirit. And Mortens voice brought me to heaven. - Sappho

34 Living a Boy's Adventure Tale

For me its one of the three best song ever released from A HA

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35 You are the One

How come everyone forgot about this fun 80's track?! Have listen.

This song is just so catchy and fun, how can you not get up and dance to it

Surprised this at number 41.

36 You'll Never Get Over Me

Another favorite! Such a pretty melody and love the way Morten sings it! Another one that I wish they had continued to sing in concerts!

Have you listen this song so beautiful tune of guitar
I love it should be higher - navinsingh22

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37 The Weight of the Wind

I Adore the drama in the music and voice

The greatest ever. Far too underrated.

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38 Nothing is Keeping You Here

Fantastic song. Love this one.

So catchy this is the ultimate pop song

I love the keyboards on this song, brilliant absolutely one of my favourites

39 The Blood that Moves the Body

Up there easily in my top 5, just something about this song gets me! Love it!

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40 I Wish I Cared

Great sound. Too bad its a sad song.

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