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241 Erich Gonzales

Erich is super good in any acting, she know what she's doing. We love you Erich stay simple & beautiful

242 Maja Salvador
243 Ava Gardner Ava Gardner Ava Lavinia Gardner (December 24, 1922 – January 25, 1990) was an American actress and singer. The American Film Institute ranked her as the 25th greatest female star of classic Hollywood cinema . Her third marriage was to singer and actor Frank Sinatra, from 1951 to 1957. She would later say in her more.
244 Eva Longoria Eva Longoria V 1 Comment
245 Troian Bellisario

She is amazing, her shows and movies are great!

FANTASTIC! When she cries, I cry.

246 Ashley Benson Ashley Benson Ashley Victoria Benson is an American actress, dancer and model, known for her role as Hanna Marin on the mystery-thriller television series Pretty Little Liars.
247 Shay Mitchell Shay Mitchell
248 Han Ye-Seul
249 Natalie Dormer Natalie Dormer

How on earth is Natalie not higher on this list she is an absolutely amazing actress she gets better in every role she's in. Every performance blows me away from the tragic Queen Anne Boleyn in the tudors to the manipulative Margery Tyrell in game of thrones. She puts so much emotion into every performance and makes her characters so realistic. She's been fantastic in everything she's ever done in a few years she's gonna be a mega star and she deserves a leading lady role in a film to show everyone what she can do I'll list everything I've seen her in and tell you which performance was the best.

1. Anne Boleyn- The ill fated second wife of henry viii. Natalie really made this character come to life and you really sympathised for Anne.

2. Margery Tyrell- The manipulative Margery has so many layers and Natalie portrays them so well.

3. Irene Adler- Irene is so complex and a hard to understand character but you can't help but be intrigued by her and want to know ...more

250 Cobie Smulders Cobie Smulders
251 Malin Åkerman
252 Talia Shire
253 Carry Mulligan
254 Jenna Dewan
255 Kajol Devgan Kajol Devgan

She is the one of the most beautiful women in the world. She is very sweet cute. She has beautiful smile. She has a natural beauty. She is the best actress. She is nice person, nice mother and wife. She has amazing eyebrows. She makes amazing couple with Shah Rukh Khan.

kajol is the best Actress in the world... no matter what -

She makes an amazing couple with srk... you both rock 2gether!

6 filmfares in Bollywood..definitely one of the finest actresses in the list

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256 Maureen O'Hara Maureen O'Hara Maureen O'Hara, born Maureen FitzSimons (17 August 1920 – 24 October 2015) was an Irish-born American actress and singer. The famously red-headed O'Hara was known for her beauty and playing fiercely passionate but sensible heroines, often in westerns and adventure films.

An actress in " the golden age " of hollywood. One of the charismatic actresses of that era. Her rank on this list is ridiculous. She needs to move way up higher because 70% of the actresses ranked above her are without a doubt not talented as this actress. I mean, come on, how can you put an actress as Kristen Stewart or Mila Kunis ( and so many others ) above Maureen O'Hara?

How in the world can you place Maureen O'Hara this far from the top? There must be a lot of people who have never watched her movies!

Fantastic actress! Deserves a much better placement. The Quite Man. Need I say more?

257 Jasmine Guy

I wish she were more active today. Whether she was Whitley Gilbert on a Different World, or her brief role on Melrose Place as Caitlin rose Place, Dead Like Me, Queen, etc. Jasmine was a standout. She has a lot of subtlelty in her performances and is extremely beautiful and charismatic. She's equally great in drama and comedy and a great dancer. Jasmine and Debra Messing are my two favorite actresses and I'd love to see them work together someday.

258 Debra Messing

I think she is extremely underrated. When seeing her on Will & Grace, Debra gave some really intense performances.. closer to Academy Award caliber than Emmy caliber. And in her new show, The Starter Wife, she amazes me when she did her dream sequences: some examples: spoofs of Queen Elizabeth, Clint Eastwood of Dirty Harry, Drew Barrymore's role in Scream, etc. Even in movies that may have been moderately popular, like The Wedding Date, or the remake of McHale's Navy (her character: Lt. Penelope Carpenter, etc. ) she always gives top notch performances. She's also equally proficient in dramatic performances as in comedy. I'm not an opera buff, but in some Will & Grace episodes, she demonstrated her beautiful singing. I'd put her closer to the level of Meryl Streep, Susan Sarandon in talent. I just hope she does more big screen roles. The only other actress that I like equally to Debra is Jasmine Guy (Different World, Dead Like Me, etc. ). They are my two favorite actresses: I'd love ...more - wngfan

i love her he is the best.she did a great job and was ver funny in will and grace

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259 Agnes Monica

Agnes Monica is the Best Actress.. Love her so much. Recommended to everyone..

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260 Franka Potente
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