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21 Angel Eyes

Partially to be contrarian, but also because this has always been in my top 5 ABBA songs and it pained me to see it so low..

A lovely song it should be a world singles

It's a great song! The lyrics tells you a lot and I love the singing! - ivylee

22 I'm a Marionette
23 Summer Night City

This song doesn't get the attention it deserves.

One of my top five ABBA song.

By far the most underrated song, please do listen carefully and vote! There is everything in this piece. There are not less than four themes in the same song, main one doesn't have break which gives impression of a continuous rhythm than can't get out of the head.
Arrangements are perfect, as often with abba, but not overloaded.
Song is erotic and driving.

24 One Man, One Woman

Amazing harmonies. Beautiful ending strings section. This also has the best production of any ABBA song. Everything works wonderfully, adding up to one of the most perfect pop songs I've ever heard.

Puh lease.. This should be at the top.. The chords are very amazing.. Who put it at 30? One man, one woman.

25 As Good as New

This song was used as the opening track on their Voulez-Vous album.
It was released as a single in Mexico where it became ABBA's ninth number-one hit. This is one of Agnetha's most powerful performances. - MGBSG1

26 The Visitors

This song is in my top 5 of all of ABBA songs. It is definitely best experienced in a club. It's dark and meant to be danced to. It's a song about paranoia coming true.

The music is pretty scary but good song!

Stunning! It takes you by surprise.

27 Thank You for the Music

How this is not in the top 10!. Wonderful song

How is this not in the top ten? I love the lyrics and the song seems very special. - IronSabbathPriest

One of my favorites. Top 5 for sure for me

Such a powerful song. Needs to be in the top 10 for sure

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28 Slipping Through My Fingers

Such a sad and emotional song! It's about Bjorn and Agnetha's daughter Linda of how quickly she is growing up. She goes to school and spends little time with her parents. I cry every time! It's just like leaving your own child! I know how much Bjorn and Agnetha missed their daughter! - ivylee

Such an AMAZING song. So emotional and beautiful

29 Andante Andante
30 The Day Before You Came

The last AND best song ABBA recorded in august 1982

One of the most poignant songs that ABBA ever recorded. This song should be on top.

This, and I Let The Music Speak, are true masterpieces

A haunting and sad song but also a truly great song. - ivylee

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31 Our Last Summer

One of ABBA's best and certainly deserves a higher ranking than 34.

32 When All is Said and Done

The outstanding ABBA song. Some might claim it's not typical for them, but it shows what ABBA could have become if they had continued. And one of the finest lyrics ever in pop music.

Low ranked unfairly - second best ever ABBA song

Frida makes it, amazing for her voice

Fridas voice is superb

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33 Bang-A-Boomerang

Love it!

34 My Love, My Life

I don't think there is a bad song from ABBA. This song is just beautiful, sweet and angelic. You should look on YouTube when Agnetha looks like a goddess while singing the song! - ivylee


35 Honey, Honey

This is such a sweet song and Amanda Seyfried done it an amazing justice in Mama Mia. So deserves a higher spot on the list. Team ABBA :D

Such a sweet song! The voices and lyrics are cute. It shows love! Adorable! Should be higher!

Do people have taste these days..? What Honey, Honey doing here.. Should be in the TOP 3..

Honey, Honey is so good. It is soft and the instruments are played nicely. The lyrics and rhythm is good. It should be the top ten. Come on! - ️❕❕‼️😡

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36 I Wonder V 1 Comment
37 Happy New Year

Like other ABBA pop masterpieces, this one has a chorus so drenched with harmonies that the melody line is difficult to discern. But who cares? The elegant ache is what matters. The vocal arrangement is top notch. A combination of wistfulness, resignation, and hope.

Really? Stop... REALLY? This song might be on the first place!

My favourite abba song after chiquitita
can't believe it's so low in this list
trust me this is one of their best

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38 Ring, Ring

This song is really upbeat and cheerful, even though the lyric isn't really happy.

This song is really cheerful and upbeat, even though the lyric isn't that happy.

Nice and cheerful song and deserves a better place in this top list.

I love it! The drums before the chorus. There is so much energy.

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39 I've Been Waiting for You
40 Move On

Such a peaceful melody! So calm and soothes you gently! This is underrated though! It makes you feel you're in nature! - ivylee

Beautiful melody, wonderful lyrics and perfect voices

A beautiful song. It's almost spiritual, like an earlier song called "Att finnas till" sung in Swedish by the four members of ABBA.

An absolutely beautiful album track. There is a version in Spanish as well worth checking called "Al andar".

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