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81 The Way We Talk

Magne sings this one it's a bit strange but I will forgive him

82 There's a Reason For It
83 This Alone Is Love

THE best b side ever. Fantastic song with a great hook. Should be way higher up on this list.

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84 Turn the Lights Down

I agree! Another pretty one! It's amazing how one band can have so many great songs that you never tire of listening to!

Cannot believe this isn't higher it makes me shiver It is gorgeous!

Love this one! Love the lyrics and Morten voice!

So sweet

85 Butterfly, Butterfly (The Last Hurrah)

It was their last song but they came back so it kind of makes you feel sad that they did come back but then didn't and then they did. I'm confused they are confused the whole world is confused about dis band and now they are leaving again

A great song, but it always makes me sad when I hear it, as it was there goodbye song in 2010.

A really sad song. Always make me cry

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86 Under the Make-Up

Great come back song heard them singing it live at the O2 and is beautiful stripped back.

Great way to come back and proves their quality after all these years

Their best song and production for a decade. A beautiful classic

Great comeback album, Great song.

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87 (Seemingly) Nonstop July

Love it!

88 A Little Bit
89 Afternoon High
90 And You Tell Me

This is a funny Mags song. But I worry that someone might run somebody over if you take it literally

Such a pretty song! Love it! So glad they sang it on the farewell tour!

Oh no sorry I think data the wrong song and its maybemaybe

91 Between Your Mama and Yourself

I love the words in this song.. and have always wonderered if this was written about someone they knew who was in this situation.

92 Case Closed On Silver Shore

I have never heard this one are you sure is aha?

93 Days On End
94 Differences
95 Don't Do Me Any Favors
96 Dot The I
97 Go To Sleep
98 Halfway Through the Tour

Is this a Pal song its what they are going through ATM and hopefully not the last.

99 How Sweet It Was
100 Hurry Home

I am really not that keen on Stay on these Roads album and Hurry Home is a little cheesy the chorus sounds like the backing singers for some dreadful 80s band sorry

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