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61 Happy Hawaii

I find a certain sadness to this cheerful sounding song. A sadness combined with hope.

So relaxing and reminds me of the beautiful Hawaii! Amazing! - ivylee

62 Dance (While the Music Still Goes On)

I actually like this song! It's kind of a sad goodbye and is a sweet love song. - ivylee

63 Hey, Hey Helen
64 Lovelight

Along with Angel Eyes, this is also a great song! I really like this one! - ivylee

65 On and On and On
66 What About Livingstone
67 Gonna Sing You My Love Song
68 Cassandra

A sympathetic retelling of the Trojan Horse myth. Beautifully sung and poetically told, it's a wistful apology to the doomed prophetess.

69 Intermezzo No. 1
70 He is Your Brother
71 People Need Love

Great song

72 My Mama Said

Both the lyrics and music is fantastic. Meaningful lyrics and suitable for dancing.

73 Why Did It Have to Be Me
74 Disillusion

Although underrated, it's very beautiful! Agnetha actually composed the music. Angelic and quite heartbreaking too! Wish she contiuned to compose more songs. - ivylee

75 Crazy World
76 Tropical Loveland
77 The King Has Lost His Crown
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